fine and good

i know there are many sides of this but when i hate when people get up-in-arms (and i mean REALLY up-in-arms, hateful) about a close male (specifically) relationship being labeled as a ‘bromance’ and not becoming canon. the two problems i have with that is it insinuates that:

1. they need to be sexually attracted to each other to be that close (friendships can be just as strong/lasting as relationships) 

2. that male friendships in which they can express their feelings candidly, show fondness, and feel comfortable touching each other are invalid.

look. if destiel doesn’t become canon. that’s fine. you know? that’s cool. i mean, just because they both could potentially be happy together, like, romantically and all, that’s fine. i don’t need that. it’s cool. as long as they remain best(est) of friends till the end of their days then that’s fine with me. i just want them to be happy, overall, and if that’s platonic then it’s cool with me. they don’t need to find a different kind of happiness within each other that they both have been pining for, a kind of love that will support and cherish them forever. i mean, it’s really ok. i’m fine. really. 

dean and cas don’t ever have to fall in love.

and i’m okay with that.


good luck to sc shippers/lena fans who have to deal with lena saying that jack is her kryptonite tonight and having kara convince lena to give it another shot with him because we all know she’s a sucker for love between hets being compared to the deadly substance that can kill her

god this show is so dumb

The anger I have about Cambodia is visceral. I’ll remind, we left a school where the billionaire benefactors fired their qualified and dedicated activist admin, decent people actually, who the village loved, and hired the local white Khmer expert, who the village hates, who’s a raging bigot and sexist, to run the school because he would keep “the Cambodians” in line. Not joking. Like if I go back to Siem Reap and I ran into that guy, I think I’d do my best to kill him and sink his body in the Tonle Sap. I cannot go back. We talk about protecting our communities and street work. That’s all fine and good, but we have members of our activist communities (I say this because leftists are a dime a dozen there) who think exploiting East Asian peoples is a thrilling traveler experience. You know all those white yoga women; it’s their paradise. All those white men who dream of dropping out and drinking and fucking their way through life; it’s their destination. And none of them are right wingers to talk to them. They’re all liberals or socialists. I can remember a bunch of tourists in a pool on our last weekend in Cambodia, drunk, and full of appropriative excess, declaring about “the magic” of their surroundings. “Isn’t it magical!” All brought to you by labor they gleefully exploited for their personal pleasure, I suppose. But it’s MAGIC. The Temples. The strange language. The cheap vacation. Forgive me for ranting, but I’m like seriously pissed about this for the rest of my life because it was the first time I really had to come to terms with having to leave, being powerless to help, no matter what I tried. Like having to run away and leave your comrades behind. I will always feel selfish and that I abandoned my neighbors. We could leave. They can’t. But I don’t dwell on it because I was being naive and no matter what I think about it I can’t simply abandon my privilege. I want to dwell on it, but I can’t. It’s overwhelming.



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Hey howdy! I work in a high end department store, your prices are very competitive and you're totally right. I'm sure you don't need to affirmation, you seem to know what you're doing, but yeah dude you're fine. Good on you for seeing this through, on a side note; very inspired :)

thank you! it has taken a lot of time and thought to do this and its a huge investment for me