More colors for your spas. Given your “lust” for my other colors from Design Seeds, I think I will go ahead and make Kosmik Pastels and Unnaturals for your Berry Spas. 

Like the other post, all four color sets are included in the individual download, so you can pick and choose which ones you want. You don’t need Veranka’s mesh.



Setting Hues

Succulent Hues

Summer Hues

Hotel Folded Bath Towels

Download HERE!

Pragmatic Pile of Plushness

Download HERE!


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Freed & Recolorable Aliens

Request Type: Mesh
Category: Deco Object
Details: The collectible aliens freed from their tanks and made into decorative objects that could be resized and possibly recolored in a small variety of colors. Preferably with their “eyes open” textures if possible so they don’t appear to be dead - perhaps some with eyes closed in case people wanted them for dead specimens? 


Hey everyone! I went on a recolor bonanza of some of the cool Spa Day Items, all of which require Spa Day to be installed! I am a bit woozy due to being up really early and then taking a woozy nap, so there are mistakes everywhere. 😅

So yoga mats, 91 different colors in both the home and the instructor versions. Let’s just say my hands are cramped from typing 182 hex codes into Sims 4 Studio, just for these mats, there is more content coming that I recolored in those same 91 colors today (bringing the total hex code count to 364).

Download HERE! (One giant download of all 22 files)


More color previews HERE and HERE!

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Presenting the Mastersuite candles recolorable! It was some trouble but it has been done. A big thank you to Everlasting Garden and PickyPikachu for helping me and to Picky mainly for figuring out what was wrong and fixing it and the footprint for this. ; w ; ( seriously not enough thanks can be given ) The Petals are fully recolorable and the candle still is. They were cloned from the Hurricane candles so they only cost 70 simoleons in build buy and are base game compatible.

do not download from this. download from the reblogged page on this blog.


Elixirs and Halfway House for Wayward Supernaturals

This lot is base game and supernatural only. I basically took the Elixir lot, expanded it and made it better. There are now two alchemy stations so you don’t have to fight townies for the one. There are three bathrooms, two full bathrooms having been added on the second floor. There are two bedrooms for your sims to crash in after a long night of working on their potion making skills. There is also a dining room, kitchenette, and common room added. Outside I dropped all the supernatural plants and the broom arena. I forgot to add the beekeepers boxes back though, you’ll have to drop them yourself. Oops.

Bigger girth for watching movies

Request Type:
Object Edit
Category: Buy
Details: In the movie hangout stuff pack, I noticed that the sims can only watch movies if they are sitting like right up close to the screen. That’s fine and all, but that means that you can’t have any sims sitting further back like you would in a movie theatre or something like that. They won’t be able to watch the movie, and they will just go about doing something else instead. I would really, really like it if somebody would come up with a modification for this. Just make it so that the movie can be watched by sims who are sitting/standing a little further back. Even if it’s just a few cells like 6, or 7. Thanks a bunch. :)

Have a crappy edit town preview of the house I built for Rogelio, Leonardo’s best friend and partner at work. I’m going to build a row of houses like this, I think, on this street. I like Elba, but the houses leave a lot to be desired and the lots the creator made constantly make sims get stuck. I’m trying to fix it but building is time consuming and I take forever to decorate things because everything has to be just so.