fine fragrance

Before hooking up
  • Use the caress fine fragrance love forever body wash. This shit actually works. Every time you touch your skin after using this, a fragrance is released. So every time he holds you close or whatever, you gonna smell good af. 
  • Try to shave your pussy and shit right before seeing him or in a span of few hrs before seeing him, cuz your hair starts to grow back within 12 hrs and that shit aint cute. Shaving creams are nice but its better to use hair conditioner. It’ll leave your pussy smoother.  
  • If you’re gonna suck dick, make sure you put on a lipstick that’s long wearing. Any lipstick is gonna smudge regardless, and if it doesnt that means you aint suckin right. But use lipsticks that you know is gonna be easy to take off after the job is done. That way you wont look like a clown if you guys decide to get something to eat afterwards. Don’t let the world know you a hoe. 
  • Spray perfume lightly in your cleavage, between your thighs. But don’t overdo it, you don’t wanna suffocate the nigga in perfume.  
  • When sucking dick, make sure you swallow. Don’t half ass it. You sucked it, might as well swallow it.

xoxo nitu 


so I just now wrote a Snotacon that was about Snake bathing Otacon and while doing Actual Research on the Target website for Real Body Wash Scents That Exist™ because I’m almost as big a nerd as Hal, I stumbled upon what is in my mind the Quintessential Otasune Scent®.

That scent is Caress® Fine Fragrance Love Forever™.

I was SO. HAPPY. to discover this product. According to the details on, it’s an unforgettable feminine fragrance of scarlet roses and dark, lush berries.

(I want to go to my local Target just to smell these feminine berries!)

Life really can be beautiful.

Anyway, I made some art for that cleancore Otasune fic because Huge Loser. Caress® Fine Fragrance Love Forever™ pics from the Target website, edited by me. Otasune gives me L I F E. PLEASE PAY ME, CARESS.

“Maybe I’m just crazy.”

Detective Marcus Bell laughed. “I think it’ll be a cold day in hell before you get described as ‘crazy.’”

Joan smiled widely and handed him back the brown folder.

“Thank you, for looking this over,” he said, standing awkwardly next to her cafe table. He squinted, the sun’s midday light hitting his eyes. “I know today is supposed to be your day off–“

“But Sherlock is off on another one of his wild goose chases with the Emerson case and Captain Gregson said to not come back to the precinct until you had an answer.”

“Yeah,” Bell said, nodding his head. “Something like that.”

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anonymous asked:

Any tips on getting ready for a "special day". I'm losing my virginity to my bf and I'm a little nervous. Any tips? (Beauty tips, how to taste good 'down south', ect.)✨

Up to you but what I do is shave / wax where I want, I exfoliate, I deep conditioned my hair, I even did a face mask and used the caress fine fragrance body wash. I just reccomend not eating red meat and dairy and drink a lot of water for tasting “good” everyone has their own flavor and I recc not eating certain foods that mess with your ph balance and drinking cranberry juice. Don’t over expect much bc I lost mine in in the back of a truck very drunk
It’s suppose too be a little uncomfortable the first time but not painful, make sure you guys do some foreplay and use protection. If it hurts use a little more lube, there is such thing as too much lube

I dreamt I was a Housewife

I awake to bright, natural light. It’s the kind that pours over me and gently rouses me awake. We’re married but we don’t have kids yet. I am still young, yet significantly more mature. My eyes say so. You touch me, with your words. And I feel for you, with my every lucid thought. You kiss me on the ear, as you gather yourself from bed, and put water on for coffee. We wake slowly. I vow I will never grow tire of that muscular ass walking down the hall from me and shamelessly cock my head to watch. Just like you do. I feel lucky. Just like you do. Morning has arrived. I am in only panties and you wear tight boxer/briefs. I slip silk over my shoulders and tie it tight around my waist. My bare breasts sit beneath the robe like two jewels atop my chest. I press play for my favorite Brazilian jazz musician of the moment and, from the other room I can feel you smiling at my selection. I always play the same thing over until we both tire of it. Right now, we’re living in a two bedroom place by the beach. It is not the nicest place we have lived in, but we are the happiest. The backyard is alive, with plants and animals. Dogs and a cat. Birds, cagelessly flying from tree to tree. A hammock sits under the shade of our red-flowering tree and the late Summer air smells so sweet. I begin my day loving all the animals, individually. I have a lot of love to give, however; you are always my first and last. It’s all I’ve ever wanted. They say we grow even as we sleep, so it seems I awoke to live while dreaming. I never needed expensive clothes, nor did I ever need the newest things. It was real love and a palace to cultivate it in that I always wanted. With certain things, I do have a particular taste. Our home is my sanctuary. I am a goddess and you, a king. The littlest things just to make the space ours is what matters to me. Freedom. Feverish love. Energies aligned. Patience. And, perfume. I collect fine fragrances, and you always seem to notice when I change it. Le Labo. ‘Smell is very important to me,’ I told you on our first date. ‘Almost as important as touch.’ The sun has brought freckles to the tops of my shoulders, and tanned the curve of my back that you love to run your fingers down. When I’m bent over, watering the lilies, you just crave to touch my bare skin. For this, I love my exquisite lingerie. Simple, or ornate, but always with a story. You know intimately the few things I love most. The jazz comes to a slow descent and I am in the garden, reading news and sipping coffee, topless in your favorite black panties. You watch me walk across the yard and then you leave. I can’t help but lose track of time in watching you return from your run, dripping in sweat. I let you walk into the bedroom but then sneak in the door just in time to help you out of your clothes. We make love like you will be leaving for weeks. We make love slowly, and then we fuck. Lingerie is made to be taken off. We fuck like tantric beings and then, after the gasping and yelling, we simply breathe. We lay victorious, basking in the same sunlight that began this vision. Sweat sticks to our skin and cum claims us as royalty of the sheets. We wash and then we go our own ways for the day. Suddenly, light pulled me from one reality into another. That’s when I woke up. The same crisp light showered me, yet here, I was alone. I smiled at myself, and let the warmth of the sun hold me close. I guess morning is my favorite time and I guess I know what I want later in life. To be honest, it felt less like a dream and more like a premonition. My real life is just as sweet, for, after all, I created that dream. I embrace a ‘let the cards fall where they may’ mentality. Though my life is very different than that now, and though you can never really plan these sorts of things… I have not a doubt that one day I will wake up and slip into your favorite black panties. 

