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Hey, do you have suggestions for people from not Interesting Families and Places to have a life a quarter as interesting at yours?

Step The First:  Go Outside

Not to be flippant but if you want to meet interesting people or have interesting experiences, you have to… go out and meet people and go experience things. The good news is that the internet exists and you can find IRL things that are very likely to make you new friends!  

You know that WEIRD thing you like?  No, weirder.  Velvet Worms, maybe, or East Coast Swing or Home Cheese making?  Yeah, that thing. There’s a group out there for it, likely somewhere near you!  Go meet your fellow Weird people, you’ll have a blast.

Don’t have a weird hobby? You can also try your less-weird hobby, like D&D or cooking or w/e (I just suggest the weird one first becuase you’re more likely to meet people you’ll get on with there), OR you can try out something brand new, just for the hell of it.  I got into Scientific Illustration pretty much entirely because I’d never taken a botany or watercolor class in my life and they happened to be on offer at the gardens.

Step The Second: Improv

The first rule of Improv is to never say No.  That just kills the whole scene, then nothing happens.  This is not to say to not stand up for yourself- if you feel uncomfortable in a situation, you can always suggest something else, say you’re not comfortable with that, or straight-up leave.  Your safety always comes first.

But when you meet you new weird people, one of them will suggest Doing A Thing, like, meeting up on Saturday for a movie night, or taking an extra leg of a hike, or starting a community garden. Say yes to a new experience!  It’ll be fun!

But I’m really awkward and don’t know how to make conversation! I hear some of you say.  it’s fine! Nobody else knows what they’re doing either.  As long as you turn up and sound enthusiastic about whatever the event is, they’ll love you.

I met my fiance by agreeing to Go To A Thing- I’d gone to the CSU club fair for shits and giggles, and agreed to go to the Gaming Club’s Movie afterparty, becuase the charming gentleman with the beard wanted to host one.  We were then strategically ditched in a cunning move by Fiance’s BFF, but that’s another story.  The point is, I went to the thing, and now we’ve been together for six years.

Step The Third: Learning how to See

Ok this is really technically Step One, but its also an important part of having an “interesting” life-  learning how to Notice small things and take pleasure in them.

Today was pretty boring, I spent most of it sleeping off Pneumonia, but I pay attentions and fun things happen- There’s a wonderfully Fat Orange crab spider on the porch right now, spinning a most excellent web around the light to catch late-season moths.  When she waddles across the web, her bodacious abdomen waggles like a my grandmother in her bustle, which I saw the third time my parents got married and everyone showed up in their wedding clothes.  She’s delightful and I’ve left the porch light on for her. 

The secret to an interesting life is to make things happen, and even if they don’t remember that life really is a parade around you, and to enjoy it.

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Did Virgil need any special accommodation when he was small? My nephew needs special play pens because of how hard he stims and he needs a special crib because he tries to escape

Thomas: Not really. Virgil’s stim hardly ever was too over the top. He would flap his hands, shake his head or rock himself. One of the only real problems were that sometimes he would do some vocal stimming at night and it would wake up the others, so I had to take him to my room to sleep with me. 

In Response to the Call Out Post of 2017

In regards to tracing the over the original sprites, I’m sorry. I’m tired of watching people fight my battles for me, it feels wrong. Kandace and Zora, again, I’m sorry. The only reason I blocked you both was because I was afraid of you because you do things like this. Just like you did with Tepid. Kandace this downright bullying and you all are adults. One of you wants to be a teacher and this is the kind of example you’re showing? Employers look back on this stuff it’s not hard to find if you do the right digging. Once it’s on the internet it’s there forever. 

As for commissions. I’m not refunding anything. If it wasn’t in the last three months, I won’t do it, it’s as plain and simple as that. And also, it really bugs me that you don’t have proof that you said not to trace it, but it’s obvious that tracing is wrong and I understand. I can draw without the canon base sprites if this will please everyone and stop them from attacking my friends who are sticking up for me. Attack me, but don’t attack my friends, face me. 

So again. Just to recap what I just said, a little tldr if you catch my drift:

- I’m sorry. I won’t trace for commissions, it’s wrong.
- I’m not refunding anything unless it was in the last 3 months.
- If you have a problem with me, say it to my face.

Have a lovely day.

Shout out to all your internet friends who are gone.

Those messenger screen names that haven’t logged on in ages, some before detailed profiles were a thing on those services.

Those emails that are long since abandoned, some with domains that no longer exist.

Those online friends you knew years ago and who then helped shaped you in some way, who you just can’t FIND anymore.

Those people who once were, and hopefully still exist IRL, that seem to have no known internet life anymore.

And those who have actually passed on, and their online lives are now a memorial to them.

I miss you all. I hope life is/was kind to you, and maybe one day, we’ll somehow connect again.

…i couldn’t resist making this haha

Made these based off of some clips from @bext-k‘s roles in The Killing and House of Lies! (Also the extra clip from the beginning was a video I found from here.)

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do you know any good readings on the effects of colonialism on modern concepts of gender? i've seen you talk a lot about this and i'm interested to read more into it

Heterosexualism and the Colonial / Modern Gender System, María Lugones 

Colonial Dependence and Sexual Difference: Reading for Gender in the Writings of Simón Bolívar (1783-1830), Catherine Davies

(you can download those last two articles here if you don’t have access to jstor)

The Coloniality of Gender, Maria Lugones

Romancing the Transgender Native, Evan B. Towle and Lynn M. Morgan

Scientific Racism and the Emergence of the Homosexual Body, Siobhan Somerville

Asexuality as a white supremacist dream (and additional commentary)

The Empire of Sexuality, Joseph Massa

Women and Men, Cloth and Colonization: The Transformation of Production-Distribution Relations among the Baule (Ivory Coast) (Femmes et hommes, pagnes et colonisation: la transformation des relations de production et de distribution chez les Baule de Côte d'Ivoire), Mona Etienne

“Some Could Suckle over Their Shoulder”: Male Travelers, Female Bodies, and the Gendering of Racial Ideology, 1500-1770, Jennifer L. Morgan

White Sexual Imperialism: A Theory of Asian Feminist Jurisprudence, Sunny Woan

The veil or a brother’s life: French manipulations of Muslim women’s images during the Algerian War, 1954–62, Elizabeth Perego

Rethinking Sex-Positivity, Rebecca John

Women of Color Seen As Always Sexually AvailableJaclyn Friedman 


Animatic by Mike Horowitz!

Side project, excerpt from The Adventure Zone Ep 17 (featuring Griffin, Justin, Travis and Clint McElroy).