fine chain

“Luna had decorated her bedroom ceiling with five beautifully painted faces: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Neville. They were not moving as the portraits at Hogwarts moved, but there was a certain magic about them all the same; Harry thought they breathed. What appeared to be fine golden chains wove around the pictures, linking them together, but after examining them for a minute or so, Harry realized that the chains were actually one word, repeated a thousand times in golden ink: friends…friends…friends…friends… Harry felt a great rush of affection for Luna” – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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Hello naughty children, I am going to talk about “psychotic breakdowns” in the P5 localization, and the fact that it’s a (very big) mistranslation that could mess up your perception of a fair amount of things in the game. (also, the fact that “psychotic breakdowns” and “mental shutdowns” are different things).

As usual, post is pretty long & screenshot heavy.

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To Newt, With Love

Request: “Hi-Hi! I’ve read your newt x reader stuff and they are so nicely done, I like your style! Could I request for angsty newt x reader, pure angst. Sadness and all that. If you don’t mind of course! Something like ‘reader likes newt but newt is stupidly oblivious and he still hanging on leta/is with tina most of the day. At the end, the reader just 'poof’, out of touch. Thank you!”

Word Count: 2,643

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

The midnight blue dress draped over your body shatters the beams of golden sunlight streaming through your window, sending specks of glittering light all over the white walls of your bedroom and the pastel green sheets of your bed. You hardly notice, though, as you struggle to clasp a delicate silver necklace around your neck. The fine chain, soft as gossamer, tangles around your fingers, fighting your attempts to secure it. The struggle proceeds for a minute before you can drop the chain and watch it shimmy into its place in the dip between your collar bones. A beautiful gift from an old friend.

An old friend you’re visiting in five minutes, if the godfather clock standing in the corner is correct. A bundle of nerves flutter in your stomach. You haven’t seen Newt in months. Any time you wrote and told him you’d be able to make time, he’d been too busy. Then NEWT exams rolled around and every spare second of every day was dedicated to scrawling out notes and rereading the same chapter five times until you could nearly recite the entire textbook word for word. The grueling effort paid off, though, earning you high grades in every subject.

Today, you celebrate with your best friend of seven years. The two of you agreed to meet at your house at noon before traveling out to Hogsmeade to enjoy butterbeer at The Three Broomsticks and then find a dancing hall. You know Newt has a fondness for dancing unmatched by many others, even if he may be reluctant to admit it.

One more glance in the mirror satisfies you. Not a hair is out of place, your elegant silver earrings brush the tops of your exposed shoulders, and the dress gleams, not a hint of lint on it. You step from the mirror’s gaze and cross the room, enjoying the clacking of your heels against the wood floor. On your dresser sits an ornate black box. Swirls carved and painted white loop around the wide case, meeting on the top to circle around Newt’s full name.

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Your Mine Not Theirs

Isaac Lahey X Reader 

Word Count: 552

Requested: Anon

Request: Hi! Could I request an Isaac x Anchor!reader, where Isaac gets really jealous over the reader helping Derek calm Erica & Boyd during the full moon because she’s meant to be his anchor? Thank you so much 😊

Originally posted by artisticlahey

You learned early on that you were Isaac’s anchor and he found it easy to control himself on the full moon when you were around, Derek thought that having you here might encourage Scott and the others to trust him a little more although he only really wanted Scott. “So what’s the plan for this full moon?” You asked.

“We aren’t doing anything, you’re just here for Isaac,” Derek answered.
“Oh come on if I’m here I might as well help.” You argued.
“No, you’re here to help Isaac,” Derek answered as he checked over the chains and separated them.
“Alright fine. At least let me help you chain ‘em up then I’ll leave you to it.” You suggested and Derek sighed.
“You’re not going to let this go are you?” Derek asked.
“Nope.” You answered shaking your head.
“Fine, you help me chain them up that’s it!” Derek agreed.
“See that’s all I wanted.” You smiled skipping off the find Isaac.

