fine asian girl

This is for the haters that say Asians don't like Black girls..

So, I got some tea to spill ☕️
This is for the haters that continue to say Koreans, Vietnamese, etc
Don’t like black girls..
anyways let me get on to the story. Last weekend my mother and I went to an Asian market that is located in Arlington we live in Fort Worth, she’s a regular customer and she goes there all the time to buy fresh fish and produce. It was my second time going there and

It was my second time going there but this time it was different, I’m not sure if it is because of summer and school is almost about to close. Their were a lot of cute Asian boys working at the counter. Girl, when I stepped inside the store every Asian boy in their was checking me out, like they’ve never seen a black girl throughout their entire life. They kept staring at me and smiling and blushing. Even the elders were staring at me. So, we walked around the store and went to butcher side

Where they chopped fresh fish and it took 10 minutes for our order to be ready, so we walked around to the vegetables section to buy tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. And their was this fine ass Asian boy, I don’t know if it was his sister or girlfriend but he forgot all about her and was mad checking me out as I was helping my mom out, and when we made eye contact he looked away as if he wasn’t just staring. So, we walked back to get our fish from the butcher section and went to the cashier to check out our groceries and their was this fine ass Asian boy, girl he made eye contact with me and I made eye contact back and i couldn’t help but smile and he smiled back and starting blushing Girl, I was almost about to melt 😓 Ps: their was some Ahjussi’s checking me out too but that’s a whole different story that doesn’t need to be said 😂

Also, two weeks ago I went to my neighborhood beauty store and I’m  thin and tall and dark complexion and I when my mom was about to check out her items and she got a discount on some nail polish so she went back to pick 5 more colors. I was standing at the counter and I asked the lady, are you guys Korean? And she said, “How do you know? In surprise. I told her because I’m learning Korean and I can i can understand a little. I’ve heard you guys speak Korean numerous times. And she said, wow

And, the lady next to her she’s also Korean said to me, you’re so skinny “How old are you? And I said, 19 And she said, "very beautiful age and very beautiful girl And my mom when on to say, "yeah.. she’s learning Korean.. every day at home she’s watching Korean drama, music, etc And then my mom said, "one day she wants to go to Korea” And they were very surprised and suddenly became very happy and excited when I told them about how I love Korea ❤️ And as we were leaving they kept talking 😂 before I used to think they were mean and rude, I guess I was very wrong. Once I opened up to them and talked about Korea They started talking to me and smiling and I think they like me now 😊