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So Krennic gave Tarkin a "gift", is there anything nice Tarkin has done for Krennic? (NSFW or otherwise)

Spoiled Prince

“Is it a new shuttle?”


“Is it a star destroyer?”


“Are you giving me a whole fleet?”

“Certainly not! Stars, Orson, what would you do with a fleet of star destroyers?”

“Far more than I can do without one,” Krennic retorted, scratching the edge of the blindfold irritably.

Tarkin tugged the cloth back down over Krennic’s eyes and dialed in the coordinates, setting their course towards Krennic’s gift.

“It is not a Fleet.”

Krennic had been attempting to guess the identity of the gift for a solid ten minutes now. Meanwhile, Tarkin continued to say “no” to any and all guesses while seeing the man’s gift come into view. 

This was no mere bauble. This was something far more precious than glittering stones, fine silks or luxurious furs. This was commitment for the both of them.

He looked back at his partner. Krennic sat on the edge of the co-pilot seat, back straight, gloved hands in his lap, but his leg bounced up and down in an anxious shake. He continually licked his lips, something he did when he was apprehensive or eager and as of right now he was most likely both.

Some days, Tarkin wondered why he put so much effort into taking care of Orson…

“Is it an summer home on Coruscant?” Krennic asked suddenly, a boyish smile spread across those lips.

He may be a spoiled prince,  he thought with a slight smirk. But he is my spoiled prince.

“It is not.”

“My own estate then?”

“You have an estate with me on Eriadu, Orson,” Tarkin reminded him. “A rather large one.”

“Yes, but I could have my own, too.”

“No, one estate is more than enough. For goodness sake, I had a statue of you erected in the main grounds. It can practically be seen from space.”

Krennic let out a surprisingly endearing giggle. “That was a rather nice birthday gift.”

“And before you ask, you are not getting your own planet.”

“My own planet?” Krennic scoffed with a flair of exaggerated drama, “Ridiculous, I would never ask such a thing. Really, Wilhuff, what kind of greedy man do you take me for?”

Tarkin laughed before he could catch himself. A victorious smile pulled at Krennic’s cheek, a smile he only showed Tarkin when he was particularly proud of himself for getting the stuffy grand moff to laugh.

“Are you ready?” Tarkin asked.

“For my simple box of chocolates from my dear partner? Of course…I just hope they are cream-fil…”

When the blindfold was removed, Krennic’s voice faded away.

“Oh, Wil…” Krennic breathed.

Tarkin watched the director closely as he gazed at the gift. Krennic’s mouth hung open. That persistent, overly-confident grin was erased entirely and disbelief held those sinfully pouty lips apart. His crystal blue eyes that Krennic so often used against Tarkin to get whatever he wanted, glittered with growing tears. That throat that Tarkin often decorated with precious gemstone, pearl,s and well-oiled leather during their intimate moments moved slightly as he tried to swallow down the glorious sight before him.

“Is that what I think it is?”

“It is,” Tarkin replied.

“Is it mine?”

“It is.”

Krennic touched the glass of the viewport with a gloved hand.

“She’s beautiful. How did the Emperor agree to this?”

Talking smiled at the spherical frame of the second Death Star still in its infancy suspended within space near ten mobile small space stations. Cargo ships and shuttles zipped around it like restless bees tending to a hive.

Tarkin regarded the young battle station with an appreciative smile. “The Emperor and I have been discussing a second Death Star since the victory at the Battle of Yavin, but I did not have the means to oversee such an operation nor did I trust anyone else to do so in my place. After my involvement with you, Orson, I have been considering what our relationship truly means in the grand scheme of things.” Krennic’s gaze pulled away from the Death Star and focused intently on Tarkin. 

“I do not enter into relationships easily, Orson,” Tarkin continued. “A man of my caliber has little use for frivolous emotions that would otherwise deter me from my goals. Somehow…you have managed to worm your way into my life and despite my best efforts to rid myself of you, I realized the more I resisted, the harder I seemed to fall.

“I spoke with the Emperor and expressed to him that of anyone in the galaxy, it absolutely should be you to look over this second Death Star project. You managed to put together the first Death Star with little help from your superiors. In fact, we did all we could to slow your efforts. I posed to the Emperor this thought: ‘Imagine what we could do with the a whole Empire backing him?’ 

“We already have the technology, thus avoiding any further betrayals as devastating as Erso’s. We have more than enough resources and manpower since our power has grown thrice fold after Yavin. You have everything you need: Materials, equipment, endeless resources, and above all…you have support from the Emperor, from Lord Vader, from me.”

Krennic gazed at Tarkin dumbfounded.

“I honestly don’t know what to say, Wil. I think this is the first time in my life I truly do not know how to respond.”

“I have rendered you speechless? Then this is a momentous occasion,” Tarkin teased, but he took Krennic’s hand and kissed his knuckles lightly.

“Will I get an audience with the Emperor then?”

Tarkin nodded. “It is scheduled in a week’s time and you will have regular audiences with him as he would like to know every detail about the growth of this project. I will coach you on how to conduct yourself in front of him. No, do not argue. Trust me on this, Orson. He is a long-time friend of mine but he is dangerous and the more faith he has in you, the easier your time in the Empire will become.”

“Moff Krennic,” Krennic beamed.

Tarkin rolled his eyes. “Deliver us a second Death Star and we can talk about future titles.”

“I love you, Wil,” Krennic said. “Thank you for this…” 

“Understand, I did not do this out of love,” Tarkin clarified, a bit quicker than intended. “I did this because I have the utmost faith in you. You managed to build a Death Star when the galaxy was against you. Yet despite these obstacles you delivered us a weapon that crushed a significant part of the Rebellion in one swift stroke. This Death Star will finish the job and secure the Empire’s rule for centuries to come.”

“Yes, but you also did this because you love me,” Krennic said with that infamous dashing grin.  

Tarkin snorted irritably, but leaned over and gave Krennic a soft kiss on those wet, power-hungry lips. “Yes, fine…I suppose I did.”

Thank you so much for the prompt, bestie! This was fun! 


Sparkly tea-lights!
All you need is a wax warmer, some plain tea-lights and glitter.

