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What kind of girls do you think the boys like?

Noctis: Growing up in a royal castle would make you think he’d want a real life princess as a girlfriend, but it’s more of the opposite. He’d been closed off away from girls for so long, he’d find himself crushing on a girl that would give him any type of attention. The only thing he looked out for was a friendly attitude; he didn’t want someone who would disrespect his family name and embarrass the hell out of him. He liked girls with long hair and cute smiles - he has a thing for playing with hair and twirling the strands with his fingers. Noctis was basically easy to please, really anyone who got along with his friends and family was good enough for him. If she could put up with his constant napping and sarcastic remarks, that was even better.

Prompto: He’s more of a personality over looks kinda guy. He likes girls that remind him of himself – spunky, energetic, has a terrible sense of humor. He wants to be able to tell a corny joke and have her laugh at it for a few minutes then bring it up hours later to remind him how stupid it was. He’ll also want to make sure she can hold a deep conversation where he can talk to her about anything and everything without having to worry about him being judged – he wants to make sure the trust will always be there. But at the end of the day, all he wants is to be able to call her his best friend. (Bonus: she has matching blonde hair so he can go around and shout “TWINS” all day to piss her off)

Gladiolus: He liked his women bold and confident. He wants her to be able to walk around the house in nothing but one of his t-shirts, yet go out looking like a solid ten. He likes a girl who knows how to have fun, whether it be with friends or not because who doesn’t love a social butterfly? Gladiolus is a beer guy; it definitely isn’t a necessity for her to be a drinker, but kicking back in a lawn chair outside with some sort of drink in her hand is something he would like – it was his favorite thing to do. Of course, he’d like someone who could keep up with his hormones too (which seemed to be more on the frequent side). Gladiolus liked to get a piece of tail every now and then, so he would damn hope she would too.

Ignis: He preferred the quiet, shy type who would rather bury her nose in a book than go out to a nightclub and get drunk (but of course he didn’t mind if she did that once in a while). Ignis wasn’t picky, but he fancied women that had a pair of glasses – it gave off a rather intelligent look on the mature side. He’d most likely want a girl that took care of herself, knew what she wanted to do with her life, etc. Intelligence was really the most important thing to him – he’d like to share his knowledge with her as the two of them would sit nicely at the dinner table, share life experiences and talk about how their days went. He usually doesn’t ask for much, but as a rabid coffee drinker like himself, he would prefer someone who knew how to make a hot cup of coffee just the way he liked it.

Arrow Movie AU Challenge: Week 5- Action movies

After Seeing that the White House has been assaulted and taken over by Terrorist. Oliver Queen Ex-Special Forces Soldier and Former Head of The U.S Secret Service for the first family has a new mission to find and save the President Damien Darhk and his daughter Felicity Dahrk..who also happens to be his girlfriend for the past 6 months.

Does anyone know anything about picking up girls at the museum? Like, hypothetically.


lia: of course you do, everyone has a type.
naia: we’ll introduce you to him.
tyran: um, okay…
lia: he’s in my english class. i’ll try to find out if he has a girlfriend.
tyran: guys wait… listen you don’t need to set me up with someone…
naia: i mean we’re not going to force you to date him, you just have to meet him.
lia: oh yeah of course, if you don’t like him we won’t make you go on a date with him or anything.
naia: but we think you will.
tyran: well, okay…

I used to get sad and depressed when I would see that an ex of mine has yet another girlfriend.
I believe myself to be incredibly easily replaceable.
I still believe this, but I am not longer concerned with finding someone or something. Going out of my way to try to find someone “to love me”. That’s ridiculous. I want to enjoy life and all it has to offer, not be constantly searching that may just not offer itself to me right now. And that’s okay

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I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, but in your Nepalese dog post, you made a rude comment that perpetuated the stereotype of Chinese people eating dogs. I just wanted to let you know that this is something that people can find offensive. Please don't write this in the future. Thanks for listening :)


I think I need to clarify myself. I’ve received multiple hate anons including death threats and this is really getting out of hand. When I said “Someone tell China!” I meant it as “Someone tell the Chinese government!”

