The #findme might be stopped

As some of you know, I have started this project called #findme.

I reblog concert outfits and posters and add #findme with the city hashtag they are going to. I have created a separate page on my blog entirely for this project: #findme

It was going really well in the first few weeks after I launched the project but it kinda died down. Not much people were reblogging my post saying that I’m doing this project. It’s not really big. I’m 100% Taylor Nation and especially taylorswift doesn’t know about this project. I’ve lost motivation. 

I want Swifties to have an amazing time at their concerts, get upgraded seats and maybe meet Taylor, that’s the whole point of this project but.. I really don’t know how to put it in words. This project isn’t out there enough. 

If this is on your dashboard, 60% will scroll pass this

40% will keep reading but only 5% will reblog my posts. If you are those people, thank you so much <3

As much as I want to continue this project, I don’t think I can’t because like what I said, I dont have motivation. If this gets 500 notes, UPDATE: 1000 (no one is reblogging the #findme post when I reblog it I will 100% continue this project

Thank you so much for everyones support <3


HI GUYS!! I’m seeing Taylor July 19th in Chicago at Soldier Field in Section V Row 18 Seat 3 and I AM SO EXCITED. I’ve never been able to see her live before due to expense and timing and wasn’t planning on this year until I made a split decision about a month ago to not give up until I made work for this era. I’m traveling alone to Chicago from St. Paul, Minnesota where I’ll start out dancing on my own but hopefully meet some of you guys along the way :) Feel free to come up and say hi! Thank you so much for welcoming me into this tumblrverse and for the 500 people who follow me whom I love so much. 

My costume started as a plain white dress that I painted with the lyrics from each song on 1989 as well as some to Long Live which is my favorite song of yours. JUST ADDED my purple lights to it so it is officially done! When everything is turned on it will have the rainbow flashing lights and the purple all at once!

Taylor, I remember when my friend made me listen to Tim McGraw all those years ago and I’m so grateful because being apart of your life has made me a better, happier, stronger and more passionate person. Just to be in the same vicinity as you will make my summer and the process of making the outfit and meeting new people on here has been amazing and is all because of you. I love you lots, and I will see you in one week ♥ 

with love, 


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*please reblog guys and if anyone wants me to lok at their outfit I WOULD LOVE TO IT IS SO FUN ♥ 

*photo cred to my friend emma jemma

Meet Sonia!
This 18 years old Swiftie has come a long way before she finally got the tickets to the Taylor Swift concert happening this November 7th in Singapore. Sonia is my friend and she lives in Thailand. Last year she got her tickets to red tour in Bangkok and was so excited for the show she has planned her outfit months in advance and she used all her savings on her costume/poster/ticket but sadly the show had been cancelled (Dream number 1 crushed) and she was depressed. Literally, I no longer saw the happy enthusiastic girl for the following months!

This year when she heard Taylor was coming to Asia, she hoped it would be Bangkok but once again it wasn’t. She asked her parents if they would let her go to either the Singapore or Shanghai show since those were the only Asia shows, but they said no because the cost of everything together is too high, such as concert ticket + hotel stay + plane ticket (Dream number 2 crushed). But she continued convincing her parents, until they finally came around allowing her to the Singapore tour but all the tickets had been sold out and she couldn’t get hold of any. (Dream number 3 crushed).

She later started looking for tickets she could buy from 3rd party and finally she found one through a website for the last rows but the ticket was tripled the actual price (very expensive)! But she bought it with her own money and after the transaction was done it happened to be fraud! Her bank is still trying to recover her money spent. (Dream number 4 crushed).

Finally everything seemed hopeless and it looks like she had to give up but this girl didn’t! She asked around until she finally found someone who originally bought tickets to the show and couldn’t make it and offer to sell it to her for a 100dollars more than the actual price. She was running low on money but she decided to invest one last time on her dreams.

To get that one ticket was such a hard process for her and now that she’s gotten it I asked her why spend so much money and effort on Taylor. She said people can make fun of her all they want and say she’s obsessed with Taylor but she just wants to meet Taylor and thank Taylor for being a part of life. She used to be bullied in the past because she was overweight and had no friends, but she had Taylor. Now she is battling a “not so pretty” illness according to her and Taylor continues to be her constant support.

I know every swiftie knows how significant Taylor is in theirs lives. Would you take a moment to reblog/tweet this to Taylor in hopes to make Sonia’s dreams come true. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I created this tag #helpsoniameetTay - this November, Sonia will be flying to Singapore to attend the first night of the concert for her 19th birthday. taylorswift



 Here it is… my mom and I in our outfits for the concert in Chicago on July 18th! We went to the RED tour together and now we are super excited for 1989! I even made her do the flamingo! my moms adorable(:

My life has changed so much because of the women I call my queen. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned from her and how much I’ve grown because of the golden words she speaks and the masterpieces she sings. I am so happy that I chose the most beautiful -inside and out- person to be my idol. The women with the biggest heart and the smartest mind. 3 years ago, going to her concert was a wild dream of mine but three days before the RED tour I was lucky enough to buy tickets. This time around, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world to win the tickets off the radio. I still have not recovered from either of those days. I haven’t watched ANY videos from this tour except the suprise guests. I am so excited to hear all the speeches and all the songs LIVE for the FIRST TIME!