You found Isaac a little while after the talk with Derek, you jumped on his back and he caught you he let out a soft chuckle realising it was you. “What are you doing?” he asked looking at you as best he could.
“What do you mean?” You asked resting your chin on his shoulder.
“You look like you just got something you really wanted,” Isaac answered.
“Oh, I just convinced Derek to let me help him with Erica and Boyd tonight.” You answered and Isaac frowned.
“What about me?” Isaac asked frowning and tightening his grip on your thighs.
“I’m only helping him chain them up then I can come back to you but you’re doing do well I thought you’d be okay.” You said your arm loosely looped around his neck your thumb run over the leather of his jacket. “That’s okay right?”
“Yeah…” He answered.
“You’re sure?” You asked.
“Yeah.” He answered not wanting to disappoint you.
“Okay.” You smiled burying your head in his neck.

Later that night you were tasked with chaining up Erica, Derek said that it was better that you chained her up because you being near a male might set Isaac off. You had just finished chaining her up when you started talking “You’re doing really well.” You smiled. “Have you found something to focus on?”
“I think so.” She smiled.
“Here. Let me just…” You reached up and wiped her forehead with the towel. There was a rough growl and my eyes were drawn to Isaac sitting stiffly on the sofa, Derek looked over at you and gestured for you to go over to him and you did, as soon as you were in front of him he reached out and pulled you over until you were straddling his waist. “You doing okay?”
“I’m fine,” Isaac answered through gritted teeth.
“Really?” You asked gently running your hands through his hair to calm him down.
“Your mine not theirs.” he finally said.
“Ah, jealousy.” You nodded.
“I’m not jealous.” Isaac denied.
“Fine.” You shrugged. “I’ll go back tell Derek you’re fine.” When you tried to move his grip tightened and he growled again this one was quiet but still there.
“Stay.” He mumbled.
“I’m not going anywhere.” You smiled. “Remember I’m yours.” You felt Isaac smirk against the skin of your shoulder.

Requests and general question!

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: if simba spent most of his childhood and part of his adulthood eating plants and insects with timone and pumba, then what happened when he went back to pride rock? Did he keep his altered diet? Lions are natural carnivores and simba was no longer living under timone and pumba's rules, so he should've been allowed to eat what he wanted. He should instinctively want to eat animals, but he was raised to eat bugs. Simba's strange diet might inspire the other lions to eat insects as well, and then the entire ecosystem would be thrown off. Oh my god.

kaavyawriting  asked:

Thorin/Bilbo, thief-related courtship? (Am I doing this right? >_>)

Thorin stares down at the box, then at his closed, locked door, then back at the box. It is a small thing, wrapped in Durin blue and silver, and it matches the five other boxes he has received every morning this week. He narrows his eyes, irritated at the thief – and what kind of thief is this person, to sneak into a king’s room and not take a single treasure, but leave one instead?

Grumbling, Thorin tears off the ribbon and looks inside. This morning, the gift is an acorn, bronzed and laid in silk. When he lifts it out of the box, he finds it is attached to a chain, fine work, which should be easy to source, if he has one of his guards go to the forges to see if anyone has made an identical order. They cannot refuse the king, after all.

He glares down at the acorn, then grudgingly puts it around his neck. A gift should be appreciated, after all.

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VIXX reaction - you telling something dirty that makes them turned on (+18)

Ok being pervert won’t make many ppl turned on, but I guess you meant dirty and sexy things okeeey *wink wink* Mhm so I’ll do it weirdly, every one depends on what was in my head xD 

N: “I wanna tear this shirt of you.” you said.

“Go ahead, I don’t mind at all.” he replied.

Leo: You said it really quietly but he looked up at you quickly with suprise. You regretted your words, but you could feel a little bit excited. 

“Say it again.” he said as he approached you.

Ken: Don’t get fooled by this cutie. Your one word, said with so much need could turn him from a puppy to wolf. And you are his prey…

Ravi: “You don’t even know what your voice does to me.”

“Oh you’ll have to tell me, or I’ll find out by myself.” he said in his deep husky voice.

Hongbin: He acted like it’s okay, but he started giving you a look from time to time. You didn’t notice them at first, but you finally felt his eyes travelling from your neck to lips.

“Ok, I can’t focus anymore, come here.” he said as he wrapped his arms around your waist.

Hyuk: Turned on Hyuk is more evil than usuall Hyuk! You said something sexy just to tease him a little bit, he turned it into game, teasing you more, and he was winning! When approched you, he leaned for a kiss with a serious face.

You started it but I won. Now I’ll take my reward.”

