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Celebrating William Morris’s Birthday Anniversary on Fine Press Friday!

The celebrated designer, writer, artist, leader of the Arts & Crafts movement, and founder of the Kelmscott Press, William Morris, was born on this day March 24, 1834. While there are several Kelmscott imprints we could use to mark this day, we’ve decided to demonstrate his continuing influence by showcasing Neil Shaver’s 1989 Yellow Barn Press printing of Frank Colebrook’s lecture William Morris: Master-Printer, printed at Council Bluffs, Iowa, with original wood engravings by the legendary John DePol, in 13 pt. Poliphilus and Blado Italic on Rives Heavy paper in an edition of 155 copies.

Frank Colebrook, editor of The Printing Times and Lithographer, delivered this lecture on November 27, 1896 – two months after Morris’s death – to the students of the Printing School of the St. Bride Foundation Institute in London. Shaver’s printing of the lecture is the first since 1897. Morris scholar William S. Peterson provided the introduction for this edition.

Our copy belonged to the distinguished librarian, author, book collector, Morris scholar, and UW graduate Jack Walsdorf, and bears signed presentation inscriptions to him from Shaver, DePol, and Peterson, and also includes a signed note to Walsdorf from John DePol.

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Convention Story

@pagesofangels I figured you’d think this funny
I’d meant to post this AGES ago, but kept forgetting and putting it off, so here it is now.
This past June I went to Animenext 2016 as Erik. I saved up for and bought my Crawford replica mask only recently, so back then I had THIS mask, because it was all I could afford.

Unlike my Crawford mask, this one doesn’t have a wire to keep it on my head, so I had to use spirit gum and glue it to my face.
That was fine for Friday of the con, and most of Sunday too, until I went back to the hotel that night. As I was walking into the lobby, my friends and I got stopped by security, and the guard told me I had to take off my mask because they aren’t allowed in the casino.
I explained that I couldn’t, because it was attached to my face and the gum remover was up in my hotel room, and also that the security on Friday hadn’t said anything. He wasn’t persuaded, and wouldn’t let me pass.
Before I had the chance to react further, one of my friends ripped off the mask in one go, like a big bandaid. It hurt like hell, and I couldn’t see because I was gripping my face, but my friend helped me to the elevator.
Once I realized what happened I took advantage of it and started singing “Stranger Than You Dreamt It” as dramatically as possible and we all laughed about it.
TL:DR: I’m really happy that I have my Crawford mask for a bunch of reasons, and don’t wear a mask to conventions unless you can take it off easily.

5 probably
  • I came in early today (got here at 5:45) so I could finish up drawings for a project for Phillips 66. I am so tired of dealing with it, and will be ecstatic when it is all done and closed out.
  • I do not go out on amateur night. Ever. As soon as I get home from work I am going to relax for a few, change, then go hit the gym. Speaking of, I found slightly different route to take on my way home that allows me to bypass a lot of the shitty traffic I was typically dealing with. Hurray!
  • I’ve not shopped for clothes in a while Time to rectify that this weekend!
  • I WILL work tomorrow. Go see Beauty & The Beast. Watch some Iron Fist. Maybe drink some beers. Definitely eat some tacos.
  • I am feeling really great. I mean physically. I know I will never be skinny, but I feel fantastic, and that’s fine by me.

Happy Friday all. If you go out, be safe, and don’t drive if you’re drankin’!

Whatchu lookin’ at? This black and yellow rockfish (or Sebastes chrysomelas) glances skeptically at the camera in Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary.

Found in rocky areas along the Pacific Coast, black and yellow rockfish are one of many fish species that can be spotted in the sanctuary. Share some of your favorite sanctuary fish with us in the comments on this fine Fish Friday! 

(Photo: Claire Fackler/NOAA)

a piece of advice for high school seniors
  • first of all, CONGRATULATIONS! you’re almost there, now is not the time to procrastinate and be lazy with your studies. just because it’s the last year, it doesn’t mean it won’t matter anymore. it’s either you make it or break it, so please take this year as serious as you did with the past 3!
  • senioritis is real and it doesn’t choose anyone. as the year progresses, it’ll just kick you in the ass harder than ever before. just don’t let it get the best of you, okay?
  • MAKE GOOD MEMORIES AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. If you haven’t gone to a high school party and you’ve really been itching to go to one, then this is your chance! there’s no next time so don’t let this pass! Although it’s perfectly fine to spend your friday nights at home as well.
  • take a lot of pictures with your friends. it’s your last year together and you all would probably be off to different colleges and universities in a matter of months. wouldn’t it be nice to have some kind of memories to look back on while you’re far away from each other? also, it would be a good laugh in a couple years time!
  • there are going to be days that you won’t feel like going to school. it’s okay to take a day off as long as you are aware with what you’re missing out on and you keep up to date!
  • expect that there will be all nighters coming your way because of how hectic senior year is. it’s okay to stay up all night but never go without sleep for more than 36 hours.
  • EAT AND KEEP HYDRATED. everyone underestimates how important this is! eating breakfast makes a huuuuge difference! I know things get super busy and you may lose track of time, but please make sure you don’t forget to have a little snack from time to time. and don’t forget to drink water! your brain needs it! (fun tip: if you have extra time the night before, make your breakfast! just heat it up in the morning and you’re good to go. but if you don’t then a banana or granola bar would be fine too)
  • COLLEGE APPLICATIONS. It’s totally okay if you still don’t know which major you want to take up even though everyone says otherwise. Just go with your gut; personal advice: take up something that you’re really interested in!!
  • don’t let your parents take control over your future. you do you. pursue whatever major you want to, you’re gonna thank yourself later.
  • it’s okay if you didn’t get in your dream university. it’s not the end of the world, trust me on this one.
  • reconnect with your old friends. maybe you’ve got into a fight with your best friend and never got any closure? or maybe you guys just drifted apart because the two of you found other friends? this is your chance to reach out to them and ask how they’ve been doing and catch up a little! 
  • PROM. prom is not worth stressing over, I SWEAR. it’s okay to not bring a date to prom. based on personal experience, it’s super fun to spend it with your friends! and think of it as your last time to be with your batch mates who you basically grew up with!
  • appreciate everything. the teachers that still accepts your work even though you’re 2 weeks late. your classmates and batch mates who you’ve been through hell and back with. the nasty school lunches. cheering for your high school team. playing for your high school. and everything in between.
  • and lastly, just take it all in. don’t waste your remaining days in high school wishing it was all over; instead, make the most out of it. I know it gets super hard and frustrating sometimes and you just want to quit but trust me, you’ll miss it once you’ve graduated!