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10 Year Floor Canvas-As I took this in for framing and unfolded it, I stumbled across the painted handprints of my closest friend, Deanne Hastings, who went missing a year and a half ago. The handprints are from the last time she visited me.
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December 2016, I received orders of two wedding portraits at the same time coincidentally, It’s really nice. the one is from Japan. another one is Europe. the followers and others also ask me about my portraits service, so I’ll explains the detail. if you have interested in this, please see the following. thanks.

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Merry Christmas @its-a-me-mary!! I was your secret santa for @homestuck-secret-santa this year <3

You said you liked college au’s, so here’s some collegestuck!rosemary <3 Kanaya is the instructor for the fashion course and Rose is a hapless arts student whose found herself a very chic crush :D