No Whips (Theo)

this is a theo! can you guys believe it??? i never thought i’d write a theo, cause he was so terrible and suddenly there he is on screen, wearing that blue shirt, and flopping his dirty hair. So here’s a Theo. It was supposed to be a song fic, but i forgot the song. I’ll try again, perhaps.

WARNINGS: Nothing, really, it’s pretty sunshiney. Malia beats him up, and there is lots of chain talk, but that’s about it. Mentions of mother dying.

“I hope you realize its taking all my strength not to tear you in half right now.” Scott hisses, his breath stuttering in and out as his hands shake and you can’t help sharing a delightfully wide eyed look with Hayden, who rolls her eyes at you. Biting your lip, you lean forward on the bench, resting your chin on your fists.

Footsteps sound from the backdoor and you glance up, hearing a growl as you spot Malia.

“Malia…” Theo sighs, “You aren’t still upset about the whole… Shooting thing, are you?”

Your jaw drops open, your grin wide as you spot the way she’s holding her mouth, beaming when she snarls with a full set of coyote fangs. Her eyes glow vibrantly and you snicker, despite the severity of the situation, and earn an elbow in the ribs from Liam.

Malia pounces, riding Theo to the ground and Scott sighs, turning away and slumping onto the couch in the other room. You stare, wincing every time, as Malia punches Theo, over and over, to the face.

“Liam, that’s his cute part.” You whine softly, not wanting to draw her ire, but hoping someone else will. Liam shoots you an annoyed glare, smirking at the spectacle and you groan, wincing again.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to stop.” He breathes and you clutch your chest, fluttering your eyelashes at Hayden who sighs, rubbing her temple.

“Trust me, I won’t.” Malia snaps, her claws coming unsheathed and Theo gasps, eyes widening as he starts to struggle.

“Malia, enough.” Scott cuts in, his expression tired as Liam grabs her other side and the pair of them pull her snarling form back. Theo rises to an elbow to watch and you cross to his side, crouching and putting a hand on his shoulder, just in case. Can’t let him run away in the fray.

“Slow down, he’s going back in the ground, okay?” He assures her, and you can’t help feeling for her as she snarls with every breath.

“You can’t!” Liam blurts and Scott gives him a look. “He remembers Stiles.”

Scott stares at him incredulously, before the three of them glance back at Theo, who groans softly and clutches his ribs.

“You weren’t even hit there, idiot.” You mutter, your eyes flashing back to the three of them as Malia starts up.

“Scott remembers Stiles!” She counters, her voice stressed and her gaze pained. “Lydia and I remember Stiles.”

“The Dread Doctors knew all about the Wild Hunt.” Liam tries, his gaze on Scott. “He can help us.”

“Or he could kill us.” Scott reminds him and you snort, glancing at the bloodied werewolf as he sits against the kitchen island, moving pathetically.

“He’s my responsibility.” Liam stresses, and Scott narrows his gaze on the younger wolf. “Noshiko gave me the sword.”

“It’s so awkward when Mom and Dad fight.” Theo mutters and you bite down hard on your lips, covering your mouth with your palm as two werewolves across the room shout at him. Theo eyes you curiously, a smile twitching his lips and you stare pointedly at Scott across the room.

“You both are right. If Theo tries anything, we’ll send him back to the Skin Walkers, but for right now-”

“He goes back now.” Scott orders, cutting through Haydens reasoning and you can’t help it as your eyes dart between each member of the pack. There’s just no way to pick a side. Cute but evil boy lives to maybe kiss you one day or cute but evil boy returns to the underworld before you can get a crush on him?

“Except Liams the one with the sword.” Theo cuts in, face covered in blood and you can’t help cringing at the sight of him.

“Shut up!” The four of them shout and you snicker again, Malias lips twitching upwards at your reaction before she remembers her fury. Theos eyes go wide and he carefully eyes the wood floors, his hand falling back to his lap.

Scott gestures to the hallway and Liam follows him, just as Malia strides toward Theo where he sits beside you.

“Malia.” Hayden say softly, stepping between them.

“Can you give me a second alone with Theo?” She mutters, not taking her eyes off him and you eye the pair of them curiously. You smirk as an argument starts up, only to jerk in surprise as Theo cuts in.

