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etsyfindoftheday 3 | 4.25.17

gemstone jewelry by lexluxe

another longtime favorite here on etsyfindoftheday, lexluxe continues to delight season after season. their unique gemstone jewelry pieces combine earthy stones and geometric lines for head-turning and gorgeous results.


etsyfindoftheday | BLACK FRIDAY GIFTS | 11.25.16

gift idea: jewelry
featured: amazing fine jewelry by mineralogydesign

  • champagne diamond dot ring
  • pear rose-cut yellow diamond earrings, OOAK
  • recycled gold baguette diamond earrings
  • rose quartz + hammered disc crescent necklace
  • kyanite + druzy arc necklace
  • sodalite rectangle double curve necklace, OOAK

etsyfindoftheday 3 | 11.21.16

recycled gold + gemstone jewelry by mineralogydesign

sorry for the late post guys … not sure where my original 3rd post went!! anyways, mineralogydesign is always a beautiful solution. i can’t get enough of their sparkle.


A short while ago a much appreciated client came to us with a size, a budget, and little more.
This was the result.
28mm A grade Amboyna burl, with a mokume gane inlay, capped with 4mm gem quality apatite stones set in fine silver bezels.

Mokume gane is a mixed metal laminated piece, this being silver and copper, mokume gane closely translates to “wood grain metal”
Modern constructive methods of this metal, that first appeared in 17th century japan us temperature controlled furnaces and pressed to aid in the lamination process of flat sheets of metal, the random pattern is produced by cutting, gouging, folding and then flattening, eventually sheets are cut and backed onto silver for stiffness, an amazing process that produces truly unique patterns!

To My Wife

oh my beloved
you are perfectly crafted from your maker’s hands Herself
to what can your beauty be compared?
you are like a fine gemstone
a ruby made of topaz and sapphire
rare and pleasant to gaze upon
surely you are carved in the image of your maker
you are more fair than all the women in the land
among you there is no rival
your hair is your crown
your majesty flows in the wind
waving like the seas as they bounce from shore to shore
my beloved
your fragrance is soft like velvet
satisfying as that new car smell
your skin is a smooth stone with no sharp edges
how you feel in my hands when i glide over your body
astonishing is the name of your eyes
in awe is how they leave me
they are two almonds that are as deep and mysterious as the heavens above
your breast are comfort
your bosom is a soft safe haven
like a fawn nestled with its mother
so how i feel
with my arm around your waist
my hand caressing the back of your neck
what can i compare your womanhood to my beloved?
you are a warm summer afternoon stroll on a beach
hot sand around every inch of my toes
you are like a hole that is dug
deep enough until water is struck and it floods knee deep
my beloved
you are a white dove among gray pigeons
a glimmering pearl among dull stones
to you there is no competition
your presence is gentle and calm
humble is your middle name
you are more graceful than a dancing swan
more intoxicating than the richest wine
the love you have for mankind is a reminder of the love from above
in you selfishness is a quality that does not exist
you being here makes life easier
and for that, my beloved, i love you as i love myself

Prehnite on Epidote
Diakon, Cercle de Boufalabe, Kayes Region, Mali
Miniature, 5.4 x 4 x 3.6 cm 

Two intergrown spheres of satiny luster, translucent, apple green prehnite crystals measuring 4 cm across, are aesthetically perched on lustrous, olive green epidote crystals, to 1.7 cm in length. Visually, this resembles a snail, albeit a very pretty one. Complete all around!


Eternity Snakes

Shown here in sterling silver and oxidized sterling silver.  The gems are lab ruby, peridot, iolite, garnet, topaz color transition, and london blue topaz in brass (prototype from a few months ago).

The shape of the snake is inspired by Celtic manuscript illumination, going back to the Book of Kells. Letters or other shapes were transformed zoomorphically (into animals or with animal heads), giving new life to that letter or shape. In this case we are bringing a standard oval shape to the life of a snake or sea monster. The idea is to combine that concept with a high end hanging style/ear weight.

Conceptual body jewelry in it’s finest form.

With the exception of the topaz color transition, these are all available.  Please contact me direct with any questions.