The nursery upstairs, in Diego’s old room. Leonardo broke his back on this one, it’s his first baby so he’s pretty excited. 

Mostly he’s excited to nap in the rocking chair, pissing Benita off every time her big belly exhausts her and she wants a comfortable place to drop her massive self for an hour. I think he gets some sick amusement from her stomping her foot and yelling at him.

I feel like an idiot because these have sat forgotten in my folder for a while now. Whoops. Third shift is eating my brain.


I decided that I would continue making recolors of some of my favorite underground artists and would love to share it with you. Great art for your Sims 4 house! Adventure Time.

Happy Simming! :}

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Presenting the Mastersuite candles recolorable! It was some trouble but it has been done. A big thank you to Everlasting Garden and PickyPikachu for helping me and to Picky mainly for figuring out what was wrong and fixing it and the footprint for this. ; w ; ( seriously not enough thanks can be given ) The Petals are fully recolorable and the candle still is. They were cloned from the Hurricane candles so they only cost 70 simoleons in build buy and are base game compatible.

do not download from this. download from the reblogged page on this blog.

anonymous asked:

WCIF items from University Life (more specifically most of the build mode stuff - windows, etc) made compatible for base game?

Sorry the late reply. 

I wasn’t able to find the build/buy items.

I only found the CAS Parts. Well some of it. 

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The Old Cod

This is Leonardo and Roggy’s old haunt, the bar they hang out in every spare moment, where they get into trouble every spare moment…

It’s a run down, beat up little place that serves beer and rum, and that’s about the extent of their specialties. Don’t look for girls to hang out here, the only wenches you’ll see are as salty as the ocean itself.

Oh and please don’t antagonize the pirates.

Ft. Rogelio playing darts.

OUAT + Glee Posters

¤ Glee posters are a recolor of the Pop Art picture. I forget which picture the Once Upon A Time posters are recolors of (they’re a basegame mesh, though). But they are standalone recolors.

¤ Credits: OUAT artwork, Warblers, Cheerios, Glee.

¤ TOU: There aren’t any, really. Just don’t re-upload anywhere, please. I’d love to see them in your game, though, so tag screenies with pinkyplumbobs, if you’d like!