1) Slid wax out of metal base, cut wax - saving the wick and base!
2) Melt color of choice (I use leftovers from other candles)
3) Pour a thin layer - add glitter.
4) Add wick!
5) Repeat pouring and glittering process until close to top. For final layer add a bunch of glitter because glitter ✨

Additionally, charge with intent if desired.
🌿✨ Fairy Altar Tips! ✨🌿

hello loves! I wanted to make a short list of things to include in a springtime fairy altar. Spring has always made me feel drawn to their gentle magick, and i hope to obtain some of it in my own atmosphere. here are some simple things to include in your own fairy shrine:

♡ handfuls of soft grass (remember to say “thank you”)

♡ flat stones found around your neighborhood, either as they are or painted in pretty pastel colors

♡ small jars filled with fine glitter

♡ tiny crystals and tumble stones (rose quartz and tiger’s eye are lovely fairy-drawing choices, for example)

♡ a small mason jar or goblet of fresh water

♡ sticks you’ve found, either as they are or decorated with tied lace, pastel colored threads, acrylic paint, leaves, tied herbs, anything you’d see fit for a fairy wand ~

♡ tiny handwritten notes (write anything you wish)! anointed with flowery oils and placed under dried lemon/orange peels or in tiny jars

♡ fresh flowers of your choice (from the store or picked from nature - not somebody’s yard, unless you have permission)! ~

♡ rosemary, salt, lavender, and nutmeg in small pretty dishes or sprinkled around

♡ a little fairy/animal figurine (or a small photo of such)

happy spring! 🌦

Harmonious Love

A bottle to promote harmony and love in a relationship. 

  • Sea Salt
  • Lavender
  • Passion Flower
  • Rosemary
  • Cumin
  • Ginger
  • Basil
  • Sage/Sandalwood oil
  • Mint
  • Marjoram

Salt for a fresh, clean foundation

Lavender for a calm love

Passion Flower to inspire harmony and friendship between both partners 

Rosemary to inspire both partners to keep a youthful outlook on love and the relationship

Cumin to inspire fidelity

Ginger to keep passion for one another

Basil to remind each other to forgive and communicate

Sage/ Sandalwood to promote manifestation of wishes both partners have for the future, each other and their relationship 

Mint to remind both partners to keep things fresh and be inspired to try new things and have fun

Marjoram to strengthen love between both partners 

I had a rather large heart bottle waiting to be used, so I decided to make a bottle to remind me and my partner of some important parts of our relationship. The idea with this bottle is to put it somewhere visible. Every time you or your partner sees the bottle, they’ll be reminded of what it stands for. It’s meant to embody key points of a good relationship. 

Because it’s such a large bottle, there are quite a few ingredients in this one. You could certainly trim the list down! Added to that, mine contains a lot of lavender compared to other ingredients. I was trying to fill space! I also added magenta and red glitter to catch my eye and be a little more visually stimulating. For those adding glitter, a combination of big glitter and fine glitter works best. The fine glitter dusts the glass and it looks more obvious in person. 

I also personally added a taglock from both myself and my partner. I certainly don’t think it’s required, and I don’t often used taglocks, but I felt moved to use it in this particular bottle. 

I used both loose sage and a sandalwood oil for the purpose of manifesting wishes for the relationship. My partner and I often dream of going places or how our future will be, so I decided two different ingredients were appropriate for the one purpose that has a lot of meaning in our relationship. Be careful with the oil. Use only a drop or so if you can help it. It will clump up some of the herbs and can make the whole thing less visually appealing (if you’re going for the look as much as the intention). 

If you make your own version of this, or have any thoughts on it, I’d love to hear what you guys think! 


Make your own quick and easy potion bottles!

These are GREAT for fantasy cosplay props, or just keeping around your house because they’re CUTE AS HELL. I made these for Taako and Vex because I’m DnD cosplay garbage these days.

I’m not kidding, this is SUPER easy. All you need is a glass bottle with a cork (Michaels sells some great ones for like $2), really finely powdered glitter, some leather strips (pleather will work too) E6000, scissors, and optionally twine and fun dangly jewels! Step by step instructions below the cut!

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Paradise Lost By John Milton Stimboard

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“Why don’t you come in? We can talk.”