 Please help me get this to Taylor so we can give her a BIG HUG and tell her how much we love her!!! We will be sitting in Section 114 Row 16 Seats 13+14! Anyone who’s there come and say hi! I CANT WAIT!!! -Elizabeth❤️


My costume is done!

I will be going to the Night 2 DC show on July 14th!!!

Section 111 Row HH Seat 1

Over all, my poster and shirt took about 12-14 hours of work. (My camera can’t pick it up, but the letters on my sign glow in the dark!) Shoutout to my mom for putting up with my trips to Michael’s.

Okay, time for the sappy part.

Taylor, you have helped me so much. I know everybody says that, so I guess I’m not very original. When I was younger, you were my favorite singer, you still are, but back then, it didn’t mean that much to me. But, as I’ve grown, your music has helped me more and more. The bullying and exclusion started in about 3rd grade. I wasn’t as skinny and quiet-spoken as other girls. I always voiced my opinion, which I later found out wasn’t very “lady-like”. But, this year, enough was enough. I had gone too long letting these girls put me down day by day. But, I realized yelling and fighting wasn’t the answer. I realized, that I’ll be off doing amazing fun things, and all they’re ever gonna be is mean. So, I sang that to them at my school’s talent show this year. Funny enough, I got compliments on my performance of “mean” from the same girls who made fun of me.

This year has been especially hard for me. I discovered that all my horrible thoughts and feelings were caused by something called GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder). It didn’t help that my family refused to realize how horribly I was doing. But, because of the new friends I’ve made recently, I got through it. I still have a ton of anxiety problems, but your music and my friends have helped me.

Songs that have helped me the most through hard times (some of these are a bit obscure, but they still helped)
Mean, Never Grow Up, Clean, Teardrops on My Guitar, Bad Blood, Better Than Revenge, Shake It Off, Treacherous, Sad Beautiful Tragic, Dear John, Cold As You, A Place In This World, A Perfectly Good Heart

Thank you for reading this far, and thank you even if you didn’t. I hope you have an enchanted day.

Hey Taylor!

I’m Julia, and I know that there’s hundreds of these long posts out there, but hear me out.

I love you so much. For me, these words are really hard to tell people. I’ve had friends stab me in the back, and I’ve been played by a guy that I thought cared about me. “I love you” is something reserved for my very close friends and family. But Taylor, I love you so much. You have done so much for me. When I was younger, I was a very LOUD child. I would sing all day and night, and eventually my parents figured out that the only way to get me to stop singing, is if I could find somebody to listen to. My sister introduced me to your music and I got hooked. To me, you’ve always been like a friend that I can turn to, if I’m upset about something, or just happy and wanting something to dance to with friends. Your music not only connects with me, but it helps me. Your songs give me so much support, it kills me to know that you help me so much and you don’t even know me. I’ve always been criticized for being who I am, and for being so outspoken, and, well, loud! I’ve had girls snicker at me and exclude me from their lunch table. Believe it or not, being excluded and ignored is even worse then being teased. This past year, I’ve made some really good friends who I can actually rely on and I know won’t hurt me. They’ve helped me so much, that I decided to stand up to those girls who hurt me. But not in a way you would think. I’m a bit scared of telling people negative things to their faces, so in my school’s talent show, I sang “Mean” with my best friend playing guitar on stage with me. I was so nervous I felt like I was going to barf, but once I got out there, I fell in love with the stage, and the crowd. Thank you for being such an inspiration and thank you for giving me the guts to stand up to the girls who made my life hell. You have given me so much and let me know that no matter how much it sees like I’m alone, I never am.


(Ps. I will be at the 1989 concert in National’s Park on July 14th in

Section 111

Row HH

Seat 1

And I am so excited!!!!)

heyyyy taylorswift my name is jasmine and I’m 16 (turning 17 in less than 3 months!!)
I’ve been a swiftie for so long but I never had a chance to go to your tours and concerts and it was always my BIGGEST dream to be that close to you and now my parents made my biggest dream FINALLY come true. They’re paying so much to make this happen and we’re traveling to Canada which is so far from my country in October so I can see you in Toronto and I’m honestly so happy about it. Whenever something makes me sad I always grab my tickets and look at them. They make me smile like an idiot and the thought of seeing you in 101/102 days gives me so much hope and happiness. I literally can’t wait to see you anymore!
P.S. on October 2nd I’ll be in section 130B row 26 seat 1
And on October 3rd I’ll be in section A6 row 10 seat 21
If any swifties from Toronto see this we can meet me in Rogers center!💖
Love you Tayyy!