Nothing a little manual labor can't fix...

So after being robbed of peace last night and today, I got home and my landlord’s son-in-law was outside pulling a massive pile of cut trees and yard debris to the side of the road. Perfect! I changed my shirt, got some work gloves, and asked if he’d like a little help. It was just what I needed!

After months of living with a big, bare wall in the living room (wall to the right), we are finally getting some art up and making it feel cozier 🙌🏼 With white walls it can sometimes feel TOO empty and sparse with nothing on them and while we appreciate the minimalist look, it really isn’t for us. We haven’t decided if we want to do a full on frame wall yet, but a few more frames couldn’t hurt, right? 😏 #framewall #livingroom (at Cleveland, Tennessee)

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Super high ceilings do make statement especially in the beach house #interiors #modernism #photoshoot #photographer #exclusiveproperties #decor #elledecor #deco #minimalmood #architecturaldigest #livingroom #architecture #interiors #homestyle #architectureporn #barteknsherman #lifestyle #lux #luxuryproperties

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What would you do?

I’ve been mutuals with a guy from another country. He has always seemed legit enough, but he recently messaged me something which seemed too well written, so I googled it. Turns out he completely plagiarized it from Joel and Victoria Osteen.

I didn’t call him out specifically, but simply replied by saying that I don’t normally like what the Osteens have to say but there was some truth to what he sent me. To which he only said, “Okay.”

He went on to say that he’s here for me, but in our previous interactions he has always wanted me to be transparent, without being transparent himself. It seems like he gets off on advice-giving and playing the part of a wise sage.

It just didn’t sit right with me…

I blocked him.