You were the youngest and newest Cullen Clan member. Alice had seen you and from there her and Jasper set off to find you. When you returned with them you were met with nothing, but love and affection from your new family. Growing particularly close with Carlisle you had heard all the stories of the Volturi and of his time with them. They interested you and terrified you all at the same time. You emphasized with the twins most and understood what made them so cynical as vampires. That’s why when you heard they were coming for a visit you made sure to be as polite and well-behaved as you could be. Your first impression when Aro walked through the door was “Woah I wish my hair was a silky as his,” which needless to say earned a slight smile from Edward. Cauis looked exactly as he had been described to you, perpetually pissed off. Marcus seemed to have no interest in why they were there and what was going on, and you couldn’t blame him. Felix was the next you noticed, he loomed at least a foot and a half taller than you and had a physique similar to Emmett. You bet that would be one heck of a fight if it ever came down to it. Next to Felix stood a shorter man who you recognized to be Demetri, Amun had spoke of him the last time Carlisle and you had visited Egypt. You knew the capability of his power and found it absolutely fascinating. A girl about three inches shorter than you glided up to Aro’s right side. This was her. This was Jane. She looked different than you had imagined. Her hair was pulled back into her signature bun and her red eyes scanned the room several times every minute, as if she was ready to drop someone at any moment. Her cheekbones were sharply defined and her lips were thinner than yours. She made eye contact with you and you immediately dropped your gaze to your painted nails and started to chip off the gray and red paint. You only looked up again when her burning gaze left your body. When you looked up a boy had moved to Aro’s left side. You almost took a sharp intake of breath but quickly regained yourself. This was Alec. He stood with his shoulders square to make him look broader and his feet shoulder with apart. His face alone was beautiful, much like his sister his cheekbones were high and defined, but his lips were plumper. His red eyes glittered under fine, thick lashes, indicating they had fed recently. His dark hair was sweeped the side and it framed his face nicely. His hands were clasped behind him beneath his cloak and his arms rippled every minute or two showing that he was clenching his fist. You heard someone clear their throat and your head snapped in their direction.
“Aro, this is Y/N, the newest member to our clan,” Carlisle spoke giving you a soft smile as you looked Aro in the eyes giving what you hoped looked like a welcoming smile.
“Y/N, what a lovely name for a lovely young lady” Aro spoke taking tow strides forwards and grasping your hand.
“Tha-” you didn’t get to finished before your human life flashed before your eyes as Aro saw it. Your first day of school, your first crush, your best friend, your prom dresses, your car, your parents, your siblings, the car wreck that you “died” in, he saw all of it and you had never felt more vulnerable in your existence.
“What an extremely ordinary life you had, Y/N,” Aro commented striding backwards to his spot between Alec and Jane.
“I-Um-thank you, I guess,” you stuttered trying to regain composure. Aro gave off a light laugh before Marcus stuck out his hand to him. Aro quickly grabbed for it pushing Alec back slightly, as if what Marcus was offering him better than the blood he craved. Not seconds later Aro’s loud maniacal laugh filled the kitchen where the clan’s were gathered. Edward was beside you in seconds in a defensive stance
“No, I will not let my baby sister be mated to him,” Edward hissed.
“What is it Aro,” Carlisle said calmly, as if he already knew the answer to his own question.
“Miss Y/N here, is Alec’s mate, dear friend,” Aro said dreamily like, as if he had hoped for this very day. My mouth fell slightly agape as I made eye contact with Alec who hadn’t even broke composure. He was stoic, he showed no shock as I did. Jane, however, looked as if she was ready to burn me right then and there.
“No,” Emmett growled and moved to stand by Edward in front of me, “Out little sister isn’t about to be mated with a Volturi guard.”
“Your ‘little sister’ has no choice, fools,” Cauis spat, looking for a fight. Emmett growled and started to move forward. You grabbed his arm and attempted to hold him back as Felix moved forward. You had bet that a fight between the two would be a good fight, but you did not want it to be over you.
“He is right, Emmett, you have no say and neither do Alec or I. I’m sure if he had a choice he would chose different,” you pleaded with your brother. Fortunately, Emmett backed down and so did Felix, but the tension still stuck in hot and heavy in the air.
“May we stay a few days, Carlisle. So the new mates may get to know each other before she comes back to Voltaire with us,” Aro smiled as if the encounter between Emmett and Felix hadn’t even happened.
“Of course,” Carlisle nodded much to your horror. Yes, Alec was beautiful, but did you want to be mated to him? You weren’t for sure, he put you on edge, they all did.
The days went on and you didn’t even speak with Alec. Yes you two had your fair share of state downs as you tried to find the right words to say to him. What do you say to him? “Oh hey my names Y/N, nice to finally meet the guy I’ll be with for the rest of my immortal life,” some how you didn’t think that would quite cut it. Jane had been staring you down every time she saw you. You understood why, she feels like you’re going to take away her brother and he’ll not have anytime for her anymore. You understood where she was coming from, but it was seriously making you panic that she would light you on fire if you turned your back to her. You decided enough was enough and it was finally time to talk to Alec and maybe Jane if she was with him at the time, so there you stood in front of the white oak door with your hand raised ready to knock. You debated for several minutes before lowering your hand and moving to back away. Right as you did though the door swung open.
“I’ve been waiting for you to knock, but seeing as you never did, why don’t you come in? We can talk,” he spoke smoothly.
“Uh, sure,” if you would have been human your face would have been redder than that really bad sunburn you got when you went to the beach for spring break one year and didn’t wear sunscreen the whole week.
“My sister feels as if you are going to take me away from her,” he bluntly stated closing the door behind him.
“I promise you that won’t happen, I know how much the two of you mean to each other,” you say hugging your arms to your chest and turning to face him. You fiddle with the ends of your long sleeve shirt as you waited for a response.
“Good. As long as you know my sister will be a priority over you,” he was very cold.
“I know, I am sorry. I know you don’t want to be mated to me. I’m in no way pretty and by no means special. I don’t even have a power,” you apologize lowering your gaze from his.
“You are very pretty, Y/N. Please do not think otherwise. And you are special. Well now you are. You’re the mate to one of the witch twins. You will be respected because others will be afraid to disrespect you because you are mine,” his slender fingers wrap under your chin and lift your face to look at him.
“No matter what you may believe Y/N, I do want you and I believe with time we can learn to love each other. For now though, no I don’t love you, but you are mine.”

-Admin Magda
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Star Jar 🌟

A Star Jar, much like a Nebula Jar, is a glitter jar meant to not only promote positive energy but also to harness the power of a star to achieve wishes, goals, and dreams.


  • Star shaped confetti pieces 
  • Iridescent flakes 
  • Chunky & fine glitter (whatever color you want)
  • Clear glue
  • Star Water


  1. Boil your Star Water to remove impurities - allow to cool
  2. Fill the container with water
  3. Add a good amount of clear glue to the water - the more glue, the more viscous the solution 
  4. Add your glitter, confetti, and iridescent flakes
  5. Seal, shake to mix, and leave in the starlight overnight to charge with the intention of achieving wishes, goals, and dreams
  6. Keep this jar close by and give it a good shake when you feel necessary


Important Lessons (Ch. 3)

Saizo x MC, as always there is smut. Hope you enjoy this chapter, packed with exposition, because I know I did. Thank ya’ll for reading (as always) I hope you like it! 

A yawn left your lips as you stretched your body out, relishing the soft ache of your sleepy limbs. The light of early morning shined across your face, making you hum softly in discontent, burying your face away from the offending sunshine. You bed seemed firmer than usual, and very very warm, had you fallen asleep on the couch again?

Before your sleepy mind could begin to make sense of those concepts you again felt the specter of sleep making you drowsy, something softly lulling you back into a state of contentment, the firm movement against your hair turning your displeasure into a sweet sigh.

That is until you realized what was going on.

Someone was petting your head.

Your eyes flew open, your body tensing as you quickly shot up, looking around the room in confusion.

Not your living room.

You looked down.

Not your couch.

And on that couch that did not belong to you laid a very amused looking man that was oh so familiar.

Professor Kirigakure.

