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People baffle me

As soon as someone has nick or Judy make a baby the “old fashion way” they flip their lid going on about how SCIENCE SAYS NO TWO DIFFERENT SPECIES BIOLOGICALLY IT WOULDNT WORK!!!!!!“

And I’m sitting over here like: …this is a movie about talking animals…who drive cars…use iPhones…have their own set of spiritual beliefs….made by Disney…whose known for having magic in their movies…


I just lost ten followers in the past hour since I posting about the get down getting cancelled and you know what?? Fuck you, fuck everyone who said they were “too busy” to watch it and fuck everyone who never gave it a chance. No one was fooled by those transparent fucking excuses so why don’t you take a long fucking look at yourself and think about why you actually didn’t care about the show

//how to write your book, for all of you that wanted to know


Step 1. stare at the screen for 30 minutes thinking about what the first word you should start off with

Step 2: have a mental break down because if you don’t get this out on time, people won’t like you

Step 3: write some random shit, and when people say it’s good, you think it’s really bad

Step 4: fuck it, post whatever you got because if you don’t get this out people will hate you

Step 5: look back at what you did and have another mental breakdown because it’s not good enough.

That’s it! You’re set!

evenandsana  asked:

lmao is that blog back at it again going for jonas this time saying he aint poc bc thats the same blog that said sana isn't a poc bc arabs/north africans can't be considered poc. that in fact, all us poc? aren't poc at all. next they'll say mahdi and jamilla and laila ain't black.

lol i remember that, they’re really still tryin it huh

it’s funny because i used to live in germany and you’re def considered an ethnic minority if you’re latin american, clearly this person has never heard of the chilean refugee crisis of the 1970′s bc i’m certain that’s where his dad comes from lol

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hey seo! i hope you don't mind answering this, but its been bothering me since it happened. so ive been learning korean for around a year now, and both my teacher and I prefer it when i talk to her in korean so i can practice and keep getting better. however, the other day, i was talking to my teacher on the phone in korean (as usual) while on the train. after we hung up, i noticed a couple next to me looking at me strangely, almost judging me. they asked: 한국 사람이야? just like that, using 반말 [1/2]

so i said 아니에요, 저는- and they didn’t even give me a chance to reply before they started telling me angrily in eng that i shouldnt pretend to be korean and that it was obvious that i wasnt. they told me i was “accessorizing” korean culture, altho all i did was talk to my korean teacher. i rly appreciate your language & culture, but im wondering if i should keep learning korean and if i should start speaking eng w my teacher to avoid this. im sorry if i offended u, i really am. thank you :) [2/2]

idk, it seems fine to me? i suppose those koreans might have automatically assumed that you’re some sort of koreaboo bc of all the koreaboos out there?? i mean, tbh i’m wary of koreaboos as well. but as long as you’re not fetishizing / accessorizing korean culture and language, i think it’s fine.

do keep in mind: one korean person is not the absolute determiner of what you should and should not do. the reactions of the people on the train are not automatic reactions from every korean person. just be aware of what you do, and make sure that you’re being respectful.


the part with the master sword in botw is a nice marriage of story and game mechanics and everything but I have a very specific interpretation of the scene


baekhyunie wants more strawberries 🍓

You’re not worth the tears I shed over you.