My dear friend Caitlin was in a bad accident last week and messed up most of her body and sadly lost her foot. Her Mommy went on a magical journey to go get Caitlin her ukulele one of her most prized possessions. This is just a few seconds since the ukulele re met our little song bird’s hands and she started singing! With a metal bar in her arm and just going though a world of pain. This. This is what life is about. Finding so much love and beautiful after life knocks you down hard. This girl is a fighter. This girl is so punk rock. She’s owning the starts of her new life but please send so much love for this girl to heal and get better! Song is a cover of “Disarm you” by Kaskade. Also there is no planing this was fully random that’s why the first part is cut off. And how cute is it that the heart rate monitor keeps going off because the passion is making her heart race!! #ukulele #ukulelecover #amputee #disarmyou #kaskade @kaskade #hospital #startingover #disarmyoucover #flipper #singing #cover #findinglight #somgbird #heartrate survivor (at Dartmouth–Hitchcock Medical Center)

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