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Douchebag gets it....

So this happened quite a few years ago, and the stage will take some setting. It might be more of a Karma than a Revenge story, but you guys seem to appreciate it when a Douchebag takes it up the ass, so here’s a fine tale…

I was working as a dishwasher in a new Fine Dining restaurant in the downtown of a largish city. Chef Paul came from a rich family with a lot of connections, but he made his own way through culinary school and was both talented and dedicated to his art. His family ponied up the cash for a location right downtown in Office Tower Land, but Chef Paul made the place the “hotspot” for the movers and shakers of the town. Our clientele was the Rolex set, people with a string of initials on their business cards and high-powered job titles.

Chef Paul was the nicest guy you could imagine away from the restaurant, but when he was on the cookline, he was an aggressive and abrupt bully of the old school. It was an open kitchen, meaning you could see it from the dining room, so he never raised his voice, but he could chew you out in a low-volume whisper, all the time with a poker smile frozen on his face. This was his show, his restaurant, his baby, and woe be it to the person who fucked up while Chef Paul had his game face on.

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[ Sketches ] [ George and Colum ]

Deleted my sketch blog because it was kinda useless, so I’m moving all of my sketches/traditional drawings here.

The character on the left is George, an envelope-headed courier for the dead! The tv-headed guy on the right is Colum. He is a deity of memory and is like 10ft tall. Neither of them have met each other, but I’m sure they’d get along just fine!

Both are my beautiful boys. I should draw them more often. 

-Please do not steal/use/repost my art! Thank you!-

deviltufts  asked:

My nam is Dev And when I see A sad popato Namd Georgie I hope they kno They are so good I like the drawings It's understood Just so you know The novl's gr8 I really do Appreci8 (Everything will be fine! Know that there are people who really appreciate the graphic novel so far and your art in general! What a good!) (Although I need to go back and read from the beginning hehe...) (Also I hope this poem thing was used in the right context...)

oh my god you guys

I’ve honestly been surprised every time I spill my insecurities here that you guys haven’t up and left me. Instead you pour things like this on me and I just… I never quite know what to say…

@deviltufts… your little poem-blurb made me smile like the giant dweeb I am, thank you so so much. And all of your kind words… I am incredibly touched. If I wasn’t already crying enough now I’m crying touched, happy tears.
And anon! Thank you for your kind words as well… you guys are the greatest. I really don’t deserve you all, but here you all are.

I wasn’t feeling up to posting the newest page when I finished it, but… you guys are making me feel like it’s worthwhile again. Thank you.

double date

You were sat on your bed while your best friend rambled on and on and on about her date tonight, shuffling through your closet, since she couldn’t find anything in hers.

You lost interest long ago, since she’d been talking about him for nearly an hour now. You were bored with the conversation, so at this point you had started to entertain yourself with your phone, muttering a few ‘mhmm’ and ‘really’ here and there.

Truth be told, you didn’t care. Yeah, she was your best friend and you were happy for her, but she was such a hopeless romantic. You on the other hand weren’t as sappy as she was with love.

She cried at any chick flick, awing at anything ‘romantic’ that happened during them, the things that don’t happen in real life. While you on the other hand, when she forced you to watch them with her, would cringe at the cheesy lines and gag at the overly dramatic love story.

“alright, how’s this?” she asked walking out of your closet with black pants and a black top.

“I mean, it’s not really you.” you replied, going back to your phone “but wear whatever you want.” you finished, scrolling through your page of photography, and art, only to have your phone ripped out of your hand.

“what the hell?” you asked, looking up at Kennedy.

“this outfit isn’t for me, it’s too…dark.”

“okay?” you raised a brow at your best friend.

“it’s for you.”

“well they are my clothes.” you answered like your smart ass self.

“(y/n), I meant it’s for you. for tonight. Were you even listening to me?” Kennedy raised her voice a bit. Not in anger, but in annoyance.

“I was at first, but they you just kept talking and talking about this date.” you answered honestly.

It’s how your guys’ friendship was. Honest and blunt. It just worked for you two. You rarely ever got mad at one another, knowing how the other one is too stubborn to even bother getting mad at. I don’t know how, but it just worked.

