fine brothers

Don’t forget Jen wore this shirt.

Don’t forget she said this:

During MJ promo after that ridiculous article about that ridiculous fauxmance came out and that awful soul sucker made a surprise visit. This wasn’t an accident, this wasn’t a coincidence. 

They also did this:

She said she was FINE with kissing her “brother” because she was from KENTUCKY.

This was after “print” Josh said they were like siblings but actual real life Josh during a real life interview made it pretty clear they weren’t at all like siblings, no one wanted to link their relationship to that.

Then she made sure everyone on the planet saw this video, where Josh was sitting on HER bed after leaving Madrid to go to Beijing. Yes, that’s right, I am sure there was lots of celebrating.

Oh and remember during MJ1 promo Jen said this:

And Josh agreed:

And remember how Jen was papped in Louisville at her parent’s home for Thanksgiving? And Josh was seen at a Louisville grocery store Thanksgiving eve? Here’s a fun tidbit, the girl he took a pic with? Best friends with a guy who is very close friends with the Lawrences, there’s a pic of him in the Lawrence’s home holding Jen’s Oscar. His best friend places him in Louisville. Jesus Christ, too bad PL was delayed, those two babies probably wouldn’t have to be going through this right now.

That goddamn worthless movie. 

If you have any sort of critical thinking skills, if you are not a blind idol worshiper you have to question why all of this was said. Why Jen said these things, why Jen did these things, why Josh agreed and participated in these things. 

I didn’t even touch on the PA and co stuff and maybe one day, when this fauxmance is finally OVER I’ll break it down in one whole post, but there is too much, too much stuff to say it’s all a coincidence. I don’t want to publicly post it now because the seven horned beast is still around probably making demands and causing trouble. 

Just #poweringthrough the rest of this bullshit, the whiny child can demand family vacations and photo ops and try to recreate stuff Josh and Jen did, but it’s not real. I think we all hope this can end soon, that Josh can rebrand and start working again and can clean himself up. I think that’s what we all want but it’s not going to happen with this fake bullshit relationship. Not at all.   

Re: Fine Bros’ Apology: “Sorry we got caught.”

I acknowledge their apology, but I still don’t think it’s sincere. It’s an obligation apology. You know the one. I’m sure we all did it as kids. 

You do something wrong, and then you get yelled at by your parents.

“I’m sorry,” you say.

“No you’re not,” your parent says, “you’re sorry you got caught. If you were really sorry, you wouldn’t have done it.”

The Fine Brothers are only sorry because they got caught, and are receiving tremendous backlash because of it.  Remember, this isn’t an isolated incident.

Example 1

Twitter user RedMinus posted screenshots of the Fine Brothers blatantly implying that the very concept of filming someone’s candid reaction to something is “their format” and they feel so entitled to it that they are willing to pitch a fit and try and take legal action. 

And I’m sure we’ve all heard the numerous stories of other YouTubers whose videos the Fine Brothers have content claimed (which, of course, is ironic, considering how they take people’s content without permission.) 

Example 2

TL;DR - The Fine Brothers sent a mass email to several animators in hopes of getting them to animate for them, in which they “praise” them for their work. They also apparently weren’t going to pay them (or pay them a reasonable amount.) 

The Fine Brothers contradict themselves, blatantly lie and (as evidence as to why they never specify what their “format” is) try to hide things from people. 

In conclusion, this tweet sums up my feelings pretty well…

The Fine Brothers have damaged their reputation and broken countless people’s trust, and I’m perfectly okay with letting them suffer the consequences of their actions. 

  • 2015:I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22 (Taylor Swift™ No copyright infringement intended. Property of TAS LLC Management 2014©).
  • 2016:He didn't react (Fine Brothers™ No copyright infringement intended. Property of Fine Brothers Entertainment 2007©) to the news like I thought he would.

About a year and a half ago, we had a brief encounter with Fine Brothers. Sinces they announced React World, a lot of shit has been going down. I don’t think they really understand what being producers is about anymore. They didn’t wanna take the investment in their own project, and didn’t had some simulated compliments about our channel in the email.


The Fine Brothers have a webseries that has kids discussing/reacting to different topics. Some of these kiddos are ridiculously wise. And adorable.