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Disney’s Fine Art Collection- Alice in Wonderland by Jim Salvati 

lazy sunday morning

This is what happens when you tell me my art is rad and I wanna answer with a “rad” drawing. Got a bit carried away but man, I really loved drawing this thing. Super fun. So thanks, snuffysbox!

My TftBl art often has nothing to do with the events of the game : )


You Start to See Stars par Thomas Hawk


Sometimes everything I need is a little break from my own mind.

Doodles I made instinctively at dark times. I’m actually happy with how they turned out.

sabraeal  asked:

I would love, LOVE more mechanic AU

He had taken precious care of the Firebird. Lifted it up from its near-death experience in the back of a junkyard in Santa Fe, where it sat perched on a set of cinderblocks as some old man’s “project car”. He had painstakingly restored nearly every detail, down to refurbishing the Harvest Gold interior and finding an actual knob from 1980 for the stick shift. But the crowning achievement was the gold pinstriped firebird splayed out over the pitch-black hood. It was the last piece he promised himself, the one that said he was done and his baby was no longer dying – but alive.

He loved this car more than he loved himself.

“She’s beautiful.”

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