Who you were currently straddling, the sudden coolness of your skin reminding you that you were very…naked.

As was he.

You were pretty sure that your blush could have powered any major city, could have lit up the night sky, could have been seen from the space station.

“E-Eh?” Was all you managed, crossing your arms over your chest in a reactive attempt at modesty. Saizo chuckled, raising an eyebrow at you.

“I think it is a little too late for all that little lady, I already know what they look like.” Your blush only deepened. You had fallen asleep? Yeah, you had, actually. Your brought your hands to your face, an embarrassed squeak leaving your mouth. You had fallen asleep, shortly after midnight, your body quite tired by that point. Your professor had….impressive stamina, amongst other things.

You let your hands fall, glancing at his handsome profile, there was no point in your hiding, he was right after all, he’d seen basically all of you at this point.

“I’m sorry” You had definitely not expected to stay that late and had certainly not expected to stay the night. You had basically broken booty call 101. You offered him an apologetic look, climbing off of him, chiding yourself for overstaying your welcome. What if someone had shown up?  

In the light of morning Saizo had become all business, stepping away from you and heading back into what you assumed was his bedroom.

“Ah, Saizo-” You began, taking a step to follow him.

A sharp look on his part froze you in your steps.

“I think it is important we remember our boundaries.” His voice was calm, even,and almost cold. You could feel the blood drain from your face.

“A-Ah, right, of course.” you rocked on your heels, securing your tights and smoothing out your dress. “I just wanted to know how you planned on me inconspicuously walking out of here.” You stood in his living room, doing your best to appraise to what degree it was obvious what you had been doing last night.

Saizo stepped out of his room, the messy perfection of his usual look restored, walking over to you he brushed a hand through your hair, his breath hot on your ear.

“Mmmhph.” You stifled a sound as he ran his tongue along the shell of your ear.

“I would suggest you just walk out and try your best to appear inconspicuous.” He patted the back of your head in a gesture of mock-advice. “Just do your best to avoid Yukimura.”

“Who?” You questioned as he ushered you through the door.

“Don’t forget your test tomorrow.”

And the door was shut at your back.

A deep intake of breath.

You were in too deep.

You took the stairs this time, feeling more than a bit of surprise at the loudness of morning in the apartment complex. As if on cue a girl darted past you, clutching a bag of what looked like vegetables, followed closely by a blonde guy who you were pretty sure had been in one of your sophomore english classes. What the hell? You paused mid-step, even more confused than you haed been a moment before. What was his name? Wasn’t he a pharm major?

Maybe one of them was Yukimura?

You shrugged, bounding out of the apartment complex, drawing your jacket up higher around your neck.

Did you have strong enough makeup to cover all these damn hickeys?


You stared down into the swirling liquid of your cup of coffee, the dark circles under your eyes representing the truly horrifying experience known as midterms. You blinked several times, doing your best to stay awake after several days of studying and not much else. You were pretty sure you had broken the enter button on your computer trying to refresh your grades online.

The only one that had yet to be posted.

Professor Kirigakure.

You rolled your eyes while your insides churned. The coffee diet was going to kill you one of these days.

You just needed these grades posted. You took another sip of your coffee, cursing the man for being such a distraction.

Actually, to be fair, besides that one night before the midterm and the midterm almost a week ago, you’d barely seen your teacher. Except for one very heated, quick make out session in his office the day before yesterday that had left your breathless and yearning (and still without the grade information you had asked for).

You missed him. Not that you would have ever told him, or anyone else. But he was busy, or so you thought. You were the one at his beck and call after all. If he wanted you, you’d come. But you sure weren’t about to show up at his doorstep uninvited.

Although you doubted you would have been the first woman to do it.

It wasn’t lost on you how ridiculous this situation was.

One more refresh.


You almost dumped out your coffee.

The bastard had given you a B, and not just any B, a B that was literally only two percentage points from being rounded to an A.

You huffed, hopping up to your feet.

You needed a drink.

You checked your phone. It was Friday, hadn’t he said something about being busy this weekend at some point?

You had no texts from him to suggest otherwise.

You were going to go out with Oichi. You bobbed your head in assent with yourself. A girls’ night at the bar sounded really good right about now. Plus she had been trying to get you to go for so long, and you had no excuse not to.

Some play time would probably be good for your spirit.


“Hold still!” Oichi huffed, tugging you closer to her. “You need these sparkles!” She was straddling you, holding you down on her bed as she applied a fine freckling of glitter to your face.

“Oichi, why?” You stopped struggling, holding your eyes shut as you let her work her magic.

“It’s the latest fashion, and a punishment for keeping secrets!” She squealed in delight,continuing her ministrations as you fell silent. “Just desserts, as Nobu would say”

Right, secrets. Oichi had seen right through you, or well,  had seen your hickeys at least and like dam breaking the questions had flown from her mouth. Who? When? Where had you been? Was he cute? Did she know him?

And you had said nothing.

Not a thing. You had sat, tight lipped, laughing off her questions, doing you best to convince her that it was no big deal, just a booty call with a decently attractive boy.

Hah. Well, at least a part of that was right.

She rolled off of you, her laughter having devolved into giggles.

“What’d you do Oichi?” You pouted, sitting up.

“Nothing it was just the look on your face.” You glanced at yourself in the mirror, marvelling at the job she had done. Good enough for the bar. That was for sure.

“Wow this actually looks really nice.” You brushed your fingers against your face, only to have her swat your hands away.

“You’ll mess it up if you touch it.” She stuck her tongue out at you, helping you off the bed. You nodded, rolling your eyes.

“I got it,lady.


The bar was dark, filled with just enough people you felt like you could get lost in the crown, and just smokey enough to make you feel light headed.

That accompanied with the fast paced music made it ideal for what Oichi had wanted.

“You need to let down your hair” She grabbed you by the wrist and pulled you on the dancefloor. “Come on, have some fun for once.”

“I can have fun after I have a drink!” You had half-shouted a reply over the music, glancing over at the bartender. It would take more than a drink to get you to loosen up, but it was worth a start. She kept you a moment longer, the beat of the music drawing your body into movement. Only a moment. Then you tore away, escaping her in favor of the bar.

