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That time I took Jer to…Alta CA

because we were meeting late (see backstory below) to figure out his housing/sleeping situation in SF. 

Alta CA remains one of the few late night spots in San Francisco (which includes old timers like Nopa and newbies like Monsieur Benjamin), with a late night menu until 1 AM. I love the open space; if you sit in the back you can look into the pass and see what the kitchen is whipping up. 

We started with my favorite dish on the menu - beef tendon puffs. It is the lightest, crispiest and beefiest chicharron I’ve ever had. Next I had an order of steak tartare. A solid dish, with nice acid from the olives. The pastrami, originated by Alta’s recently departed Executive Chef Yoni Levy, has gotten lots of raves in the city from food critics and wannabe critics alike. Maybe I’m not a pastrami fan, but I just didn’t love it. Maybe it was the grain mustard that rubbed my palate the wrong way. Jer had the burger, which he ate too quickly for me to photograph. Jer loves burgers, as you’ll come to discover if follow this story to its end. 

Those who have followed this blog for a while know I don’t have a sweet tooth. For those who wish I did, well, Jer is your savior. He loves sweets. So we ordered three, count them three, desserts. I think they were the sticky toffee (or possibly the rocky road), lemon tart and chocolate chip cookies. All were quite solid desserts. 

Little did either of us realize at the time what food adventures we were about to go on. This was the first meal of what would turn out to be a number of firsts for Jer and for me as well.

Jer, The Backstory

I had initially agreed to host Jer from lifeinhere for a couple of days as part of his trip through San Francisco, where he would be photographing the city and capturing his experiences. We had a great time exploring the Tenderloin, had lunch at Lers Ros before heading down to the Mission, where we ate some delicious ice cream from Humphrey Slocombe. And that is where we were to part ways. 

But the story didn’t play out that way. Due to various circumstances, mainly related to not getting enough sleep to be able to take photos, our paths would cross again a few weeks later. And that is how I came have a temporary roommate for a couple weeks and partake in a story I never expected to be a part of. I feel I always learn something when my path crosses with someone else’s, regardless of the length of time. These interactions are all meaningful in their own ways, whether they be positive or negative experiences. They’re all valuable in some way.

On a side note, I really believe there are times in life where we all need that little extra push and support to keep on track. If you are able to notice this and more importantly provide that support or find someone who can, that is the best thing you could do for your fellow human being. This isn’t to say you’ll change the course of their history or they won’t achieve their goal without your help; but your help may enable that person to have more resources and strength to face other challenges life may put before them. Do some good. 

Keep altruism alive. randomactsorg


Thero returns with a spectacular remix of The Chainsmokers’ Let You Go, which of course, features swooning crooning by the fellas from Great Good Fine OK. Though tropical as expected, the Florida based producer goes for a sound that’s also very chill and deep on the tune, in effect turning down on the original. The outcome is a highly emotive and magnetizing experience. Thero’s concoction is a nostalgia laden summer balllad, interlaced with 80′s new wave flourish.  

I got my shiny after 1600 something eggs while hatching at lunch and I’m gonna evolve it into a furret after school. His name is cinnamon and he has perfect ivs in hp, attack, defense, special defense and speed which is perfect cause his move sets all attack. And it can be used well for cool and tough contests as well. And ah I’m so happy I was having a bad day yay.

Update** I told this to post 4 hours ago (schools wifi sucks) but he is a furret now and he’s so cute I love him

It is Dan and Phil singing the phantom of the Opera. As I absolutely love both of those things I am dying.

15 Amazing Pieces of Relationship, Self-Esteem and Life Advice Every Girl Needs To Hear

No One Really Cares About Your Mistakes: People are too caught up in their own insecurities to notice other people’s mistakes. No one is going to notice if your eyeliner isn’t quite perfect or if you forgot to shave your legs. No one is going to care that you are having lunch alone or watching a movie by yourself. Remember that one time that you blurted out the wrong thing in front of a zillion people? No one there even remembered it even happened except you (when you play the scene over and over in your head, mortified, late at night when you can’t sleep).

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actuallydivine do not need help

today i talked to my therapist in depth about me being divine, and she assured me again and again that it is safe and actually better for my health, since my divinity has helped me cope with my mental illness.

a delusion is described as “an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite contradicting evidence”

there is no evidence we are not divine, or that this is harmful. it is our own personal religious belief.

stop bullying people because we do not believe the same things as you


check out the lush greenery on the set today