“it’s a double date. Luke’s brother just got out of a relationship a few months back, the girl was a total bitch if you ask me, from how Lu described her at least, and he wanted to get his bother out of the house, and I figured you hadn’t been on a date since Bra-”

“don’t” you eyed her.

You hated your ex. He was the biggest douche you had ever met, and is most likely the reason ‘love’ wasn’t really a thing that existed to you.

“I’m just saying. It’s been 10 months and you haven’t even gone out on one date, or even had a one night stand for crying out loud!” 

“Your point?”

“just come out with us. We’re just going for drinks. Meet his brother, maybe you two will hit it off.”

“I don’t know”

“please…for me” she pouted, sitting on the bed next to you and grabbing your arm with her hands, practically begging you.

“fine. give me the pants.” you groaned, getting up from the bed and taking the pants from her and heading into the bathroom.

After getting ready, you finally walked out of the bathroom, seeing Kennedy on your bed taking a selfie.

“when are we going?” you asked.

“the car will be here soon. We’re gonna meet them there.”


“seriously Luke” Jai groaned as they got to the bar. Luke hadn’t exactly told Jai it was a double date, or a date even. He just told Jai ‘let’s go get drinks tonight’ and Jai could really use a few drinks.

Once they sat down at the bar Luke had told Jai that his friend Kennedy was coming and she was bringing her friend (y/n) and it was actually a double date.

Luke was telling Jai about Kennedy and how she does this one thing in bed, that Jai didn’t really wanna hear. 

“they’re here” Luke muttered to Jai spotting Kennedy walk in “baby!!!” Luke yelled catching her attention.

Jai made it obvious that he was checking you out as the two of you approached. And you eyed the two boys, seeing that they were identical, but you liked Jai’s style much more.

“hey babe” Kennedy giggled as Luke pulled her into a hug and kissed her.

You and Jai both groaned at the action as the four of you guys sat down. Luke and Jai on one side of the booth and you and Kennedy on the other.

“oh, (y/n) this is Luke, Lu, this is my best friend.” 

“nice to meet you. uh this is my brother Jai, Jai this is (y/n)” Luke spoke, introducing the two of you. You both smiled at one another.

The night started out with everyone talking over drinks, but the more that Kennedy and Luke had to drink, the more mushy they got.

They started talking about them together in bed, kissing across the table and baby talking at one another. It honestly made you wanna vomit.

You and Jai both looked at one another and you rolled your eyes causing Jai to let out a little chuckle.

That’s when you and Jai really started to talk. The conversation with him just came so easily. You guys really hit it off. Kennedy and Luke at this point were like making out with one another across the table.

They muttered something to one another and Kennedy giggled.

“I’m gonna go to the bathroom” she giggled, looking seductively at Luke and sliding out of the booth, shaking her butt a little bit towards Luke.

“yeah I’m gonna uh…I’m gonna go with her” He spoke, getting up from the booth and practically running off towards the bathroom.

you and Jai both muttered something like ‘gross’ at the same time and looked at one another and laughed.

“would you wanna-” Jai started but you cut him off immediately with a “yes”

Both of you slid out of the booth and headed out of the bar, the cold air from the night causing goosebumps to form on your arms. Wrapping them around you, you and Jai started walking, the wind blowing lightly and people passing as you walked down the sidewalk.

“here, are you cold?” Jai asked, noticing your arms around yourself, and starting to slide off his jean jacket.

“no, it’s fine” you answered looking at him.

“don’t be ridiculous. I’m not gonna let you freeze” he smiled, holding the jacket open for you to slip your arms into. You smiled as you wrapped the jacket around you and continued walking and talking to Jai.

You’ll admit you enjoyed talking to him. You guys talked about a lot, like art, music, and right now you were talking about your last relationships.

You told him about your ex, much to your dismay. You didn’t wanna talk about your ex, but Jai had told you about how his last girlfriend basically controlled him. She was a total bitch. Like a complete bitch.

So here you were walking and trying to avoid telling him about your ex. You hated him. You hated how he would flaunt his new relationship in front of you practically. And he would even text you every now and then and ask you how you were and if you were seeing anyone. He thought you were still in love with him so he felt so great feeling like he still had this hold on you.

