Some Thoughts to Ponder;

1. Set your priorities, “What am I here for?”
2. Assess yourself, “Am I doing the best that I can?”
3. Know what to sacrifice, “Just for a year or until I am able to graduate, I am willing too…”
4. Manage your time wisely, “How can all of these fit into my schedule for the day?”
5. Obey before you complain, “Are my reasons valid enough not to do this or not to follow that?”
6. There is a time for everything, “Will I study for this subject or just play around?”
7. Always keep a pen and paper, “What are the pertinent information I should be writing or the list for to-do tasks for the day?”
8. Give yourself a reward, “Is this the best time to spend quality time with my friends or loved ones?”
9. You are responsible for yourself, “Will the decisions I make at present help me in becoming the person I want to be someday?”
10. Study hard, have fun, eat plenty, pray a lot, sleep when needed, repeat as necessary.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing, My Pre-Med Course

In April 2014, I graduated and finally received my BS Nursing diploma. In God’s glory and for my parents, humbly I say with latin honors. Other photos that I posted for that momentous event for my Graduation Day can be found here and also for the Vaya Con Dios/Pinning Ceremony, here. Our batch took the board exam in May of the same year and two months after, the results came in and my name was included for the board passers as a Registered Nurse. I was already in Medical School then as a first year student and the good news came from the PRC during our Welcome Freshmen Celebration! I have not blogged nor posted photos about the Thanksgiving party due to the hectic schedule in the school back then, or perhaps because I was still adjusting to the world of Medicine; but my Board Exam story was incorporated for my People of My Year 2014. If you have time and want to know me better, click on the links to see more of RN Diaries. 💕 How about you? What are you studying as of the moment or working perhaps? Share them to me, I want to know you better, too!


How my sister & I spent our holiday last June 15, 2016;. Back to school edition! Woke up early in the morning to help our dear Mama in buying all the things she need in her office. We spent the whole afternoon helping her out and adding some art crafts for her bulletin boards. Yes, I think we got it from her – all stuffs should be properly placed, labeled, color coded & organized. All squeaky clean! Ahh, when I get to back to school, I will miss moments like these. That’s why all the time I have now, I give my all to them. Because our loving family will always do what it takes for each other, even in our own simple ways :)

Not to compare yourself to anyone, we all have our blessings;

Growing up, our parents have taught us not to compare ourselves to anyone nor to even question the fairness of their love for us, their children. And until this day, I tell you, we have always felt equally important and loved to our parents eyes. I remember an incident when I was asked, how come I don’t have a new watch just like my sister that time. I responded with so much respect and grace that it was a gift for her birthday, and I realized my parents gave me the best one as well during my last birthday. You see, it never passed my mind that I was loved less nor compared myself to my sister back then. In my heart, I was happy for her because that was her day; be glad and rejoice for another best year is about to come.

Every day, we see the success, triumph or joy in other people’s lives, not only personally but in social media as well. We witness how they are reunited with their loved ones, when someone graduates or pass the board exams, when someone overcome his struggles in his life or how one person worked hard just to have buy or give back to his family. We see them all and, all that is left to do is not to feel bad for oneself nor mock their sources of happiness. That was their time to celebrate! Don’t we just have to share the same joy with them? Our time to celebrate may have passed or is just about to come, and for sure these people are just as excited and joyful to our successes just we are to theirs. We all have our individual blessings in life. It is just up to us to see and appreciate them, every single day. And, to just be genuinely happy, devoid of bitterness and comparison, for other people, too.

Sharing God’s blessing after the mass just this morning for all the amazing fathers especially to my Daddy-yow! To my first love & our superhero, Happy Father’s Day! Daddy, you make each day special for all of us. I remember you would wake us up with your “kiliti” in the morning for breakfast and check us out for goodnight kisses, before we sleep. Always excited in creating happy memories and spontaneous trips with you. To more & endless over-the-dinner stories! See you in few months! The three of us will “always” make you proud! Sending this to my Handsome Daddy; much love from your Ate Bunso 💓

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I Don’t Need To Be Your Whole World, But I Want To Be Part Of It

I have never thought of true love as someone being there at your side every moment of every day, but being free, and encouraged, to pursue your own passions and to share in the spoils of your triumphs together. If you have to sacrifice some of our time together to acquire your dream job, then go on, good luck, we’ll work around it. You will always have my understanding and support.