“Something stiff.” You told the bartender, watching him pour the amber liquid into a glass with some interest. You’d never been one for the bar scene, but Oichi loved to dance. Who were you to ruin that for her? You tilted the drink back, doing your best to streamline the drinking process, before setting the empty glass on the table.

Time to ‘let your hair down’ or whatever


And now you were sweaty, seated back at the bar, and simply tired. That good kind of tired where you knew your bones would ache in the morning from all the fun you had. Several more drinks in your system had certainly loosened you up, ensuring that you were happily babbling to Oichi, feeling lighter than you had in a long time.

It was nice to relax, wasn’t it?

You looked toward Oichi, who had gone quiet.

“Hey, Oichi, whats up?” You followed her gaze, wondering what had caused the change.

She kept her eyes on the crowd, searching for something or rather someone, before her eyes widened and then narrowed again.

“Oh my goodness.” She mumbled, turning to you quickly. “Hey, Hey, look over there, is that…isn’t that professor Kirigakure? “ It was like someone had dunked you in ice water. You searched the crowd, before finally landing your eyes on him.

Sure as certain it was him. You turned back to the bartender, asking for a round of shots for you and Oichi.You were not drunk enough to handle this type of social situation.

“You’re right.” You tried to hold in a laugh, marveling at the situation you were now in. “Who is he with though?” Saizo was very attractive for sure, but that other guy - tall, with eyes an unsettlingly beautiful shade of blue- you were sure could do some damage on his own.

“That is Sanada Yukimura.” Oichi replied, looking him up and down. “He’s a frat guy, one of the good ones from what I heard. He is all about the sports, if you couldn’t tell.”

:Oh I can tell.” With those defined muscles? Oh yeah you could tell. 

So that was Yukimura. You wondered why Saizo wanted you to avoid him?

“We should say hi!”

“Oh no, we should not.”

“Oh come on.Yukimura is almost untouchable, I wanna have a shot!”

“You can go say hi, Oichi. You don’t need me to do it with you”

“That is lame! He’s with your professor, it would be weird if I went and said hi. I DID drop his class, remember?”

“I’m not saying hi unless he fixes my grades, Oichi.” You cut her off, giving her a look. “Plus, there is no situation where this is not weird.”

“Maybe you can ask him to fix it now” Oichi leaned over to you, whispering in your ear, a grin on her face. “If you know what I mean.” Oh jeez, you turned your face quickly, trying to hide the blush on your face. You did know what she meant. In fact, you had a better grasp on what she meant than she did at this point.

You just needed to play this off.

“Oichi, this is so weird, we should go to another bar.” You downed the shot in front of you, a shiver going down your spine. “There are a ton of bars, with a ton of cute guys that didn’t walk in with the professor I still have half a semester with.”  You looked at her with pleading eyes. “Look I’ll get the tab, Oichi-”

Too late, she was bouncing off, an evil grin quite similar to her brother’s on her face.

You wondered if it was possible to die from embarrassment.

You reached for your phone, fiddling with it for a moment. One well placed call to her demon older brother and this situation would be taken care of. You could be home in your bed, you could-

“Well hello there, doll.” An unknown voice right at your ear startled you, making you turn quickly to meet eyes with whoever had violated your bubble.

“Um” You looked at him, taking a step back. The words ‘stranger danger’ playing in your head on repeat.  Until you looked at him further. Not a stranger, no, not a stranger at all.

“Date Shigezane.” You breathed his name in relief. Not just some random creep. You and Shige knew each other decently enough.

“The one and only.” He grinned at you, ushering the bartender over. “You look a little down, here let me put the pep back in your step.” Tequila. You snorted. Great, now you had two choices. Take this shot or go to Oichi.

“You can’t be serious.”

“Serious as a heart attack.

You bit your lip, normally you would have been all for it. Given the situation however, you felt anxiety bubbling in your stomach. You turned your gaze over to Oichi, seeing her giggling up at Yukimura, her charm turned up to maximum capacity. The poor guy was as red as a tomato. Saizo stood beside him, obviously bored at whatever conversation they were having.


Shigezane stood across from you and showed no signs letting up his attempt to get you to drink, handing you a lime and some salt. Your eyes kept trailing away from him, looking back as your professor, until finally you glanced back only to meet his dark red eyes. Your own widened a fraction, before you glanced away quickly. Shit. You were not smooth.

Wait a second. You took  a breath. Could you take this shot…seductively?

You glanced back at Saizo, noting that he still seemed to be keeping an eye on you, although he seemed to be paying attention to Oichi’s attempts to woo Yukimura.

“Okay, Okay Shige. I’ll do it. I will take this shot with you.” You licked up the side of your hand, doing your best to appear alluring, following it with a sprinkle of salt.

“Ready doll?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” He counted down from three and you quickly tilting it back, enjoying the salty sour that followed.

“Ah.” You huffed in victory, sitting the empty shotglass on the table.

“We did it!” He cheered happily, offering you his hand, which you promptly high fived.

“Hell yes!”

And then your phone vibrated.

“Hm?” You pulled it out, looking at the message, eyes wide.

Meet him outside?

You glanced up, sure enough Saizo was gone. A soft flush covered your cheeks. Ah, was he serious? You looked back at Oichi. She was fine, and if Yukimura was as chivalrous as you had been led to believe he’d certainly keep her out of trouble for at least an hour.

“Er, excuse me.” You put your hand out, trying to stifle the visions of him that filled your head.. “I…um…look I came here with someone and I need to get back to them, I really do. So…Er.” You took a step away, and then another. “It was nice talking to you Shigezane,really, but I do have to go.” All the while Shigezane watched you and the blush crawling up your face, a wide grin on his own features.

And you walked away from him, just like that.

“Good luck!” He called after you, making you shake your head in embarrassment.

The things you did to get some.

You found yourself stepping outside before you even realized you had allowed your feet to carry you there.

Where was he?

“Ah, little lady.” You felt his lips at your ear, the lace of amusement through his voice. “Your date not going so well?” His tone had changed, the amusement gaining a darker sound, what was it?