“um…he just made me feel so bad about myself. Like I wasn’t good enough for him. And he uh cheated on me.” you admitted.

“I’m sorry.” Jai spoke.

“it’s fine. He was kinda an ass anyway.”

“ya know, I’d never treat you like that.” 

“oh really? and how would you treat me?” you smiled.

Jai just smiled before stretching his arm out for me to link mine through.

“like a gentleman” he spoke as we continued to walk.

As we walked through the city, our conversation was filled with laughter and playful flirting. 

Jai was in the middle of telling a story about some video him and his brothers and a few friends did, and you looked up and tensed. Brandon and a few of his friends were walking your guys’ way.

Without thinking you slipped your hand down and laced it with Jai’s who just looked at you with a questionable look on his face.

“just go with it. please.” you whispered.

Jai was about to ask ‘go with what?’ when the two of you crossed paths with Brandon and a few of his friends, Evan, Tyler and Chad.

“(y/n) is that you?” Brandon asked, causing you and Jai to stop in your tracks.

“Brandon…hey” you muttered out. Jai’s grip on your hand tightened.

“it’s nice to see you. You look good.” he smirked, eyeing you up and down.

You were frozen. You didn’t know what to say. You felt awkward. You hadn’t talked to Brandon in almost a year. He broke your heart.

“hi, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Jai” Jai spoke, reaching his free hand out to shake Brandon’s hand.

Brandon just looked at his outstretched hand before reaching out and shaking Jai’s hand.

“hey” Brandon spoke, looking down at you and Jai’s locked hand. “likewise”

Brandon then turned his attention towards you “it was really nice seeing you (y/n), and it was nice meeting you too Jai, but we gotta get going.” Brandon spoke, nodding at the two of you before you also muttered out a ‘see ya’ and then turning around and continuing on their way.

You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding and looked at Jai. 

“thank you so much. I’m so-” you started but was cut off by Jai’s lips meeting yours. It took you a second to respond but when you did you got lost in the kiss, your hands tangling in the hair on the back of his head, and his hands laying on my waist.

When we finally pulled apart I rested my forehead against his.

“what was that for?” I asked.

“well, I really wanted too, but also Brandon was looking.”

You just smiled and leaned in and pressed your lips to Jai’s again for a brief little peck.

“I’m glad you did.” you smiled.

Jai slipped his hand back into yours and the two of you headed on your way.


“alright, I just got a text from Kennedy that her and Luke were heading back to our place…” you spoke as you and Jai were walking through a park now.

“do you wanna go back to mine then? my other brother might be there.” Jai spoke.

“I don’t wanna impose.”

“please. I’ve heard the stories, and I’m sure you don’t wanna be there to hear what they’re doing.” Jai laughed, which made you giggle too.

“you’re right.” you smiled, heading out of the park and hailing a cab.


When you woke up in the morning you groaned and turned, facing Jai who had a peaceful grin on his face, who also pulled you in closer.

Last night when you guys got back to his place, his brother Beau and his friend Daniel were there, and the four of you ended up staying up playing fifa for 2 hours. You and Jai on a team against Beau and Daniel, and the boys were all surprised when you were probably the best out of them all.

After fifa, you guys decided to watch a movie, some stupid scary movie you weren’t a fan of. Of course you and Jai were cuddled up together, and Beau and Daniel had what Jai called a baniel moment, when Beau teasily threw his arm around Daniel who cuddled up next to him, mocking you guys.

And then when you guys decided to go to bed, Beau yelled out ‘do you need a condom?’ followed by Daniel yelling ‘I’ve got some, first drawer on the left’ to which you two just laughed.

It was around 4 a.m. by the time you guys had decided to head to bed, and Jai shuffled through his drawers to find a shirt and pants for you to wear. But the shirt was big enough that you just wore that and your panties.

“good morning” he mumbled.

“hi” you smiled, burying your head in his chest.

“I just wanted to let you know that I had a lot of fun last night, and I was wondering if you’d like to go out again sometime?” he asked.

