Harriet Hosmer (1830-1908)
“Medusa” (c. 1854)
Located in the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

At a time when less than 1% of American women went to college, Hosmer studied anatomy and moved to Rome to study sculpture. In 1858 she established her own sculpture studio in Rome, leading a team of more than twenty men. Hosmer often depicted strong female figures; such as Medusa, who in Greek Mythology was a beautiful woman that was transformed into a Gorgon, a creature with snakes for hair, whose gaze turned those who looked at her to stone. Hosmer’s compassionate rendering shows Medusa’s transformation in progress, snakes intertwined with her lovely hair.

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I have been having a rough and scary time recently. My mom has always been my best friend, my supporter and my anchor. And recently I have been untethered to my anchor. She’s been hospitalized for a couple of weeks. Several times I thought she’d never come home again.

It’s because of my mom havekat exists. She allows me to paint full time. Something she won’t be able to help with for awhile.

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Thank you for all the love, emotional support, financial support and care I have received and continue to receive everyday.