“Okay, look, I know there are mixed feelings all around.” He says and Malia stares at him for a long moment. You raise your hand, shrugging sheepishly as she glares at you. “But I might be your only option to stop the Wild Hunt.”

You nod earnestly, beaming at Malia and she darkens at your expression.

“Let’s kill him.” She says decidedly and you droop, collapsing from your crouch to sitting on the floor, and pouting at your friend. Hayden sighs, glaring at you and corralling Malia upstairs.

“You guys have a lot of history together.” You mumble to him, unsure how to handle the semi silence of an empty room, and not react to the awkwardness of Liam and Scott arguing just across the hall. “What’d you do to everyone?”

“You don’t know?” He blinks and you scoff, rolling your eyes. You wince helplessly as Scott raises his voice and you notice Theo fighting a strange smile.

“Of course I know.” You snap, shooting him a look and muttering the nickname you know him by under your breath. “But I like to hear, after we’ve captured the bad guys, their side of the story. It’s like a good book or movie then.”

He sighs, glancing toward the wall across from him and you take your time, examining his features. With a huff at his silence, you clamber to your feet and fish a tea towel from the cabinets, running it under the tap for a moment.

“You’re comfortable here.” He observes and you wink at him as you wring the cloth out before tossing it toward his face. It smacks wetly against his hand and you lean against the island, watching him clean away the blood.

“Missed a bit.” You tease and he sighs. Crossing, you crouch beside him and take the cloth, wiping at his face. “Your little Beast killed my Mom.”

His expression falls, his eyes apologetic but you wave him off. “I don’t blame anyone. I might have, easily, back when it first happened. But there’s not a lot of time for grief when I realized just how alone her and I were. No family, no close friends, her closest friend was Melissa, their types of cagey matched.” You sigh softly, leaning back and examining his clean face and smiling. “Sometimes, when you’re looking just pathetic enough, with glowing blue eyes, you can guilt a fantastic nurse into taking you home.”

“So you were the puppy she found and decided to keep?” He asks the curiosity in his voice evident and you’re about to answer when Liam and Scott re-enter.

“Y/N.” Scott orders and you bounce to your feet, skipping to his side and grinning up at him. You’d never had a brother, but the year you’d spent with Scott felt exactly like what having a brother would be like. Theo clambers to his feet and you fiddle with the cloth in your hands, avoiding looking at what you know is about to be supremely uncomfortable. Malia sidles up to you, an arm settling on your shoulders and you lean into her.

“Ooh!” You yelp, hopping to your feet excitedly and Hayden shoots Liam a look that makes you slightly, just a tad, furious. “I have an idea.”

“Tell us about it.” Hayden says sarcastically, staring at the wall behind you sourly and you grimace. Theo taps his thigh silently, drawing your eyes, and he smiles a little. Beaming, you turn back to Scott and straighten your shoulders.

“We’ll chain him up.” You chirp and the group groans, all except Malia. “No, no, really.”

“Now isn’t the time for your fantasies, Y/N.” Hayden pipes up meanly and you shoot her an affronted look.

“It’s not a fantasy!” You snap, turning and eyeing Theo speculatively. He glares at you and you shrug back helplessly.

“It could work.” Malia adds and you beam at her as you wander to Theos side. “They held me.”

“You were chained to a wall.”

“These would definitely be like a leash, but we could still tie him up.” You add, eyeing Scott and he tilts forward, his elbows on his knees and his palms covering his eyes.

“Fine. Chain him up.” He orders and you clap happily, capturing Theos hand in yours and dragging him to his feet.

“Great! Liam and I can get that sorted right now.” You grin, pulling a softly muttering Theo toward the stairs.

“Oh, God.” Scott sighs as you clear the doorway, still holding Theos hand tight. Part of you can’t help delighting in the fact that he hasn’t jerked away.

“I thought we were becoming friends.” He chides you and you laugh, grinning at him over your shoulder, only for the smile to die when you see Liams expression.

“Ahem.” You cough, releasing Theo and slipping into the cupboard, hauling free the giant brown duffel. “Hands, please.”

Theo shoots you a dead eyed look, remaining still, and you sigh loudly.