“well considering you’ve already managed to get me into your bed, I’d love to go out again.” you giggled.

“sounds like a great first date.” he laughed, wrapping you up in both his arms now, and pulling you into him, causing you to let out a little giggle.

“i can only imagine what the second one will be like.” you teased.


a/n: okay that was honestly like the shittiest ending and I’m so sorry.

anonymous asked:

dont you have a realistic ryuunosuke tanaka and nishinoya like the others? ur so good at drawing them so i thought why not complete all the karasuno guys right ? haha

Hello Anon (✿◠‿◠)

I will probably draw most of them. But you’ll have to wait till I’m properly satisfied with the result before I post them here (︶ω︶) Be patient my young Padawan.

0n-y0ur-left  asked:

So I'm torn between the "we're the only ones who know wtf is going on in this class" prompt, the "arguing over Hogwarts houses" prompt, and the "I've always come to the cemetery alone" prompt... I'll propose all 3 and let you pick your poison ;)

Hi I apologize in advance because I made this sad.

“so not to be rude or anything but i’ve been coming to this cemetery at this time on this day every week for fucking years and i’ve always been alone up until now seriously what the hell” au

“Hey Buck,” Steve says, setting a daisy down on the grave, then a smoothy, shiny black rock next to it. “March tenth, huh? You would’ve been twenty-eight today.” He sits down next to the plot and pulls off his backpack. “I thought we’d have a little party this year. It’s not often that your birthday falls on a Saturday.”

Saturday was their day, when they’d play as kid, then play as teenagers. After Bucky died, Steve kept coming on Saturdays. Ten years, and he’s only missed his Saturday night with Bucky when he’s been sick, or those horrible weeks when his mother’s health declined, and he couldn’t bear to leave her side. He knew Bucky would understand.

Honestly, Steve knows that if Bucky really saw what he did every Saturday, he’d roll his eyes, and say something sarcastic about Steve needing to find something better to do.

Steve smiles as he pulls out a little plastic-wrapped cake, a candle, two Snickers bars, and a can of Diet Coke. “I didn’t want to bring a sheet cake just for just my…” He pauses, clearing his throat. “So it’s kind of small. Can’t fit twenty-eight candles on here, but the one will do. If you have any complaints, I’ll hear them now.”

He pauses. There’s nothing but the sound of the wind.

“That’s what I thought,” he says, quiet. He unwraps the cake and sticks the candle in it. It takes a few tries to get the old lighter he carries at the bottom of his bag to light — especially because of the wind — but eventually he lights the candle. He clears his throat again, but it doesn’t help. The moment he starts to sing his throat is scratchy, his eyes are wet. “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Buck, happy birthday…” Tears start dripping, and he has to pause and wipe them off. “Happy birthday to you.”

The wind blows and the candle goes out.

“I miss you,” Steve says. “It’s been ten years but I miss you.”

“Maybe it’s because you spend all your Saturday nights here instead of goin’ out, havin’ a life.”

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The Gods of guy-liner (kpop edition)

Ren from Nu'est:

He might be the obvious choice, but can you blame me?

I mean, his eyes are a work of art, aren’t they? …What do you mean no?

I dare you to say no to those heavy-kohled eyes then. I dare you!


Taemin from SHINee:

…Because guy-liner gathers all the pedo-noonas in Taemin’s yard.

And now that Lee Taemin is legal, let’s all fangirl about the exactly right amount of guy-liner that is applied on him, shall we?

Here, fangirl with all your heart, because there are wild hats, great vocals and overall hotness in this era. And guy-liner, of course. Lots of it.


Kikwang from B2ST:

Guy-liner on boys with slightly tanned skin? Yes yes yes!

Guy-liner can almost distract you from the thingie on his ear. Almost.

Forget his abs. Fall in love with his guy-liner.


Jaejoong from JYJ:

His eyes are almost already shaped on their own, but damn…

Pretty hot, huh?

And if you weren’t persuaded already, there! Try to decline anything from the man now…


GD from Big Bang:

Because, how could he not be here?! He’s just not at the top of the list because he could wear anything well and it just isn’t fair.

