hey guys! i updated my art wall with christmas art and gifts from my lovely followers! i love you all and you are all so great! oh and thanks for putting up with all the orange feathers that i was leaving around during OhayoCon! there was a good amount of followers who participated in the game and some random people too! you guys all looked great in your cosplays and i cant wait to see you all again! i miss you already!!!

Acen To DO List:
  • Paint GT John shoes
  • ad blue laces to GT john shoes
  • buy black shirt
  • add terezi symbol to shirt
  • print out more scalemates
  • add scalemates to undies
  • make a fake noose for scalemate plushie
  • buy shutter shades
  • wash Finn shoes
  • get another pair of long white socks
  • finish new Finn hat
  • find white obi
  • add a pocket on Finn’s pack for sword (maybee)

i got a lot to do tonight and tomorrow. wish me luck!