“Date?” You turned to him, look up at him in open confusion. “Oichi and I aren’t-” Oh wait, he hadn’t seen you with her had he? He’d seen you with Shigezane, and you were sure that Oichi had been nice enough to not divulge your presence.

“So she’s with you then? I should have known.” Saizo pulled away from you, studying your features with a practiced eye. “The same glitter.” He ran a thumb over your cheek, smearing her hard work with clear intention.

“Mmm, yeah. That is her niche.” You replied, before getting back to the point. “I wasn’t on a date. As if I would-”

“As if you would ever, what? Have a little fun.” He was smirking at you, drawing you closer to him with his hands at your hips. “That wasn’t the impression I got.”

A dangerous thought crossed your mind: had he been jealous? Was he jealous?

“Shigezane was just providing me some much needed alcohol.” You countered, allowing your body to press against his. “After all, I needed to recover, to have a little fun, as you said.”

“Oh so the little dog has a name?” Your eyes widened at the gleam in his eyes, decidedly possessive. You decided to press your luck.

“If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were jealous, Professor.” You lifted a hand to brush your hair out of your face, only to have him grab it, bringing it up to his mouth, pressing a kiss to your pulsepoint. You drew in a breath sharply as he sank his teeth into the spot, drawing a mewl of pain from your lips.

“What exactly are you trying to do, little lady?”  He was frowning at you and you felt your body shiver against his. A brief trickle of adrenaline pumped through your veins as you waited on his next move. He had you pressed against the rough brick of the wall behind you, leaving you very literally at his mercy.

“Depends.” You all but whispered, angling your face to where your lips were almost touching his. You were feeling risky. “On what I can get you to do to me.” Yes, you had missed it, the pressure of his body against yours, the scent of his cologne, the wild intoxication that flooded your blood whenever he touched you.

He pulled away from you instantly, leaving you breathless with anxiety. Oh fuck.You’d fucked up. Just like that, you’d ruined it. You were completely out of line, oh goodness. This was good while it lasted. Why were you this way?

“Stop.” His voice cut through you and you snapped your eyes up to his face. His eyes, like the color of dried blood, seemed to see into your very soul. It was like he could read your racing thoughts. “Like always, you started this and you’re going to finish it.” He reached out, grasping your bruised wrist.


“I suggest you come with me, unless you want me to fuck you up against this brick wall.” Oh, nevermind, you had not fucked up. His voice seemed hoarse and heavy-laden with desire, and you were once again hooked.

You allowed him to pull you with him, ignoring the sharpness of his grip, a sort of relief building in you as he pushed you into the backseat of a car, shoving his lips against yours. Your nails dug into the material of the seat underneath you as you scrambled for purchase to steady yourself. Still he didn’t let up, all but straddling you, one of his hands already snaking into your jeans. You arched your back, pressing closer to him as he stroked you through your underwear. You could hardly breathe, stars spinning in your vision.

“Saii-Saizo” You allowed yourself to fall back, staring up at him as your chest rapidly rose and fell. “Please.” you were begging, wriggling against him, crying out for more. He untangled himself from you, a pleased smirk on his face as your low whine of displeasure.

“We have to be quick about this.” his long fingers easily undid and pulled down your pants and underwear, letting them gather at your ankles. You finished the job for him, kicking them off. “I’m not sure about your friend, but dear little Yukimura can’t bear to be left alone for that long.” His tone was teasing, even as he gripped your hips, turning you over in one smooth motion. “On your knees, little lady.” Oh that tone.

“He seemed flustered.” You conceded, firmly planting your hands on the seat, following his instructions. “But if Oichi gets her way, he’ll be busy for a hot minute at least.” You laughed softly, an easy sound, failing to note the way his eyes softened at the sound or the lightness of his touch as he caressed your skin.

“If I would have known his virtue was in danger, I would have left him there and gone to ruin yours a bit sooner.”

“I’m pretty sure you’ve already ruined my virtue, sir.” Your voice caught at the last note as he thrust a finger inside of you.

“I believe we freely offered that, didn’t we?” He added another finger, crooking the digits inside of you, making you whimper.

“Y-Yes.” You weren’t sure if you were replying to him or begging him for more. “Yes, Saizo”

“Why are you always so eager to please?” His question didn’t warrant a response, and you both let it hang in the air. But he didn’t stop there. “So eager for my touch. ” You nodded, a mumbled cry of pleasure tumbling from your mouth.

He removed his fingers, leaving you feeling hollow. “But there is more that you want, isn’t there little lady?” He unbuckled his belt, and briefly the car was filled only with the sound of his undressing.

Your eyes fluttered closed and you took a breath. This little game of cat and mouse has extended far beyond what you had thought it would. An odd feeling seemed to bubble up like a wellspring inside of you.

Affection, adoration, feelings that you did not want to put names to right at this moment.

His hands roughly pressed into the flesh of your thighs as he pulled you to him, making you hiss as the sharp moment.The feeling of him being inside you was so good. Just so good.

One of his hands wound through your hair, tugging you back as the other one kept a steady hold on your hip. The painful tug bringing a pleasured gasp to your lips, followed by a moan.

“H-Harder” You keened, as he pulled you closer to him, leaning over you to sink his teeth into your neck. “M-More, please.” You could hear his breathing in your ear, a comforting sound, and your body shivered. Goodness, you loved him.

Oh shit. You loved him.

And more than just a little bit. 

His thrusts were hard, fast, his intention clear. There was a clear desperation in the atmosphere, perhaps brought about by absence, perhaps by something else. You were already so on edge. He seemed to take you apart so fast, so easily.

Still time seemed relative. With him there was never enough time, you never had enough. You were insatiable. 

Your eyes opened, and your shallow breathes turned to pants. A sound not unlike a sob left your throat as you reached your climax, a tidal wave of emotions cascading over you. Tears threatened to brim in your eyes as you felt him stiffen, heard the low moan leave his throat, his warmth filling you.

“A-ahhh.” You whimpered as he pulled out, your whole body trembling. He noticed your weakness helped you over, lying you flat on your back again.

“You’re a pretty little mess.” He dressed himself quickly, letting you catch your breath. His gaze never once left your face, even as you pulled your clothes back on, sitting up in the car. His look lingered long enough to the point where you had to look away, feeling bashful under his gaze.

