I am opening up handbound sketchbook commissions. Above are examples of books I’ve previously made that are for sale. The images below are examples of cover binding materials to choose from. I currently have WHITE drawing paper, TAN TONED drawing paper, and WATERCOLOR paper, I can work with other paper types if asked. I have genuine LEATHER or genuine RABBIT FURS. If you want something other than that, I can work with synthetic materials too. The books pictured above are 3.5" X 3.5". I can do different sizes by request. MESSAGE ME if you are interested or email me at Heathersemore@yahoo.com for prices and payment info.


The Art of Richard MacDonald 

A series of photos I took using my point-and-shoot camera at the ‘O’ Gallery at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas; MacDonald’s sculptures capture the movement and emotion behind the various performers of Cirque Du Soleil. Check out the work of the artist by clicking the heading above.