20 Motivational Thoughts I Learned From Francis Kong;

1. “Critics, skeptics, and negative people are a dime a dozen. The world is too full of them so be an encourager and you become one of the rare jewels in the midst of a negative world. Be a positive person even when many are not.”

2. “This week is going to be very challenging. Here’s what you should do: Get up. Dress up. Show up.“

  3. “Isn’t it wonderful that God has designed for you and me to live one day at a time and not one year at a time? Every day is a new beginning and His mercies are always new. Live each day as if it is the start of the New Year and strive to improve no matter how small it is. Small things will add up to big things one day.”

4. “Good people always bring out the good in other people. Bad people make people miserable. The most important factor here is to stay good and not to be influenced by those that are not. This is where character is tested and built. If you cannot beat them, never join them!”

5. “Manners do matter. Humor is very powerful and charming, but never the green kind because it cheapens and pollutes. Be careful with conversations because what is said and how it is expressed is a revelation and a public display of the speaker’s character.”

6. “Good communication does not only involve what to say but when to say it. You may say the right thing but at a wrong time it will still come out wrong.”

 7. “Be the person God wants you to be. Do the things God wants you to do. Man’s approval is not required—it’s not helpful, and it’s not relevant. Just because everybody is doing it may not mean it’s the right thing to do. Always choose to do what is right.”

8. “Don’t allow your life to be governed by other people’s opinions. You are who you are and who God meant you to be. Their opinions are mere opinions and they do not define you. Do not live your life according to other people’s approval. If it is right, then do it.Not everyone has to like you. Do not hate them. Life is always a matter of taste and standards.”

9. "A very important question we need to ask is this: ‘Who brings out the best in me?’  Another question of similar importance is: ‘Who brings out the worst in me?’And the most important question is, ‘Are we bringing out the best in others?’ We should.” 

  10. "There are things we should remember and things we need to forget. Here’s a very practical advice: Forget it enough to get over it, and remember it enough so it doesn’t happen again.”

  11. "If you want to impress people, talk about your successes, but that does not amount to much. If you want to impact people, talk about your failures, and that is when you contribute.”
12. "There are many times when other people do not understand what you are going through and where you are going. Do not be sad. Do not be angry. The fact is they do not need to because it is not for them. The situation is exclusively for you. Go through it, learn from it, and be wiser and stronger out of it.”

  13. "True love simply means you are not treated as an option. If you keep on holding to this kind of relationship, then you will miss out on the one who should treat you like you are a priority. Relationships should be handled with care and commitment.”

  14. "One advice for the young. Use your eyes, not your phones. Use your lips, not your thumb. The ability to focus and the ability to converse and communicate intelligently will be your competitive edge in the advancement of your career.”
15. "Focus is an important commodity. Make sure your mind does not have too many tabs open. Make it a point this week to periodically disconnect from all your gadgets. Spend time without the digital devices and converse with people. You’ll find that work and life is more than just text and posts.”

16. "When you work hard on something you care about, it no longer becomes work, it is called passion. But when you work on something you care nothing about, then there is a word for that, and it is called stress. Try your best to convert your stress into your passion." 

17. "One thing I have learned in life is this: Success is never easy, and it certainly will not attract the uninterested and it is not reserved for the lazy.”

  18. "The world glorifies wealth and success; God crowns faithfulness. Do not expect God to one day say, "Well done, you’ve left so many things behind.”

  19. "If you want to test a man or a woman, give the person prosperity. If you want to see his or her character, look at what he or she does with power.”

  20. "You can hardly find a successful person today who did not go through failures in the past. Failures are mere tuition one has to pay in order to learn.”