I have a headcanon where I decided that Sandy from rotg would have cloud sheep. They make the clouds in the sky because they sleep in little floating clumps and wake up at night so they can help Sandy. Sandy also sleeps on them sometimes and his dreamsand gets caught in their wool. So when they jump over people (or when people are counting sheep) the dreamsand in their wool gets sprinkled over the person so that they get sleepier. Their wool is also made of dreamsand and clouds .

“Carmen noticed one of the stars in the sky, one particularly bright star that looked like the center star on the belt of the constellation Orion. However it became brighter and brighter and soon looked like it was flying closer and closer. Carmen instantly realized that the star was coming straight at her and in shock she jumped out of the way. A little light crashed into the ground with the thud. Carmen slowly came towards the spot where she saw the star fall. The girl hesitantly looked at the ground, stardust scattered the floor like silver glitter. She peered upon the glowing spot, it was a small boy no larger than a fairy.” -When Carmen meets Neo created by Me (findingmyowncenterdrawing)