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Art Photography by Javier Cortina

@Javier Cortina born 1980 is native from Sant Boi de Llobregat (Spain). Since 2005 working between artistic portrait and fashion photography with several publications and art exhibitions in the European Community.

I enjoy exploring the possibilities that offers the light for convey naturalness, oniric ambient, sensuality and attitude in the characters of the images of my artistic series.

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Selected pieces by Eric Rose Levine - Artist to Watch


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Catherine Balet

From her series Strangers in the Light

Documenting our obsession with technology, Parisian-born photographer Catherine Balet bathes the world in digital light. Inspired by the unusually beautiful sight of a young couple standing in the moonlight one summer evening taking a selfie with a mobile, Balet wanted to experiment with digital lighting to cast a glow on her own photography.

Connecting the ephemeral, vacuous, anonymous nature of an out-of-control digital world with long-lived cultural references, Balet questions how yesterday links into tomorrow.

Strangers in the Light explores the dominance of media screens in contemporary life, from a connected family gathering to an online confessional. Landscapes or interiors, her images also refer to the narcissistic self-awareness expressed on social networks and the new approach to quick, light mobile photography that affects our visual culture. All scenes are lit exclusively with the technological devices, generating a mysterious beauty. Balet casts a fascinated, sometimes ironic, eye on the intricate relationship between man and technology, providing a captivating portrait of our society that hovers between fictional and documentary.

“Lucky 8″ The New Americana chasing after danger. Lucky 7 is now six feet under. 

Photography by: Gabe Tomoiaga