Day One: From Los Angeles to Seoul, Yonsei University

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hello~ I’m officially starting my blog series about my life as a study abroad student at Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea! 

So we had a midnight flight, it was strange eating “dinner” at 3am (Los Angeles time) and then breakfast at 3am (Seoul time). I chose beef stew and pancakes. Gotta have that last American food. 

There was this cute little girl sitting next to me, but AH WHYYY?? She kept putting her head on the armrest and using it as a leverage to sleep cutting into my already tiny seat space :< QQ but I let her be. I just slept weirdly, tilted on the other side. Okay at this point I’d like to say sorry for being incoherent because I am dead tired. Long day, as you can continue to read on about! Anywho, we arrived at 5am, and took the airport limo/bus to the dorms (₩10,000). We got dropped off at the bus station nearby, but we had sooo many people on the same flight it took the driver a while to get out everyone’s luggage. He was holding up an entire bus lane of traffic and the other drivers were honking at him. Made me feel bad yo. After going up to SK Global the hardest way we could possibly go (up a mountain and more mountains and hills with more luggage), we arrived exhausted, sweaty and gross at our dorms. 

Check in wasn’t bad at all, pretty simple overall. We had to go get our own bed linens downstairs. In my opinion they’re a little bit gross. You can see stains on them… and yeah, it’s just kinda gross. Luckily though, my room was very clean. I heard from the other rooms that theirs were still dirty. 

I connected then showered, set up my laptop for internet and then off we went. I ended up going downstairs to the GS25, and lo and behold the first thing I bought was 
banana milk (₩1,200). so very me. I would. And I did. Sorry I was too excited to drink it before I could take a pretty picture so you’ll have to do with the empty bottle. AND THE PLASTIC BOTTLE ONES JUST TASTE BETTER THAN THE CARTON ONES, IT’S NOT THE SAME.

Anyways, off we went to eat and to explore.

We crossed over a bridge.

Went through a very graffitied overpass(?) 

Then we ended up eating lunch at Food Cafe. 
omurice, soondubu, and kogi mandu (4 people; ₩3,000)

Walked around. Did some shopping. Bought the cutest Ponyo planner ever and a birthday card for my mom. (₩12,500). The lady at the shop was sooo nice. Since we’d been walking around all day, we decided to cool down with some patbingsoo. 
3 people; ₩2,000. It was freaken delicious. 

We walked back to the dorms and decided to take a shortcut that we saw earlier. Lots of graffiti again, very cool~

When we got back to the dorms I finally got to meet (for the first time) my friend Grace! It’s complicated…

AND CHECK OUT THESE WATERMELONS. This was a picture for my mom LOL but I’ll share it here. Look how perfect and green they are. It’s just not like that back home. 

Then we went out AGAIN to go eat some dinner. We ate street food! 
ddeokbeokki, twiggeum and soondaebeokkeum.*sp (3 people; ₩3,000)

Then we came back to the dorms and here I am, so so tired. We were going to go out again, but I think most of us are dead so it’s time to sleep. WOOOOO sleeping at 9:30pm I love it. 


Day Two: Orientation and more Yonsei, University Road, 63 Building and Contact

Friday, June 28, 2013 

Today I woke up at around 7:30 and couldn’t quite go back to sleep. I think it might have been the jet lag, but I moped around until about 8:30 and then I started getting ready for Orientation. Overall it was a bit boring, but still informative and they provided folder with useful pamphlets and handbooks inside. This one guy in charge of IYC (International Yonsei Club?) kept mentioning drinking when he was up at the podium. “We go have a party, and drink. We also go out and do friendship activities, and drink. We make international foods and sell it to Yonsei students and then split the profit, so we go drink. It was funny.

After orientation we went to go check out the bookstore but we were so lost like wat so we just left. 

Then we went to the cafeteria to eat. I got a __ __ 메밀? I will try to remember to edit in the correct name later. It was sort of like naengmyeon, but more sweet than sour. It was cold buckwheat noodles.

After that we went back to the our dorms, but not before exploring just a bit more and being touristy. Check out the famous Yonsei building~


Then after we rested in our dorms for a bit, we went out to University Road. We stopped by the same bank/bookstore area we were before. Cathy tried to make a bank account but they rejected her app for now because they wanted to wait for her passport to clear or something (3 days). This is the same for me when I tried to go get a SIM card… but somehow I managed to open a bank account so idk O_O I also mailed a birthday card back home to my mommy with some help from Grace. It was ₩610 plus ₩50 for envelope = ₩670. SO CHEAPPPP. Idk how long it’ll take but THAT IS SOOOO CHEAP. There’s sooooo much stuff over there, much more than yesterday. Check out my icecream waffle with apple syrup. It was tasty~

₩500; 2 people, price split up unevenly. Total was ₩1,500 for one.

