findinganewweigh-blog  asked:

Happy happy happy birthdaaaaay!!! You are a fabulous person who has brightened my days time and again with your uplifting, supportive comments. You are well loved and appreciated here in Tumblr world - and obviously outside too. ;) enjoy the crap outta your day, Sarah!! <3

Oh wow! Thank you so much for this sweet message. :) I’ve enjoyed a great deal of support from you as well, m'dear. Love my Tumblr friends!

Thanks again Val! You’re the best. :)

(Oh, and if by “enjoy the crap outta your day” you really meant “eat lot’s of CRAP FOOD today,” I’m totally gonna follow that advice. *bwahahaha* Mexican for lunch, Japanese Hibachi for dinner…and heartburn at Zumba tomorrow. *bleh*)