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Can you give me some long stores about them confessing their feelings for each other and loving each other maybe getting married too .. I just want happy ones pleeeease :D btw I love you blog it's amazing ♥♥

I’m going to try and recommend some that I don’t usually recommend :) hopefully these work out for you (I’ve only included complete fics in this list)!

Come In From the Cold | turtleback

From There to Here | dsfeo78

Thanks for the Memory | loneranger67

The Perfect Storm | futurebwaystar411

Take Your Time | DetectiveMcGeek

Live Laugh Love | MegannRosemary

Battle of the Heart | itsLisey

Heart of Gold | ssa-rtune

The Summer of 2013 | The Light Inside The Darkness

Right here right now | xRizzlesLovex

Remember Me | katierabbit

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Your rec blog is amazing! I come here for my daily fix or Rizzles :) any good one-shot fics with a good love plotline?? Thanks!

Aww awesome! I’m so glad you love it :) so I’ve included a few in this list and they are all good and all 3 Chapters max (short ones):

One More Night | JUJUChick16

It’s What Friends Do | rizzles-4-lyf

Confined Space | Ralieber

Prove It | turtleback

Clearcut Intentions | mochamaker

One Night | turtleback

Mauuuraa | choco-early

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Any fifty shades style? I would like to read one and if there isn't one already, potentially write one.

Here are some (except I wouldn’t go so far as to call the 50 shade style because these aren’t unhealthy relationships, just bondage/bdsm):

Unhinged | looks the same

Whipped | AdmHawthorne

Smut Filled | RizzlesFandom

Cream | MissToastie

Maybe It’s a Lesson | MsCrazyBird


My costume is done!

I will be going to the Night 2 DC show on July 14th!!!

Section 111 Row HH Seat 1

Over all, my poster and shirt took about 12-14 hours of work. (My camera can’t pick it up, but the letters on my sign glow in the dark!) Shoutout to my mom for putting up with my trips to Michael’s.

Okay, time for the sappy part.

Taylor, you have helped me so much. I know everybody says that, so I guess I’m not very original. When I was younger, you were my favorite singer, you still are, but back then, it didn’t mean that much to me. But, as I’ve grown, your music has helped me more and more. The bullying and exclusion started in about 3rd grade. I wasn’t as skinny and quiet-spoken as other girls. I always voiced my opinion, which I later found out wasn’t very “lady-like”. But, this year, enough was enough. I had gone too long letting these girls put me down day by day. But, I realized yelling and fighting wasn’t the answer. I realized, that I’ll be off doing amazing fun things, and all they’re ever gonna be is mean. So, I sang that to them at my school’s talent show this year. Funny enough, I got compliments on my performance of “mean” from the same girls who made fun of me.

This year has been especially hard for me. I discovered that all my horrible thoughts and feelings were caused by something called GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder). It didn’t help that my family refused to realize how horribly I was doing. But, because of the new friends I’ve made recently, I got through it. I still have a ton of anxiety problems, but your music and my friends have helped me.

Songs that have helped me the most through hard times (some of these are a bit obscure, but they still helped)
Mean, Never Grow Up, Clean, Teardrops on My Guitar, Bad Blood, Better Than Revenge, Shake It Off, Treacherous, Sad Beautiful Tragic, Dear John, Cold As You, A Place In This World, A Perfectly Good Heart

Thank you for reading this far, and thank you even if you didn’t. I hope you have an enchanted day.

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Any friends with benefits type?

Friends With Benefits | Faberry-n-Rizzlesgal

Just Like Heaven | DetectiveMcGeek

Come In From the Cold | turtleback

The Commitment | AnExhibition

Double Six | LilyBartAndTheOthers

Jane and Maura | ValaMagic

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Anything where rizzles starts out as secret friends with benefits until one or both realize they want more? (Which of course complicates things)

Here are three that I think qualify as what you’re asking for. I hope you think the same :)

The Commitment | AnExhibition

Slow and Steady | DrKCooper

Come In From the Cold | turtleback

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I know you're with your parents now and i have to wait but i want to ask that is there any fictions written after "i kissed a girl" episode,i looked at the FAQ but i can't find it,thank you anyway have a good day with your parents!

There are a bunch! Here are two links to search results on This way you can look at them all and decide which ones sound interesting to you :)

x | x

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Are their any fics with self harm or disorders?