We just walked around a bit looking for ethernet cables and converters that some people needed for their rooms. We walked back, and then after a while we walked back out AGAIN (cries it was a long day.) with our destination in mind, the 63 building. In the escalator on the subway guess who I saw a humongous ad for? EXO! bbs ;___; I couldn’t get a good picture but this will do ;___; 

YEAHHHHH. ok anyways, we got to figure out how to use our T-Money cards, ahh so convenient. Sadly I can’t just stick it on there with my phone case and the room key. It needs to be just the single card to scan in and out :< oh wells. We went from Sinchon > Dangsan > transfer to line 9 Yeouido, then we crossed a huge street in the last ~10 seconds. LOL people were probably like… those stupid foreigners. Cos we were already standing there before the light changed since we were trying to figure out where to go. Thennnnn after we crossed the street we looked for the bus stop and found it, bus 62. Then we were on our way to the 63 Building. We ate at the food court there and I got kalguksu (₩7,000), aka knife cut noodles I believe. It was alright. And a bit pricy. And it was hot af in there and hot noodles did not help. And I was a lot hungrier than I thought cos I finished my noodles. 

Then we finally went up to the top of the 63 Building. ₩11,000 for foreigners. I took soooo many pictures, but none of them are superbly perfect because I took it from a phone. But I tried my best! Here’s a couple~ 

I took way more pictures than was necessary. I love, love, LOVE nighttime cityscape, it’s so so pretty. I could watch the cars go by and the the lights blinking forever. I get the same way when I’m at an aquarium with a large tank of tropical fish and at the beach. SO PRETTY. 

Then we came back to our dorms, practically dead. Hannah had a cake that her uncle gave to her, so she brought it down so we could eat it together. 

It was from Paris Baguette and pretty good. We had to make 2 spoons useful to 7 people. 

Then we went back to I-House lobby to play Contact. It was a pretty fun game once I got the hang of it. We got shushed and told that we should move to B3 to hang out and talk because we were too loud and got a noise complaint. The ahjussi was really nice about it though~ 
At this point I decided I wanted to go back up to my room for a bit OR just leave entirely but I wasn’t sure yet. When I got to my room I was sure. I stayed back and took a shower and stuff. Grace isn’t here so it’s nice to be totally private since I’m not used to having a roommate! But I love Grace (I LOVE YOU OKAY~~~) And now it’s 2:50am and I just finished blogging. 

Okay, I’m tired. Good night. 

So these are the classes I’m taking this summer at Yonsei! Hehehehe I’m practically giddy rn. 

The email was such a lie tho. They were saying Yonsei’s registration site only works on PC on IE. PSHHHH. Well I had a PC just in case. It worked fine on my Mac! But I did use an user agent switcher to make my browser appear as IE. 

Is anyone else taking these classes? /looking at you guys on the yonsei tag


Day Four: Shopping and some street food in Myeongdong and N Seoul/Namsan Tower

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Okay so we ended up NOT going to Lotte World today. I apparently checked out yesterday when we were talking about it on the way back on the subway yesterday lol. Today we went to Myeongdong and the Namsam/N Seoul Tower! 

I ran out of bread since I ate my last half yesterday ): So I didn’t have anything to eat this morning and I was lonely QQ. But Jasmine ended up going down to the GS25 with my to buy some foods :3 I got a tuna and mayo onigiri and some strawberry milk. The strawberry milk was good… but MAN dat banana milk, I just can’t get over it.
tuna and mayo 800 + strawberry milk 1,200 = ₩2,000

Then we were on our way to Myeongdong! We got there by Sinchon > Dongdaemun Stadium > transfer to Myeongdong. Here are some pics:

There was also this awesome guy who makes dragon whisker candy! I saw him the last time I was here and I just had to go back again hehe

When we told him we were from the US he made some of the candy fresh in front of us and gave us some samples! Love that guy kekeke. ₩5,000 for almond-filled dragon whisker candy.

Then we went shopping a bit and I saw the most hilarious face mask packs EVER

It’s PSY! kekekeke. Oh oh oh there was this one shop that had two robots in hanbok and then they bowed to you and stuff. I don’t have a picture of it tho OTL but it was kind of scary. They like turned and bowed to you lol. After that, we got some ddong bbang! AKA POOP BREAD! 

It was actually quite delicious. The inside was a bit chewy… almost like mochi, along with sweet red bean paste and the outside was crispy/crunchy. The lady gave me a sample to try cos I was looking at it LOL. Then three of us bought one bag to share and she gave us a couple more as serviceu~~~ ₩1,000 (split by 3 people)

We were getting hungry for lunch so we decided to get some street food! I got my beloved odeng because I love odeng so much okay YOU DON’T UNDERSTANDDDDDDD. THAT FRIED FISHCAKE, THAT BROTH, UGHHHHH. I was tempted to get all of it, it all looks so good ;___; Here’s some pics so you can cry too:

We had really big ice creams too! I’m blurring out my face because YEAH

LOOK HOW TALL THAT IS! WHY DON’T THEY DO THIS BACK HOMEEEE? I got a strawberry + yogurt combo! This beautiful thing was ₩2,000. Totally worth it. Tastes good, is kinda novel, IS ICE CREAM. /sobs. 