“I said please, Theo. Where are your manners?” You groan, capturing his first hand and setting it in the cuff. He sighs as it closes, raising his second hand for you and you grin happily at him as it clicks closed. Liam reaches for the rest of the chain and you jerk back without thought, blushing darkly when they stare at you. “Can I hold it? I’ve always wanted a puppy.”

“I’m not a puppy.”

“He’s not a puppy.”

“Fine, a murder puppy, whatever. C’mon.” You plead and Liam sighs, tromping back down the stairs and you tug on the chains experimentally, laughing when Theo stumbles. “Sorry.”

His smile could curdle milk but you can’t help giggling.

Liam tugs on the chain sharply, making Theo stumble forward and you snort, skipping to his side from where you’d be distractedly scuffling through the leaves. Hayden started to turn as you bumped against Theo, making him stumble again. He shoots you a look and you wink at him, clearing your throat.

“I know we’re all very tense.” You begin solemnly, meeting Hayden and Liams eyes each, before you turn to Theo and prod his cheek, pouting playfully. “But how can you stay mad at such a pretty face?”

Liam smirks as you teasingly fawn over the resurrected werewolf while Hayden licks her lips to hide her smile. Either way, you know you’ve improved on the direness of the situation as you capture Theos chains and pull him closer to the other two. Liam offers you the rest of the chain and you gape, your hand fluttering to your chest in faux amazement.

“Why, thank you.” You joke, and he rolls his eyes, wrapping an arm around Haydens shoulders and guiding her forward, their voices hushed.

Theo eyes you before sighing, glancing pointedly toward the trees to hide what you’re sure is a smile.

“I know you’re evil and all that, but can I tell you a secret?” You half whisper, leaning toward him and you can see the way the words pique his interest. His lips twitch and you grin, unable to help yourself. “It’s a little known fact, but it’s always great when cute boys are chained up or locked away. Know why?”

Theo groans, tilting away from you but you wait, watching his act melt away as he sidles closer and gives you a bored look, the kind that says continue.

“Cause then I get to admire their cuteness but then I get to call it a study of the enemy.” You flirt and he scoffs a laugh, looking you over with half a grin and you can’t help gaping and playfully swooning. He snorts and you blow him a kiss, only to shrink as Liam clears his throat.

“Are you serious, Y/N?” Liam sighs, glaring at you and you sigh, slumping and glaring at the leaves underfoot.

“I’m just kidding.” You mumble and you can feel his scowl as he snatches the chains from your hands and pulls Theo forward. You glare at him as his back turns, embarrassment burning through your veins. You can’t help yourself, even though he’s younger than you, he’s still somehow able to make you feel like a stupid kid.

“Y/N?” Theo calls gently and you refocus on the scene before you, Liam tugging on the chains in annoyance as Theo plants his feet and watches you, a soft look in his eye.

“Yeah, I’m coming.” You beam, glancing down and inhaling softly. Swallowing hard, you jog to Theos side, smiling brightly. “You totally missed me, didn’t you? Bit dependant, aren’t we?”

“Yeah, of course.” He smiles forcedly and you fight a blush, instead throwing an arm around his shoulder and squeezing him gently. Hayden scathes you with a glare and you hold him close a moment longer before stepping away and straightening your back.

sooo? any thoughts?



A Drecoll embroidered velvet opera jacket, early 1920s, 

Labelled ‘Ch Drecoll, Paris’, finely embroidered in chain stitch with brilliantly coloured silks, lined in black silk

The house of Drecoll was founded in Vienna in 1882 by the German Baron Christoph von Drecoll (1851-1939), who was dressmaker to the Austrian court. He sold his fashion house in 1895 along with his name. Subsequently, his purchasers and successors opened the Parisian house Ch. Drecoll (4, place de l'Opéra) around 1900, unconnected to Baron Drecoll, while he made an unsuccessful attempt to open under the name Cristof Drecoll in 1907 (6, rue de la Paix). He was forced to close the same year and moved his business to New York and Berlin.

The Girl in the Pond Pt. 2 (Bones: Marvel AU)

Characters  in this chapter: Steve Rogers, Female Reader, Wanda Maximoff, Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Natasha Romanoff, Original Male Character

Warnings: Language, More talks about a dead body, Slight violence.

Pairings: None. (Eventual Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary: You are a forensic anthropologist working for the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. when you and your team get recruited by the FBI to aid one of their top field agents, Special Agent Steve Rogers. Together, along with  your colleagues/friends you put faces on the voiceless and throw the bad guys where they belong.