“I thought we were over that.” He pulled you back to him, pressing his lips against yours in a searing kiss. “It’s odd for someone who was moaning so wantonly before to be so shy after the fact.” He chuckled, openly the door to the car, pulling you out with him. That only made you blush harder.

“It doesn’t seem like your Yukimura came looking for you.”

“No, it doesn’t.” He trailed a hand down your neck. “Lucky us.”

Right, lucky you.

An awkward moment passed, before you shrugged, stepping away.

“I guess I should go find Oichi.” You sighed, glancing at him. “Oh, and Professor, can I schedule an appointment for this week?”

“To what do I owe the honor, little lady?” His tone was dry, like he could already see where this was going.

“Just academic issues, sir.” You smiled at him, a mischievous look.

“Come during office hours.” he pressed a finger to your forehead. “And without the scent of dog clinging to you.”

Oh he had been jealous.

He turned on his heels, lighting a cigarette and taking a drag.

“I’ll see you around.”


Oichi took one look at you after you finally found her, still in the bar, and groaned.

“Oh come on! How did you manage to get laid?”

“It was the glitter. Oichi.” You giggled, pulling her into a hug. “Couldn’t have done it without you.”

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Angel Spray

I just wanted to share this with you all! I use mine to help soothe myself if I’m feeling a little off kilter, on my back if it starts to feel restless or itchy, and just generally as a scent that reminds me of Home.

• small spray bottle (can be found at dollar store)
• Holy or blessed water
• three drops frankincense essential oil
• three drops rose essential oil
• optional: reeeeeally fine cosmetic glitter. I like gold.

Alternatively, a non-religious form would be to substitute rain, sun, or moon water for the holy water, and using lavender and sandalwood (plus maybe a drop of neroli, for the smell) to replace the other oils.

🌌 First, make your holy water.
🌌 Add it to the bottle.
🌌 Add your drops of oils and your glitter.
🌌 Shake it up!
🌌 Optional: I like to charge mine at a church. (So I put it in my purse before I go to church and I’m good).

There you go! Smell good and feel good, my fellow feather dusters!


Today’s ‘waiting for Girlfriend to get out of work’ doodle is-

Types of glitter, rated by personal anecdote

Little star sequins

 once, while grocery shopping, I felt something stabbing me in the foot. I took of my shoe in the parking lot and exclaimed “WHAT IS BITING ME?!” One of these fuckers dropped out and floated gently away into a puddle by the drainage- never to be seen again. 


Fine glitter

a popular choice for slime decorating, scrapbooking, and getting in every fucking pore on your face. Alternative uses- cursing your enemies. 


Hexagonal glitter

one of these fuckers got stuck to my lip for half a shift and no one bothered to tell me. When I asked why no one brought it to my attention, they said they thought it was a lip ring

7/10, 1/10 for shitty co-workers. 

Standard Craft Glitter

when thrown, arcs gently in the windless air, descending upon annoyed passersby like an unwanted rain. Kids love it. 


Fun-shaped Confetti

WHY are bat-shaped things only accessible in OCTOBER? Bats are cool all year round and deserve representation in glitter form


How I Became the Dojo Fairy Whisperer

A few weeks ago one of the younger girls at karate was talking to one of my senseis about her fairy garden. The girl is about 5-6 and extremely shy.

A few days after this I went shopping for flower seeds and found a small bottle of fine glitter with the label ‘fairy dust’. It reminded me of the girl, so I bought it for her.

Today I finally remembered to bring it to class. After class I stopped her by the door, knelt down and explained that I heard her talking about her garden, and I found some fairy dust and I thought that it might help the fairies come more often. Needless to say she was delighted, and her mom was off to the side smiling at me.

One of the other young girls saw this exchange and upon sparring me next class asked if I had any more fairy dust. I told her I didn’t, but once the fairies visited me and gave me some more I’d give her some.

She then proceeded to run up to the Sensei from the beginning and shout “Sensei! Hope’s bringing me fairy dust! She gave fairy dust to my best friend! Do you know who my best friend is? It’s [girl from earlier]! And now I’m gonna have fairy dust too!”

Moral of the story, most people think martial artists are tough, intimidating maybe, yet here I am in full gi, kneeling next to little girls giving them fairy dust and helping them to believe.



  • Container: This can be any size (though large enough to shake is probably a good idea) or shape, but I prefer a small jar that seals. A mason jar or even a jam jar would work as well. A clean plastic water bottle with the label removed would be great for children or motivation on the go. Voss water bottles are perfect because they are clear cylinders with simple lids. But as always, be creative when choosing a container!
  • Glue: Clear glue or glitter glue will work, though I always use small tubes of glitter glue. I use two for a small jar, but a bottle of glue would be better for a bigger jar or a plastic water bottle.  
  • Water: It can be room temperature if you use regular glue but should be hot if glitter glue is used. If the water is not hot enough then the glitter will become clumpy and separate.
  • Glitter: Any type of glitter will work, whether it’s fine or super chunky. Super fine glitter will stay suspended in your jar for longer! A blend is beautiful as well. You will need less glitter if you use glitter glue! Blue is the color I’ve chosen for this spell as it aids with will power and focus.
  • Stones: Citrine, carnelian, and amethyst are excellent stones for this spell. I use small tumbled stones as they will be submerged in water permanently unless you decide to remove them.
  • Acrylic Paint: This is optional. A couple drops is enough! Blue is the color I’ve chosen for this spell as it aids with will power and focus. Food coloring would work as well.
  • Strong Glue: For permanently attaching the lid if desired.
  • Decorations: Glitter, paint, Sharpie, or other things to decorate your jar! I also added some glow-in-the-dark
  • Bowl: To mix ingredients in!
  • Spoon/Fork/Whisk: To mix ingredients!
  • Funnel: To pour your mixture into your container.
  • Candle/Incense/Essential Oil: For cleansing stones and jar. White/blue candle or bergamot/cardamom incense would be best. If you prefer to anoint your jar with oil, rosemary, peppermint, or basil would be perfect.

Your container should be approximately 2/3 water and 1/3 glue with as much glitter and paint as you prefer!