Yep! Here are some:

Scars | StellaDallas

The Chloe Isles Chronicles | HannahIslesBenson

Gathering Fingers | SleaterKinney

End The Pain | JollyMolly

Just Hold Me And Promise Everything Will Be Fixed | BloodAsMyInk16

Only Paradise | HigherGround2

High School Is Never How You Think It Will Be - Sophomore Year | msweener19

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hi there! first of all, thanks for running a first-rate blog :D Second of all, kinda broad - but do you know of any really good R&I crossovers with other shows??

Aww thanks! And you’re welcome :)

So I’ve only read crossovers with Swan Queen and Calzona. If you want other ships let me know :)

Rizzles/Swan Queen Crossovers:

Love At First Sight According to Maura Isles, MD | Excalibur’s Scabbard

All The World To Me | writetherest

Obvious Surprise | maschines

Shoot Me Down, But I Won’t Fall | emmaswaning

Rizzles/Calzona Crossovers:

Memorial Day Weekend | shallow-seas-we-sail

Lego House | Stessa

Hamilton Gregg Wants to Kill Your Face | MaggieMerc

The #findme might be stopped

As some of you know, I have started this project called #findme.

I reblog concert outfits and posters and add #findme with the city hashtag they are going to. I have created a separate page on my blog entirely for this project: #findme

It was going really well in the first few weeks after I launched the project but it kinda died down. Not much people were reblogging my post saying that I’m doing this project. It’s not really big. I’m 100% Taylor Nation and especially taylorswift doesn’t know about this project. I’ve lost motivation. 

I want Swifties to have an amazing time at their concerts, get upgraded seats and maybe meet Taylor, that’s the whole point of this project but.. I really don’t know how to put it in words. This project isn’t out there enough. 

If this is on your dashboard, 60% will scroll pass this

40% will keep reading but only 5% will reblog my posts. If you are those people, thank you so much <3

As much as I want to continue this project, I don’t think I can’t because like what I said, I dont have motivation. If this gets 500 notes, UPDATE: 1000 (no one is reblogging the #findme post when I reblog it I will 100% continue this project

Thank you so much for everyones support <3


HI GUYS!! I’m seeing Taylor July 19th in Chicago at Soldier Field in Section V Row 18 Seat 3 and I AM SO EXCITED. I’ve never been able to see her live before due to expense and timing and wasn’t planning on this year until I made a split decision about a month ago to not give up until I made work for this era. I’m traveling alone to Chicago from St. Paul, Minnesota where I’ll start out dancing on my own but hopefully meet some of you guys along the way :) Feel free to come up and say hi! Thank you so much for welcoming me into this tumblrverse and for the 500 people who follow me whom I love so much. 

My costume started as a plain white dress that I painted with the lyrics from each song on 1989 as well as some to Long Live which is my favorite song of yours. JUST ADDED my purple lights to it so it is officially done! When everything is turned on it will have the rainbow flashing lights and the purple all at once!

Taylor, I remember when my friend made me listen to Tim McGraw all those years ago and I’m so grateful because being apart of your life has made me a better, happier, stronger and more passionate person. Just to be in the same vicinity as you will make my summer and the process of making the outfit and meeting new people on here has been amazing and is all because of you. I love you lots, and I will see you in one week ♥ 

with love, 


taylorswift sincerityswift saraswiftie96 taylurkinq tree-paine 1989costumes the1989meetups loft89experience

*please reblog guys and if anyone wants me to lok at their outfit I WOULD LOVE TO IT IS SO FUN ♥ 

*photo cred to my friend emma jemma

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Hi, I'm looking for one-shots rated M but like cute ones, that somehow make you happy reading them. Thank you, your blog is great btw :)

Tequila, a Video Camera and Chocolate Syrup | BeForeverYoung

Crazy | BeForeverYoung

It’s What Friends Do | rizzles-4-lyf

Clearcut Intentions | mochamaker

One Night | turtleback

Mauuuraa | choco-early

Bass Isles: Matchmaker | quiethearted

Coffee, Tea or Me? | Coke Cam

Medals of Honor | ThePriceIsMeg

What’s In A Name? | Crackinois

Handcuffs and Photoshoots | sociallyawkwardpenguin

Thanks so much! :)