Author’s Note: So this is my first Marvel AU series and I’m quite nervous on how this is going to turn out. The series is going to be based on the TV show Bones and since the show is 12 seasons long I’m just going to base the series on some of my favorite episodes including the series finale coming out in the upcoming weeks. I only hope I do it justice. I want to thank @mrs-squirrel-chester​ for convincing me into writing this and for not only being as awesome beta but because she also made this kick-ass edit above.

“What’s the context of the find?” you asked Agent Rogers as you both walked down the grassy hill, reading the names on the rows of white marble headstones.

“Routine landscaping,” Steve replied, looking down at his notepad. “Dropped a load in the local pond, one of the workmen thought he saw something.”

You recognized the emblem on the side of the black windowless van that was parked a few yards away from the pond; it was the Smithsonian Medico-Legal Lab emblem. The passenger door opened and a young man hopped out; duffle bag in one hand and a camera in the other.

Recognizing him immediately, you waved him over. “Hi Peter.”

Peter greeted you with a hug, ““This eco-warrior look works for you. Very action oriented.”

“Thanks.” you replied, looking down at your outfit. “Agent Rogers, you remember my assistant Peter Parker?”

“Of course,” Agent Rogers answered, sticking out his right hand. “Great to see you again kid.”

“How was Guatemala? Dig up lots of massacred victims? Learn a thing or two about machete strikes?” Peter asked you, completely ignoring Steve, who made a face at Peter’s rude gesture.

You cleared your throat and Peter quickly realized his mistake. “Sorry,” he muttered, taking Agent Rogers’ hand to give it a firm shake. “Good to see you again Agent.”  

“Hey Pete, I need water samples and temperature readings from the pond,” you ordered.

“Right away doc.”  He spun on his heel, quickly turning the other way, leaving you alone with Agent Rogers.

“Kid’s got no sense of discretion. Typical Squint…” Steve said, as they reached the river bank.

“Squint?” you asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Ah you know, when cops get stuck, we bring in people like you. You know? Squints. You know, you squint at things,” Steve explained with a shit-eating grin. “Like this,” he demonstrated for you.

“Oh, you mean people with very high IQ’s and basic reasoning skills?” You gave him a smart-ass answer.

His smile dropped, giving you a look as if he had just tucked his tail between his legs. “Yeah.”

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A Friend In Need

A part of Angstmas 2017.

Mabel sat back, head leaning against the wall above her dresser, tears trickling out as she took sobbing and ragged breaths.

Relieved. My apartment got busted into a few hours ago, and I’m relieved. She snuffled, wiping a sweater sleeve across her face to remove some of the mess, smiling ruefully while alone in her bedroom. Well, Derek flaked off like Mom always said he would, so I guess I should be glad I wasn’t home at the time.

She opened her clenched hand, revealing a cheap, fine chain in a silvered metal, attached to a sterling-plated pendant. The pendant was half a heart, broken in the middle in a distinct, ragged pattern, and she could make out the enameled half-message still visible on it:


“One heart, two bodies: our love,” she murmured to herself. The necklace was priceless; it was a vending-machine piece of cheap metal, worthless to any appraiser, and yet beyond all wealth to her now, at this time, at this place in her life.

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Dune (Re-posted with some color) 

I gave in to the siren song of Dune and was dashed upon the rocks like so many concept artists before me. There just isn’t time to render these, but I’m reasonably pleased with the line-work, so here they are!

Some context: I fell into a Dune-hole recently which started by stumbling across the INCREDIBLE art from what would have been Jodorowsky’s Dune film. That inspired me to re-watch the David Lynch movie again (one of my favorites). At that point, I had to read the book again. In the middle of my read-through, I watched a couple Tarsem Singh movies and my brain made a connection that I couldn’t shake loose:

I want a 4 hour Dune movie designed by Tarsem Singh’s crew (production designer, art director, costume designer, cinematographer, etc…)

So, in order to get that thought out of my brain, I took a clumsy swing at designing the cast of Dune through the lens of Tarsem Singh’s crew. To me, that meant making each character an operatic or theatrical expression of their role in the story. Visual storytelling cranked to eleven.

For descriptions:

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