fine glitter

i want to be covered in glitter always but like very fine glitter so that i’m always kind of shimmery in a very subtle way that makes people go “is she actually sparkling or am i just imagining it” and i never answer i just keep being sparkly and mysterious forever


Make your own quick and easy potion bottles!

These are GREAT for fantasy cosplay props, or just keeping around your house because they’re CUTE AS HELL. I made these for Taako and Vex because I’m DnD cosplay garbage these days.

I’m not kidding, this is SUPER easy. All you need is a glass bottle with a cork (Michaels sells some great ones for like $2), really finely powdered glitter, some leather strips (pleather will work too) E6000, scissors, and optionally twine and fun dangly jewels! Step by step instructions below the cut!

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Star Jar 🌟

A Star Jar, much like a Nebula Jar, is a glitter jar meant to not only promote positive energy but also to harness the power of a star to achieve wishes, goals, and dreams.


  • Star shaped confetti pieces 
  • Iridescent flakes 
  • Chunky & fine glitter (whatever color you want)
  • Clear glue
  • Star Water


  1. Boil your Star Water to remove impurities - allow to cool
  2. Fill the container with water
  3. Add a good amount of clear glue to the water - the more glue, the more viscous the solution 
  4. Add your glitter, confetti, and iridescent flakes
  5. Seal, shake to mix, and leave in the starlight overnight to charge with the intention of achieving wishes, goals, and dreams
  6. Keep this jar close by and give it a good shake when you feel necessary


our friends are planning our baby shower and one of them sent three different potential invitations and suggestions for accompanying themes?

But @rivergst wanted a fourth invitation option that had little elephants on it. So I suggested that, and the glitter/stars theme that our friend had proposed, that had gone with an invitation that had had gold stars on it….

And now our theme is going to be GLITTERY ELEPHANTS IN SPACE

Because our friends cannot take the idea of a theme not extending to the invitations. I’m screaming.

Why yes, these are the friends I swear are autistic, why do you ask….

okay but today I’m wearing the same pants I wore when I dance with Randy at Cabaret and I realized they’re actually fairly covered with glitter.

I don’t wear glitter.

Do you know who had a shit ton of glitter all over him that last time I wore said pants?

Listen I may just never watch these bad boys again they’re like a permanent memento of my dream dance you can’t make me I’ve got Emcee glitter and it is fabulous


2 magical 4 ur ableism #faelife #halloween #changelingsofinstagram

[Image: An Instagram photo of my makeup and wig for Hallowe’en. It is a composite of two photos, in which my expression is the same but I am looking downwards in the first photo and at the viewer in the second.

My wig is chin-length pastel pink with blunt bangs, and my makeup is sparkly pink and lilac themed, with black eyeliner that is winged out exaggeratedly. While difficult to see in the photo, my face is dusted in fine glitter. End of image description.]

(In my head I am a faery or some suchlike creature, but like art it’s subjective. Some people at the mall thought I was a doll, or an anime character.)

Fae Candles recipe!

See my other post: Budget witchcraft DIY candles under $5

Need a new offering idea for your little fae friends? Want to attract fae into your space? I made this cute little craft anyone can follow!

You Will Need
-A pretty jar! Decorate one yourself or go out and buy one. For this project I used a antique tea set as you can see
-Flower scented oil (Optional, but I used lavender for this one. Other great choices are rosemary, jasmine and rose)
-Glitter (also optional, use a very fine glitter to reduce fire hazard)
-Pastel colored wax (or just white)
-Decorations (also optional. I saw a pack of those little rose charms for jewelry at Hobby Lobby and I couldn’t resist.) 

How to
-Prepare the wics in your jar/s and melt the wax.
-As you wait for it to melt pour in a bit of sugar and thyme (and if you are using glitter and/or oils)
-Now just wait for the candles to harden.

-Light them to attract fae (state your intention that they are a gift to them first )

And there you go! Cute little candles for your friends! 

Friendly reminder

That these social media sites only show what people voluntarily post. There’s no one out there with a perfect life. No amount of money, beauty, success, or even positivity is immune from struggle. Everybody’s going through something. Don’t let social media manipulate you into thinking your life is “wrong.” You’re doing just fine. All that glitters is not gold. 


oh wait, papyrus and undyne (and frisk) probably always destroy the house when theyre training. this is normal. hm.


Spent the afternoon making my own dividers for my large black Kikki K. I had a bad experience buying dividers off of Etsy so i decided to just make them myself so I 100% knew what I was getting. The tabs are just cardstock coated with fine gold glitter and glued to the paper. The actual dividers are all laminated. I’m totally in love with this setup and it beats anything I’ve purchased on Etsy before!

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how sarek and spock reconnected after all the years of bickering, silent treatments, and emotional detachment: sarek spent an entire evening roasting leonard mccoy.

((The family that slays together, stays together.))