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Hello! I have a question about how you make your prints! I sell my art too (it's not nearly as brilliant as yours but) and I've been just remaking every watercolor I sell because I've never been able to make a good print. It's really time consuming with school and everything. How do you do your prints and on what kind of paper?? Thanks!!

Hi hi! I get my prints done through a local fine art/specialist printer, who print on a 300gsm archival cotton rag paper (archival = long-lasting).

To expand the process of why though, I’ve got to visit waaay back! Originally I considered making prints from home by investing in a decent printer. But I came across prints of other artists, and the print quality just looked beyond anything I’d ever seen – you couldn’t even tell they were prints! It took some research to figure out HOW, and it lead me to discovering fine art/specialist printers.

I decided that if I were to do prints, I wanted the prints to be special in that they were limited, high quality, the best that I could offer. From this, I decided I wanted to look at a local art printer as that way I could physically visit the store, do quality control and process the prints myself to sign and ship etc. I found a few in my area and got in touch with them. I highly recommend that you visit them physically and talk to them to get to know their production process a bit better, even having a few samples of your work made! Try to establish a relationship with them as early as possible if you can, you never know, they might be the one for you in the long run!

After comparing a few sample printers, I ended up going with the printer that was a bit of a travel, but had a great work flow, ethic and production process that worked well for me. These guys were incredibly passionate about the printing process and oddly just as perfectionist as I was about my work and quality etc, and they were great fun to visit and say hello, so it was easy choosing them to work with. I’ve been working with these printers ever since and I don’t see myself changing anytime soon!

I hope that helps :-)

I am excited to announce that I will be taking print pre-orders for a discounted price starting today for a week!

Fine art giclee’ prints on 100% cotton rag, acid-free paper and archival inks.

Each print will be signed and shipped in a clear sleeve with an acid-free foam core backing.

Direct message me if you are interested in a print that isnt listed in the shop!

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Problem Glyph Giclee Prints are now available on our store, with free domestic shipping!

These are 13 x 19" fine art giclee prints on Epson Velvet Fine Art, which is a 100% cotton fiber paper with an acid-free base. They are extremely plush, the blacks are abyssal and the whites are brilliant. Please keep out of direct sunlight, damp, and away from abrasions to the surface, and your print should last decades at least.