I believe of consented confinement — a shared, illogical fear that if we don’t enforce a strict set of restrictions on each other we will inevitably lose one another to something more thrilling. I will never ask you to sacrifice a thing in exchange for my heart. And if you ever feel the need to spread your wings, I will gently let you go. My priority here is our happiness, that’s all. That we both lead vibrant, individually fulfilling lives and achieve and experience all we set out to. Petty possessiveness is a purposeless poison, and I will never allow it to sicken our love or the joys of life available to us.

I promise to always respect your strength enough to know you don’t need me to wage your wars, but should you ever call on me, you can trust that I will be there. And, I promise you will never have to plan in advance or bargain with me just to have a night out with your friends. Your friendships are as integral to the health of your spirit as our love and they will never be put second or made to feel like they are competing with me for the privilege of your company.

Let’s be independent together. Let’s approach our relationship from a place of what we can bring rather than what we can take. Let’s be near each other out of necessity not obligation. Let’s remain together not just because we made a commitment, but because we genuinely choose each other everyday. Our being together is not the end of your story, it is only the beginning of its greatest installment. So go on and write your story. Be the daring, free-spirited, defiant, mischievous creature I first fell in love with.

I don’t need to be your whole world, I just want to share mine with you. 


12 June 2016 | How My High School Friends and I Celebrated Independence Day 🇵🇭

You know how much high school friends mean a lot to all of us. They are more than our friends, they become part of our family already. Almost a decade of friendship with these amazing souls and counting for more! Our high school stories and memories will never get old and we know that each and everytime, we will still laugh all the details we can vividly remember. These people make everything so light and just fun; my memories with them are just priceless.

It is the kind of friendship that is nurturing, very humble, always motivating and supportive, never speaking ill of other people, devoid of criticisms, always the happy one and just spreading the good vibes. And that makes ours lovable, strong and united. They say you become the person based on the people you are surrounded with. I can say that I am more than blessed to have been associated and part of these people’s lives. This summer I was finally reunited with this working girls I have not seen in so many months! I just missed them so much. No matter how many years may pass, we may grow older and gain more experiences, but with our friendship, nothing will surely change. They will be forever constant in my life.


11 June 2016 | Drei’s 24th Birthday at Viet Garden

Photos taken during my good friend’s birthday last night at Viet Garden, Angeles City. We used to celebrate her birthday each year in a villa reservation or house party for two days but this year, she chose to have a birthday dinner with Vietnamese Cuisine with her family, friends and loved ones. Also, a time for our college barkada in Nursing to be reunited again! We waited for our other friends to arrive as well, but they are not in the photos anymore.

I appreciate now how working people, especially in the medical field like nurses or doctors, can balance and make time for work and gatherings like this. One of my friends came early because she needs to leave the party earlier than the rest of us, because of her graveyard duty while others came late because they are from duty. Regardless, I realized that if a person is important and dear to you, people will always make time for that person to feel loved and special, especially during her birthday. Salute to everyone in the healthcare team, especially to my working friends, for the passion in caring and saving lives of patients!

15 May 2016 | Maidens & COMI Reunion

I have been united with these amazing souls since 2006; ten years later, here we are now, still together in the service of God. We started originally as eight members, all of us then were officers, headed by yours truly. Each year, with the help of our beloved parish priest, who became a second father to us all, helped us make our family bigger. Hence, we have younger batch of servants whom we shared the good news with. We were called as Maidens but our parish priest loved and believed that Children of Mary Immaculate suit us better.