  1. Collect your materials! It’s always best to have everything ready at the beginning of every spell. Being well prepared will keep you form having to stop the spell to go grab something you might have forgotten. I always do this spell in the kitchen as water is involved.
  2. Heat up your water! I put 12oz. of water on the stove and did some meditation as I waited for it to simmer. You may need to use more or less water depending on the size of your container. Use this time to clear your mind and focus on your goal and intent. If you would like to ask for the aid of a deity, animal, or spirit this would be a perfect time to call upon them or perhaps prepare an offering of some kind. Deities associated with stars and the night include Nephthys, Asteria, Nyx, Hecate, Zorya,  Astraeus, Hesperus, and Eosphorus​.
  3. Combine your ingredients! Stand over the sink and pour your water into a large bowl. Then place on a solid surface such as a table and add your glue while the water is still hot. Also add glitter and paint/food coloring. Mix completely! Make sure you break up any clumps of glue. After the ingredients are fully blended, stir your mixture in intervals of three while repeating a chant of your choice. “Bring me motivation” or “motivate me” are simple phrases you can use. Visualize white light filling the bowl and settling at the bottom. Then allow the mixture to cool. You can continue visualizing, meditate or turn on some motivating music and dance around.
  4. Fill your container! Use a funnel if desired to pour your glitter mixture into your container. Give the mixture a whisk right before pouring to keep glitter from sticking to the bowl. Make sure you leave a bit of air at the top of the jar so you can add stones or other items to you jar without making it overflow. Use any extra mixture to either make another jar!
  5. Add extras! Add any additional items to your container such as stones, beads, sequins, or other small items. I recommend cleansing stones before placing them in your jar by passing through the flame of a candle or incense smoke.
  6. Glue lid down! Use super glue or another strong glue to permanently attach the lid of your container permanently! This will prevent leakage. As you attach the lid, say your intent aloud to seal it into the jar. You can repeat the mantra you spoke earlier while blending your materials. “Bring me motivation” or “motivate me”. You can also seal the lid with wax if you like. White or blue wax  would be best.
  7. Decorate your jar! Use markers, paint, or whatever you like to decorate your jar or even leave it bare. This is an excellent time to unleash your creativity.  
  8. Cleanse/consecrate your jar! Light incense or a white/blue candle and pass the finished jar through the flame or smoke. You could also anoint your jar with oil.
  9. Finish! Once your jar is complete, shake it gently and watch the glitter settle. Every time you find yourself lacking in motivation, give the jar a shake and breathe deeply, focusing on whatever goal or activity you need motivation for. Once the glitter has settled, jump up and get to work! You can also put on some high energy music and dance around while you wait for the glitter to settle.
  10. Recharge! Whenever you’re feeling your star jar needs some recharging, put it out on a windowsill in starlight and let it sit for at least three hours. I like to visualize the jar filling with light as well.

Remember: This is a very flexible form of magick! It can be used by a secular witch, Pagan, Christian witch, or anyone else! You can change this spell to suit your needs or even create a jar for a very different purpose. As always I would love to hear all of your ideas and see your results! Please e-mail me ( or submit your results to my Tumblr (!

Also don’t forget that spells cannot work in a void! To ensure the success of this spell, make sure you are keeping yourself organized with a planner, write tasks down on sticky notes, reward yourself, and try to help yourself stay motivated!

Fae Candles recipe!

See my other post: Budget witchcraft DIY candles under $5

Need a new offering idea for your little fae friends? Want to attract fae into your space? I made this cute little craft anyone can follow!

You Will Need
-A pretty jar! Decorate one yourself or go out and buy one. For this project I used a antique tea set as you can see
-Flower scented oil (Optional, but I used lavender for this one. Other great choices are rosemary, jasmine and rose)
-Glitter (also optional, use a very fine glitter to reduce fire hazard)
-Pastel colored wax (or just white)
-Decorations (also optional. I saw a pack of those little rose charms for jewelry at Hobby Lobby and I couldn’t resist.) 

How to
-Prepare the wics in your jar/s and melt the wax.
-As you wait for it to melt pour in a bit of sugar and thyme (and if you are using glitter and/or oils)
-Now just wait for the candles to harden.

-Light them to attract fae (state your intention that they are a gift to them first )

And there you go! Cute little candles for your friends! 

No more Eurovision until Saturday :((((

I’m going to try and get the BBC feed to work because I love having Graham Norton’s commentary. Also, if any Portlanders want someone to watch it with feel free to join me and my cats in your pj’s while I have some drinks and snacks and probably upset my cats when Portugal eventually wins and I yell at the tv about it.

avengerdragoness  asked:

Can you do a HC with Jason about what it would be like if he goes with the reader to Lush and sees that shampoo scent I sent you a picture of? That'd be hilarious, thank you Jo ❤️❤️

This is the picture lol 

So a bit of backstory to this hc: in Greek mythology, Jason is the leader of the Argonauts and with them he went on a quest for the Golden Fleece. His ship, the Argo, used to be a constellation, but it was so big that it was split into three smaller ones. Excuse the smol history and astonomy blurbs lol

Okay so onto the headcanon. 

So reader and Jason are in Lush. 

He did not, in fact, have to be dragged into the store as he firmly believes that life is too short to go around smelling like Ax and Old Spice. So he buys whatever the fuck he thinks smells good.

Was just walking around, looking at stuff, and sniffing stuff.

Then you walked over and pointed at this.

This goes one of two ways depending on if you had prior knowledge of the history fact mentioned above. 

1) You do not know the history blurb (Jason does because he is a nerd who either wanted to know about all the people who have had his name before him or he just likes Greek heroes. I haven’t decided. Probably both.) He just sorta frowns at you. “It’s a sign, Jaybird! We need to buy it!”

2) You know about the history blurb and, combined with the fact that your boyfriend’s name is also Jason, you get excited. “Nerd.” He huffs, but you can tell he thinks it is cute. 

He walks over and sniffs it. Ends up buying it because it smells nice.

Oh my god 

Bonus: you get one of those glittery bath bombs and both of you end up covered in a fine layer of gold glitter for weeks. The Red Hood is a sparkly fairy of justice and Nightwing cannot stop laughing.