My beautiful BPAL bottle from the “Only Lovers Left Alive” Collection . I bought this one because this is my favourite part of the film, and also my favourite soundtrack of it too, enjoy everyone ^_^


I completely forgot that last year fellow artists Becky Liddiard and Lauren Grant and I travelled down to Poole to design a window for the indented product launch of Gorilla Perfumes “Love”. Our design consisted of drawing straight onto the window (to be designed as window clings) and a mixture of hanging cut outs to give a theme of young love on a warm hazy Autumn day, surrounded by the scent of apples in the orchard.

Great idea, but they decided to not actually use a window to launch the product….so there was no window design used! Oh well. Even though it was stressful it was still fun.

Things I Like About The Pretty Ginger Man And Coats Advertisement Film

In no particular order.

  1. the pretty ginger man is very pretty isn’t he. I mean crikey
  2. there’s some marvellous anachronism and time squashing going on particularly with respect to the fictionalised lady pilot
  3. pretty man and pretty lady 1 (wife edition) shelter under a cloak, that’s nice
  4. pretty man and pretty lady 1 (wife edition) kiss against a stone column which is also nice
  5. because of the early 20th century british establishment tones that Mr Gleeson brought to his portrayal of galactic military shit General Hux off of the star wars, we in The Fandom can easily pick up the same notes in this fine fragrance and frame the whole shebang as a Tailor!Hux AU
  6. I mean, fuck, he’s basically playing the same bloke except less gay and without a massive alien boss to suck up to. and without a big gay goth rival to do things of a sexual nature with over one of those work tables.
  7. I like when he’s designing things and proud of them and it does not take much to imagine that he has not only invented waterproof gabardine but also a galactic super weapon. “it’s what you’ve been looking for” – look at his smug little face. 
  8. the pretty ginger coats man seems to form a Force bond with everyone he makes a coat for, which is pretty bloody extra if you ask me. he’s in the trenches! he feels the antarctic snow!
  9. pretty lady 2 (pilot edition) wears lipstick and some of the company’s famous clothing items 
  10. pretty lady 1 (wife edition) puts on a big cape and rides a horse because emotions
  11. shackleton is very rugged isn’t he
  12. the bit where there’s liquid beading and pouring off the waterproof cloth is quite sensual some say suggestive
  13. they bunged in some christmas and a connubial bathtime kiss at the end cos its a christmas ad and you kinda gotta
  14. they proofread the end titles

Our team gave the audience a sensory experience to my Vanillary (2013) video, ( with these vanilla ‘sugar cubes’ dropped into hot water in the cup to release the scent into steam right in front of them as they watch.

Inescapable Journey (2010), was also accompanied by an interactive scent element. Once their bottles had been opened it released the powerfully unavoidable scent of Galbanum oil, reflecting the films theme. Video can be found here

A mini power station was created to set the scene for Jo Peel’s, Pipe Dreams (2013), with Cade and Vetiver oil infused scent being diffused for the audience through the dry ice as it mimics the smoke. Jo’s film can be found here

Givenchy launched a new perfume line L’Atelier de Givenchy, including seven fragrances: Ambre Tigré, Bois Martial, Cuir Blanc, Chypre Caresse, Néroli Originel, Oud Flamboyant and Ylang Austral.

This new collection is structured by the richest raw materials to evoke the texture and feel of the fashion house’s fine fabrics. Each fragrance comes accompanied by its own inspirational couture sketch – browse through our gallery above to find your own perfect Givenchy style. Who says you can’t wear a little couture everyday?

Once upon a time a curious dork named Sebastian discovered a display of fine smelling fragrances 

After inspection, Sebastian decided to give the fine fragrance a try

“This…..*sniff sniff* is delightful!” Sebastian said 

“I claim it as mine." 

And that is the story of how Winter’s Children uncovered the identity of Sebastian’s enchanting and mysterious scent. 

Photos courtesy of Zimbio.

~ Buying happiness ~

Taking another look at his arranged hair in the rear-view mirror, the doctor got off from the car, being greeted by some acquaintances. He soberly responded and headed to the building from where light and voices pierced in the night air. Entering in the big room, lavishness and fine fragrances welcomed him as he advanced, and the academy’ director came to salute him. He was taking part to a caritable party, the cause being the children from poor states; he was greatly enjoying that kind of events, thinking at the fact that he could help the people in need.