From then on, our service to God, from the very first organization we joined continued until now. We may not be in the same organization anymore but, all of us have continued to serve in other mandated organizations in our Church. And I still see and get the know with the younger generations of COMI because I am part of the Lectors-Commentators organization now. I remember just last night, the president of the organization now messaged me asking when was my term of presidency. They are creating this bulletin board with their pictures and names posted on it.

It gives me joy to see how humble these young girls are and how united they are as well in nurturing their chosen organization. Ahh, old days, just like how we are back then. We looked back on how our experiences were back then – our routines for practices, what happens before, during and after the mass, the places we have been to because where the priest goes, there we also are like baptisms, weddings, burials, anniversaries and even high concelebrated mass with the Bishops or Archbishops .

From the innocent young looking girls back then, who are just in their primary school years, we are now all professionally acclaimed graduates and board passers. Some are already working in their field of professions, earning their salaries while some of us, including me, are still studying. We will never forget the people who have guided us to become who we are now. Every now and then, we still meet with our previous parish priests to gain wisdom from them or just to give thanks for all they have done for us.

Even if we see each other often, during mass in our Church. It is still different to spend moments like this outside our community. That day we were all filled with so much joy and happiness both in our stomachs and in our hearts. I thank God for letting me be part of that organization ten years ago. I could not thank Him enough how He blessed me with people (including others who are were not able to come with us), for they have been a part of my life ever since, my friends and sisters at the same time. I look forward to moments like these, always. To another summer getaway, next year? Yes, yes, definitely, YES!

The more one does and sees and feels, the more one is able to do, and the more genuine may be one’s appreciation of fundamental things like home, and love, and understanding companionship.
—  Amelia Earheart
Let Not His World Be Yours As Well;

And, during the times that I choose to spend more times with my friends or my family than be with you, there you are, always willing to wait for me. It is always alright for you to be the last, never asking for attention, never demanding of time. I like the times when I have someone to talk to, willing to listen on how my day went with while giving me a ride back home just to make sure I am safe. I like the times when we stuff our stomachs out not only because of the good meal but good company with plenty of stories as well. I like the times that you suddenly become romantic and full of surprises because I know you are really not that type. I like the times that even if we really not talk with each other, just the mere presence of us sitting next to each other will always be enough. I like the times when we attend mass together and pray for our thanksgiving, forgiveness or petitions. I could not thank God enough for having you in my life. Thank you for letting me be and for giving me the freedom to explore and enjoy the life I want to live, now. Thank you for allowing me to create my own life decisions first and for allowing me to grow independently. Because I know you will always be waiting for me, at the end of this road. See you there :)

Remember Only The Good Times;

As we grow up, our circle of friends gets bigger and bigger. We meet new people, each different and unique from everyone. We start acquaintances to buddies; build new relations and start anew memories. In doing so, we only not welcome new individuals in our life but also keep our inner circle– good friends we had built from our childhood days, from school, organizations, or from the Church community.

No matter how many days, weeks, months or years may pass, even if we get separated due to circumstances along the way, once a friend will always be a friend to me. Nothing will change. I always want to look back during our happy times, countless times. Some might say that we should not look our past anymore and just focus on building memories at present; but, I have this understanding that nothing can be more blissful than looking back on those happy memories created and shared. Ain’t those part when our friendship started?

One thing I learned while growing is to always see the goodness in each of my friends. We may have our differences and individualities but we all share that common ground. The moment our connections met, it only means that our bond can never be dissolved anymore. Another is to forget and forgive the not-so-good experiences and, only remember the good times with them. It is better to have a forgiving heart than a bitter one. And even best, to instill only the good ones to our long term memories and keep our bad ones to our short term bank.

Don’t you think, life is simpler and happier that way? Sharing this thoughts of mine with you because I am grateful this summer I have built and created new memories from my good old friends and found new ones. So today or the next days to come, why don’t we take our time to have a little chit-chat with our long time friend, far away from us or meet some of our friends whom we have not seen in a long time? Just so they know how you cherish them and how important they are to you. Hoping all is well with you!