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Wings (Soulmate!Michael) PART 4

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Y/n = your name
Y/b/f/n = your best friend’s name
Y/h/c = your hair color
Y/e/c = your eye color

(Michael’s P.O.V)

She was literally in shock. There was a lot of mixed emotions in her y/e/c eyes as she looked at my left wrist.
After a while of her being quiet she opened her mouth. And what she said was something I didn’t expect at all.


“No?” I said confused. No?
“No, we are not supposed to be together”, she whispered, angry tears in her eyes. Why? She took one deep breath in.
“I’m out of here”, she mumbled, pushing me away from he way. Then she was gone.


You sat in the edge of your bed, in your pj’s (, drinking hot chocolate. You were upset, even though you didn’t really know why.
You had found your soulmate! Shouldn’t you be happy? You let out a fustrated groan and buried your face to a pillow. But your head snapped up when you heard a ping sound coming from your phone.

“Meet me at the Starbucks? I know it’s late, but please, I want to talk to you.

(A/N) if ur wondering who did he get it from, it was y/b/f/n

You wanted to throw your phone to the wall and never think about Michael again, but still you answered him.

“Fine. See u in 10.”

You threw on a random hoodie and sweatpants (managing to look absolutely awful) before heading towrds the cafe.

(Michael’s P.O.V)

She stepped in to the cafe looking really tired, and I blamed myself for it. (Because technically it was my fault for keeping her up late). Still, she looked beautiful as ever.

She saw me and came up to me.
“Hi”, she said halfheartedly and sat to the chair opposite mine.
“Hi”, I said smiling shyly and handed her a coffee I took a liberty of ordering before she came.
“Thanks”, she mumbled and took a sip.
“So…” I started, “About the soulmate thing…”
“I don’t want to talk about it Michael”, y/n groaned and rolled her y/e/c eyes.
“But at some point, we have to. So why don’t we do it now?” I uttered playing with my hands.

“Fine”, she scoffed. “Where should we start? Oh, let me see. One, I don’t want to be together with you, if we are soulmates or not. Two, you are famous. I don’t want to deal your fans’ shit right now, and I don’t want to deal with it tomorrow. Three, I DO NOT LOVE YOU”, she finished, crossing her arms and looking anywhere but me. I could feel my heart break into millions of pieces.
“What have I done to make you hate me?” I said, looking down and trying to stop my eyes from watering.
“I do not hate you, though I don’t love you either”, she shrugged like it wasn’t a big deal.

“But now excuse me, I’d like to go to sleep”, y/n said, standing up to leave but I grabbed her hand.


He grabbed your hand, and you turned your gaze back to him. When his eyes met yours, you felt sick. Tears. There were tears in his beautiful green eyes. You didn’t know why, but you were sad knowing that you had been the one causing them.
“I- I can drive you home”, he stuttered a bit and you nodded gratefully. It was like 2 AM and you really didn’t feel like walking again.
He dried his eyes a bit and stood up too.


You two stood your front door. You didn’t really know what to say, so you just took a key from your pocket and put it to the lock. As you were stepping in, you turned to him for a moment. You felt so bad for saying all that in the cafe. He didn’t deserve it; He was a really nice guy. To be honest; You thought he deserved someone so much better than you.
You sighed.
“I’m sorry for what I said”, you mumbled and even surprised yourself by hugging him. He was really surprised too, but after a while he wrapped his arms around you. He felt warm. Safe and secure. It felt right. So you held him tight, so tight as you were afraid he would desappear. And he would.
-All you had to do was say the word.

“Go away.”


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