fine art selfie


I am not a master in the fine art of bathroom selfies, and I usually have a no-selfie policy, but in the case of this shirt I wanna show it off. This came yesterday, and it’s from @redemsi ‘s redbubble store. It’s so comfy, and the image is so good. It’s my new favourite shirt. (relaxed fit, size L - I’m 5′2 and usually a size 10/12, depending on brand.) The cotton’s a bit thin so I’ve got it over a camisole, but so far no flashing.

Also, the bag? Heh. One of my favourite femme things in the world is purses (I’m not a Shoe Girl at all). Since I do not have a new leather bag salary, I got sucked into the world of vintage Coach rehab. This was a $15 ebay find that I rebuilt (Bleecker Duffle 10398, whiskey / brass hardware) and it wasn’t until I was halfway through polishing the brass that I realized …. it’s Asgardian’s bag. 

Notice the wide strap and ring hardware. 

A better shot of the other strap side of my Bleecker:

Billy’s bag gets drawn with a flap sometimes, and sometimes not, but my firm belief is now that he swiped one of his mom’s bags, and hoped she wouldn’t notice. ;) 

235/365 photo project

Another in my ShadowMan series. Taken just an hour ago. The ink still hot.

The sun is sharp today. Perfect for taking shadow shots. My alternate self gets to play with a Give Way road sign.

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