Hearts Apart

Impatience has gotten ahold of me

I can’t bear it anymore

Am I the only one left?

Where have you gotten off to?

Someplace far?

Foreign country?

Well I called to let you know i’m tired of waiting

Come home please

5/21-truth or truth

Truth or dare
It’s obvious
You pick the easy one
Dare me
Dare me
Is always lots of fun
I dare you kiss me
And you compile
And we both die of laughter
But why can’t you tell me
What’s the matter
Because the truth is real
Below the surface
Where all our demons play
And maybe nows just not the day
To admit what I’ve been feeling
But then again when is
So here’s to that someday
It is

p0stcard-fr0m-hell  asked:

In your opinion, what is the best multi-chap fic you've read so far? I've been out of this fandom for so long and I need something that'll draw me back in. (Also, this new season is greatttttt, but I have no idea what's going on because I haven't been watching for a season or two.)

Well I personally need to be drawn back into the Rizzles ff scene too. Here are a couple multichapter fics that I love that you might have not read:

Rain | Vez87

Dreams In My Head | Ashtreerose

Fall Apart | lespetitesmorts

Exquisite Agony | PantyHamsterJ

Disillusioned | PurpleCardi

Temping Fate | snugglejunkie

Autumn Rotting | SugarKane Montgomery

Falling | turtleback


HI GUYS!! I’m seeing Taylor July 19th in Chicago at Soldier Field in Section V Row 18 Seat 3 and I AM SO EXCITED. I’ve never been able to see her live before due to expense and timing and wasn’t planning on this year until I made a split decision about a month ago to not give up until I made work for this era. I’m traveling alone to Chicago from St. Paul, Minnesota where I’ll start out dancing on my own but hopefully meet some of you guys along the way :) Feel free to come up and say hi! Thank you so much for welcoming me into this tumblrverse and for the 500 people who follow me whom I love so much. 

My costume started as a plain white dress that I painted with the lyrics from each song on 1989 as well as some to Long Live which is my favorite song of yours. JUST ADDED my purple lights to it so it is officially done! When everything is turned on it will have the rainbow flashing lights and the purple all at once!

Taylor, I remember when my friend made me listen to Tim McGraw all those years ago and I’m so grateful because being apart of your life has made me a better, happier, stronger and more passionate person. Just to be in the same vicinity as you will make my summer and the process of making the outfit and meeting new people on here has been amazing and is all because of you. I love you lots, and I will see you in one week ♥ 

with love, 


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*please reblog guys and if anyone wants me to lok at their outfit I WOULD LOVE TO IT IS SO FUN ♥ 

*photo cred to my friend emma jemma

anonymous asked:

Any fifty shades style? I would like to read one and if there isn't one already, potentially write one.

Here are some (except I wouldn’t go so far as to call the 50 shade style because these aren’t unhealthy relationships, just bondage/bdsm):

Unhinged | looks the same

Whipped | AdmHawthorne

Smut Filled | RizzlesFandom

Cream | MissToastie

Maybe It’s a Lesson | MsCrazyBird

anonymous asked:

What are some of the funniest Rizzles fics out there?

Hope you find these funny :)

Pain In The Neck | AnitaPlant

Seasick | Sybilia

It was just a scar | beerchips

Keep the streets empty for me | whotakesthesepictures

Any Other Name for the Rose | performativezippers

Inescapable | goldflecks

You Smell Nice Today | dontmissthis

Looking to the Holidays | BrambleCottage

The Rizzles Trap | Cassie Bones

Another Night at Maura’s | HopAPlane

Surprise | SuperGirl

Freaky Friday | Sydneypress

anonymous asked:

One Jew, two Jew, three Jew four. Now shut the oven door.

Yo yo yothis the way you wanna go?

A rapbattle it is so don’t mess with my flow

Your rhythm’s so shite and your rhyme is poor

Get the fuck off my blog, show yourself to the door

Your antisemitic joke is fun only to you

You thought it would hurt me and yes that is true

The first anon hate to make me shed tears

You’ve pulled out the plug, you’ve awakened my fears -

I don’t say that I’m Jewish to anyone’s face

Because of shit like this due to ethnoreligious race

People think anti semitism is dead?  Well just look at this ask

Finding these on the web’s all too easy a task.

Toddlers like these have no sympathy

Lack understanding of empathy

Don’t understand how they’re meant to be

Just and caring and considerate and kind

And judge someone solely by the beauty of their mind

And kind people like these you can also find

Me for instance, if you take your face outta your behind

I don’t judge for their people,  I judge for the person

And if you don’t do this yourself your character will worsen

I’m worth 100 of you now, I’m braver than 10 o’ you no-faces at least

You could be worth more at your best if you stopped being a beast

This joke isn’t funny, as I think you should know

So why did you go for such a short blow?

If you don’t stop this now, your probelms’ll just get bigger

So step away from the gun, and don’t pull the trigger

Get your mind out the gutter, awaken yourself

And do something positive to improve your mental wealth

Riches in brain are worth more than cash’s physical body

So improve your own, cos at the moment they’re shoddy

(Oh wow, I’m not a ‘greedy Jew’ stereotype!!!1!!

I wonder what else you have missed in your hype?

You want me to ‘return home’ yet you want Israel gone?

Just grow a pair, kid, make your mind up, son.)

Be glad with your lot, fill yourself with less hate

I do hope you read this, cos that would be great

Waiting on my blog, lingering to see me in pain,

You come across this message again and again.

Your anti-Semitic jibe is too poor for rates

Become a better person and maybe you’ll have mates?

I hope that G-d can forgive such a disgrace

I hope you’ve had the trollish smirk wiped from your face

I hope you realise Jews are individual people too

Einstein, Dan Rad, Gershwin, Spielberg, Mendelssohn, the crew

DON’T lump us together in a train again like cattle

Cos we’ll swing back to life with more than intellectual rap battle

Respect them for them kid, respect me for me

Don’t let disdain for a people become your monstrosity

I’m Jewish as fuck and I will stay alive yeah?

Being born a Jew makes you a born survivor!

I spit these rhymes when I’m bored in class

Now here’s your last chance to get your head out your arse

An apology now just won’t be enough

Remorse little better cos I’ve got to be tough

Maybe this Yom Kippur I’ll atone for your sin

But for now just reflect on how beaten you’ve been.

trigger warning anti semitism