Because he did it before it was cool (in Korea that is). Hipster GD is hipster.

Because he is Korea’s fashion icon, setting trends instead of following them.

Because he is GD. ‘Nuff said.


Myungsoo from Infinite:

One of the first things I learned about him, were his guy-liner-superpowers. No joke.

He has mastered the art, I tell you.

 Even when discreet, it’s there. And you know it. And you can’t look away. (Those makeup artists know their shit, I tell you)

Guy-liner so fine, you might have forgotten about the weird color of his eyes here. Or not.


Baekhyun from EXO:

Oh God. Make way for the diva. He would have dissed me to no end if I hadn’t included him here. He would have hunted me down and killed me. He would have haunted my family and the generations to come.

He wears it well though, right? Cutie Baekhyunnie~

And it was the first thing you noticed about him, back in Mama era… Right? Right?

Look, it’s art! (the guy-liner, not Baekhyun. Although, now that I think of it…)

Oh, and what thing that I love about him? He’s daring enough to boldly wear red eyeliner. Fearless B, indeed.


Jung Daehyun from B.A.P


Hell yeah~ The guy is fine, and with guy-liner, he’s finer.

Sadness with kohled eyes is always better.

This… Perfection. 

Give me Daehyun with eyeliner and I’ll gladly accept. Hell, give me simply Daehyun and I’ll be in heaven! (if you give me something to shut his mouth with as well…)



Lee Joon from MBLAQ:

Do I need to say more?

I love guy-liner on him, but then again, I just love him. <3

Too. Bloody. Amazing. For. Words.

…What was I talking about again?

…Oh yeah. Guy-liner.

He nails it.


But the kind of them all is none else than…

Jang Keun Suk

He was born with it. He came out of the womb with guy-liner applied.

Hell, probably God created guy-liner just so that he could wear it.

Maybe HE is God? That would explain a lot of things. Like, A LOT.

Jang Keun Suk, everyone!

As long as he (and the other K-hotties) wear guy-liner, the world is safe! 

These Guys - Pierce The Veil and Austin Carlile

Written by Emma.

Chapter One: Maybe They’re Different Here.

Chapter Two: You’ve Got An Admirer.

Chapter Three: I Really Want To Kiss You.

Chapter Four: This Isn’t Fine.

Chapter Five: I’m Sorry.

Chapter Six: Art Buddies.

Chapter Seven: Isn’t The Right Time.

Chapter Eight: Just Some Lyrics.

Chapter Nine: Tonight Was Awesome.

Chapter Ten: Acceptance.

Chapter Eleven: I’m Sorry, Again.

Chapter Twelve: Bulletproof Love.

Chapter Thirteen: I Won’t Be Sleeping Well Tonight.

Chapter Fourteen: Out Of My League.

Chapter Fifteen: Colliding With The Sky.

Chapter Sixteen: I’m Kissing You, My Bestfriend.

Chapter Seventeen: Congratulations.

Chapter Eighteen: It’s All Over My Shirt.

Chapter Nineteen: Everything’s Getting Back On Track.

Chapter Twenty: These Guys.


Bucky: Command is gone. Backup is gone. It’s just us now, Steve–
Steve: Us against him? Be smart, Buck.
Bad Guy: Haaaauur!
Bucky: There’s nothing to be smart about, Steve. If he makes it to the bridge, the whole city falls.
Steve: I’ll stop him. You go back to base.
Bucky: It’s all or nothing, Steve. You remember that time in my gramma Hubbard’s kitchen?
Steve: That pie…?
Bucky: If it wasn’t for both of us, we would have been caught. Instead we got pie.
Steve: Fine, we do it like your grandmother’s kitchen. I’ll go right up the middle, you flank to the left.
Bucky: Fairs fair. You got the shield, I got the arm. Ready?
Steve: Wait–Buck–I’ll always have your back. No matter what.
Bucky: I know, Steve. Me too.
Bad Guy: Rnnngh?
Steve: Over here, punk!

The last time I saw home. Before the fall, death and destruction.

– From Planet Hulk #3 written by Sam Humphries, art by Marc Laming, cooured by Jordan Boyd.

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