We went in and out of multiple stores, and I decided on getting these things, here’s my haul for today:

Dress ₩15,000, Etude House Line Remover Stick (corrects eye smudges) ₩6,000, Etude House Cleansing Serum ₩8,000, and bunch of samples. We got a Skin79 face mask pack sample. There was a lady outside pushing us to go in and saying we could get a sample even if we didn’t buy anything, just go in. And so we did just that… go in… look around a bit and then leave. BUT THEN THE LADIES INSIDE WERE LIKE PISSED. They were all ‘you didn’t even look around! you didn’t even try anything on! what is this?’ but it’s like… yo… I wasn’t going to buy anything anyways. This Korean culture I understand but don’t understand. Or maybe there was a miscommunication, cos the lady outside smiled and thanked us when we left. 

Then we had to start heading back because Sally needed to register for her classes for fall semester! I got more street food at the subway… ok…. I am here to eat. Who cares about kpop stars LMFAO. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE FOOD YO. I shared with Hannah and we got these corn bread things. Not cornbread, but corn-shaped custard-filled breads. I don’t know if you guys can see, but they’re shaped like ears of corn!

₩2,000 (split between 2 people, total 3,000. I owed Hannah form yestd)
They were really good and nice and hot and sweet and yummy and nomnomnomnom.

There was a Daehyun B.A.P poster? (it was more like an ad space!) I tried to take a quick picture but it came out blurry so I’ll try to upload it another time. We see it a lot apparently. O_O 

Then we met up again at 5:30 to go to Namsan / N Seoul Tower! We took the subway back to Myeongdong, and then took the Namsan bus tour to get to the tower~ It was a really long ride… like half an hour? And then we had to climb this big ass mountain hill. But it wasn’t that long so  it wasn’t so bad. I remember last time I came with the KEP group we trekked up a mountain. Like legitly OTL So it wasn’t so bad this time at all! Ohhhhh I also think I’m finally getting used to Korean summer weather. It wasn’t sooooo bad today. But I don’t know if it’s because I finally got to wear shorts today. I’ve been wearing jeans and it’s hot as a  beepbeepbeeepbeeeeeeeep >____< But anyways, today I stepped out and I was like 'wow, this feels kinda nice.’ Anywayssss, here’s a view of Namsan Tower! CHECK IT OUT I GOT DECENT PICS I THINK, I THINK. 

See, not bad right? I also ordered a jjajangmyeon today! Mmmm it was pretty good. And I got like 5 shrimp in mine. Apparently today my bowl of food was super special. Everyone else got like one or two. 

It came with a little quail egg on the top! hehe it was so cute~ ₩7,000. A bit pricy, but this was at Namsan Tower, so what do ya expect~? By the time we came out, it was dark, so we get to see cityscape and pretty lights YET AGAIN! 

and here’s a pic of the locks inside the heart sculpture! 

Then I got….. more….. ice cream OTL I got Coldstones… I got a coffee cone with oreos and cheesecake bits. 
₩5,300 I will never do this again. But it just smelled so good ;;; 

Down on the viewing decks downstairs, there were lock trees? Yeah, lock trees. 

And guess who owns or at least has a big part of this tourist attraction?

CJ AND MNET HOLLAAAAAAA. Mnet and/or CJ please hire me. You will not regret it, thank you! Keke. 

After then, it was about 9:30, so we decided to head back since we didn’t know what time the buses stopped. We sure didn’t want to be stranded over there! But I kind of wish we went up the tower ): I didn’t get to go up last time as well, but it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe I’ll go back again and finally go up in the tower! ^^
On the way back we took a different bus since it was already there and about to leave. We got off a stop too late/too early. The one right in the middle OTL We ended up near the orange line like wat. We were lost but not really, we just had to walk a lot. Aigoo. AND AND ON TOP OF THAT I LOST MY GLASSES ㅠㅠㅠㅠ They were in my pocket and I think they slid out while I was sitting on the bus and I didn’t notice until I got off ): Heol. So tmrw Grace is graciously~ going with me to help me get a new pair of glasses. I need them badly or else I’m pretty sure I will fail my classes. OTL. I hope they have prescription lenses because I have astigmatism and my eyes are funky.. yeah. HUHUHUHU I am really mad at myself. I really liked those glasses. Also they were kind of expensive )))): I liked them, I LIKED THEM )))))):

Well I got back and showered, AND GRACE FINALLY CAME HOME <3333 She came in right when I was starting my shower routine tho lmao OTL I AM SO DA AWKWARD I’M SORRY. I’m skyping with my mom and Grace is sleeping since she has orientation tmrw. I get to sleep in tho, yay! I don’t have any responsibilities until 5 heh. 

Well it’s 2:45am right now so I should go to sleep soon! Until tmrw guise!