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Some SJ fans: ships Jack and Ashi, makes pretty nice art, is just a pretty nice bunch

Other SJ fans: Would rather die than see Jack and Ashi be a ship, some act as though shippers will be sent straight to hell, some have valid points

Me: Honestly could care less either way because HEYO MY FAVORITE SHOW IS BACK ON AIR AND THATS ALL I REALLY WANT

This amazing piece is a gift from @j3rry1ce! Without getting too sappy, she’s my best pal and this was absolutely incredible to receive! <3

It really looks like it could be AWW’s cover (and maybe it is…)! Every part of the image came to life spectacularly. Considering the original size of the piece, it’s mind-blowing how many characters and details she included, all of them important to the story.

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Chris Wood on Supergirl = fine to good 

Chris Wood as Mon-El = fine

Mon-El as prince of Daxam = fine

story about the son of villains becoming a hero = fine to good 

new person with superpowers on the team = fine to good 

Kara being lovers with a straight white dude = fine (though not preferable)

using another white dude’s gross sexuality as a punchline = ok (not preferable) 

creating an archetype of white male privilege = fine (if for good reasons)

to redeem and elevate the intrinsic merit of that archetype = not fine

Kara expressing non-consent several times and suddenly consenting =  F NO

shipping Kara with the embodiment of white male privilege = NOT AT ALL FINE 

having Kara speak the truth about f-ed he is and stay with him = NOPE

using Alex to validate his narcissism to Kara = NEVER 


*slides across the floor*

who else is here for domestic married victuuri because i’ve been thinking about it for twelve hours and i’m not sure if i can get out of this hole ever again–

scribble bonus! c’mon yurio time is a factor


I am still dating a wonderful young man and now the team knows whom! It’s changed things for the better, and that’s all y’all are getting out of me.