Roman mosaic to be uncovered for second time since discovery

A 1,800-year-old Roman mosaic is to be revealed to the public for the second time since it was discovered 80 years ago.

Archaeologist Sir Mortimer Wheeler made the discovery in the 1930s during a dig on the site of the ancient Roman city of Verulamium, now St Albans.

Following research, it was confirmed that the relic was once the floor of a wealthy Roman’s villa. After it was discovered it was covered back up and left underground at Verulamium Park until the late 1960s, when it was lifted out at the request of St Albans City and District Council in 1968 to mark the opening of the newly-built City Hall theatre.

The artwork measures 3.6 square metres and is made up of hundreds of white, brown and red tiles arranged into shapes and symbols. Read more.

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: Spock’s very conception took 5 years and a team of Vulcan geneticists to achieve and happened not just because his parents wanted a child but to send “an Important Message” to both Vulcan & human societies. And his first independent rebellious act was to join Starfleet instead of attending the Vulcan Science Academy as per his father’s wishes after that illustrious institution condescended to accept him despite the “disadvantage” of having a human mother - a decision that rippled far beyond his family circle as by becoming the first Vulcan in Starfleet Spock voluntarily put himself in the position of “representing” a culture that had never fully accepted him to an organization that for all its high falutin egalitarian ideals “others” him more often than not. AND THEN even after the destruction of Vulcan he ultimately decides - after much angst & introspection - to remain in Starfleet and continue a romantic relationship with a human woman despite the near genocide of his father’s people.

Literally EVERYTHING about Spock’s life has been a priori politicized, even and especially his most “personal” decisions & relationships. He was CREATED a Symbol & never, not for a moment, allowed the illusion that he is or can be “just a person.”

idk man i used 2 write about love being all harsh & all teeth but now with her it’s just. Not That. it’s soft & gentle & overwhelming & passionate & fiery all at the same time but it never hurts, never feels like i’m being destroyed but instead feels like i’m finding a place to call my own at last

it’s falling into bed while kissing and gripping her tighter because i can never have enough of her, it’s her holding my hand and stroking it very lightly when i’m anxious, it’s her never ever tiring of reassuring me, it’s marks on necks & lipstick stains on cheeks, it’s crying in her arms & laughing into her mouth, it’s love it’s love it’s love

idk how 2 explain, u know. it’s Bigger than the movies. it’s so much More. all the poems about god, all the poems about holiness, nothing does this justice. this is bigger and smaller and simpler than that

it’s knowing what to do with my hands. it’s wanting to wake up in the mornings, it’s wanting to get out of bed. it’s wanting her in every sense of the word. it’s a future. it’s wanting a future. it’s feeling like i can trust her. it’s trusting her. it’s trusting her. it’s believing her when she says she loves me. it’s her it’s her it’s her

jean+touch (i’m jerejean trash. part 1 of jean hc here )

  • the trojans are, for the most part, so big on casual physical affection, and that’s the biggest thing jean has trouble adjusting to
  • they’re a very physical team. they don’t fight all the time like the foxes (they don’t fight like that at all) but they’re constantly throwing arms around each others shoulders, or grabbing arms after a joke, or jumping on each other’s backs
  • and aside from the brutal raven training/punishment routine, jean served as riko’s personal punching bag for years
  • it takes a long time for him to feel comfortable enough, to feel like he knows the trojans well enough, that he stops instinctively flinching whenever he sees a hand or arm out of the corner of his eye
  • the trojans learn to make sure jean can see them face-on before they try to touch him
  • not only so he isn’t taken by surprise but also so he has plenty of time to tell them if he’s not in a place to be touched that day
  • at first jean thinks they’re mocking him tbh bc that’s the only reason most of the ravens would do something like that 
  • (how many times has jean drilled don’t be weak, don’t show fear, don’t show weakness, don’t be weak don’t be weak into his own head? how many times has he felt worthless for failing even himself?)
  • so jean is constantly so surprised?? by how much the trojans genuinely care about his comfort?? 
  • like they just started doing this, he never told them he was uncomfortable or that he wanted the chance to say no?? 
  • it genuinely doesn’t occur to jean that his teammates will change their behavior to accommodate him, until the trojans have done this for a few weeks and he knows that they will do this every time they want to interact with him, for as long as he needs it
  • at the raven’s nest he had to change or hide his reactions to riko, and on a logical level jean knew that he wouldn’t be property to the trojans
  • but that doesn’t mean he actually realized that he would have a say in how people treated him, that the trojans would change the way they acted instead of the other way around
  • jeremy esp helps jean start to get used to casual touches

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