My girlfriend studies Chinese. I’ve been to China myself two times, I love the country and I love the people! I definitely do not believe all Chinese people eat dog meat, and I know many Chinese people are protesting the festival as well. I know a woman saved 100 dogs. I also know that a group of Chinese pole dancers reenacted pictures of the festival. I know there are many Chinese people out there who care. But the government doesn’t. The government disapproves, but there are no laws against it.

But - I also understand that my comment has been perceived as racist.

I’m very sorry, I will change the subtext immediately.

Thank you for your polite message, I hope you have a great day!

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How do you see your ideal future?

Interesting question, thank you for it! My reply may prove lengthy.

I’m currently 20 years old, to give a good answer, let’s speak about this year & next year.. I’ll do a summary for the big picture & not just a couple years at the bottom.

20 - This year has been rough for me, broke up with my girlfriend & now we no longer converse with one another. Honestly I want the future of this year to go like this - Finally put to rest the pain of that, maybe finding someone else to connect deeply with would prove wise but this should come out of a place of want & not need. Be successful in my new job that will finish in October, be able to balance it with training. Lean down, get myself some defined abs & reach 150 KG Squat. Doing a work placement at GAME would be incredible & that goes for future years. Get my neck tattooed with a quote to represent my passion for training. Meet a girl locally who loves training/lifting. Get back into video games. Fix the gap in my teeth.

21 - Finally meet my Scottish friend who I’ve known online for 8 years. If I haven’t done it when I’m 20 I would love to take some one on one kick boxing lessons! Travel to the Lake District with my best friend. Attend Download 2016. Work at GAME. Board a plane to see any one of my online friends. Cosplaying as Cloud Strife would be rather awesome at EuroGamer!

The grand future - 25+ I will be in a open relationship with someone. I will have traveled to Korea, Japan, Sweden & other places to see my best friends & adventure. Be proficient in Kickboxing. Work at GAME or be a Gym Instructor/Personal Trainer. Be surrounded with more gaming & lifting friends. Fuck a lot of big big booty ladies! Have my own place & Dog. Gain a larger internet following to connect with more people globally! Reach my aesthetic & strength goals. 

Think that’s it really! Thank you for the question!

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Hi xo, so lately lots of my girlfriends have been getting boyfriends but I'm still alone. Boys just don't seem to get me at all. It's not like I'm desperate for love. I'm just asking myself if there's really somebody who likes me, has the same interests and understands me truely or is this all just a dream guy expectation? What do u think?

I think you just need to learn to let it not worry you!! there is someone out there it’s just a matter of finding them, and that may take a while but you’ll be happy when you’ve found them!! hope this helped💛😸

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Secret: I've never been in a relationship my whole life, and it makes me feel shitty because it makes me think "what's wring with me?" am I not good looking enough? Is my personality super shitty? I'm always that friend that gives relationships advice and has never been in one. And don't get me wrong I have a lot of confidence and self esteem because I'm comfy with myself. It just makes me think. And no one knows I feel like this.

I’m actually the exact same friend you’re describing. I give everyone advice but I never go out and find someone for me. And I don’t feel bad. I know it’s been 20 years almost 21 for me being a virgin and never having a boyfriend and not having a girlfriend since I was 13, but does that even count? As long as I can help my friends be happy, that’s the temporary happiness that I would want instead of thinking what’s wrong with me. I hope one day you will see that too and that you are good enough. You are more than good enough

cool fact for funky people:

if you act like you’re progressive and are white, but you act like people can’t change (like saying you think taylor swift would be a bad mom for her older songs), and constantly say you’re “sassy” and compare black artists to your drunk friends, while never ever dreaming of checking your actions because “hey, your parents were feminists and activists, right?”, and you’ve been on protests and smoke a lot of weed so you can’t have bullshit ideas right? you’re probably only doing it to feel superior.

And no, it doesn’t change anything if you collect oppressed “friends” to constantly leer all over them, or immediately change your opinion of someone because you find out they’re not cis or straight, particularly if you yourself are one or both of those things. Particularly when you look the other way when the resident benedict cumberbatch-lookalike has a girlfriend below the age of consent because “she’s really mature for her age”.

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I feel so crap right now...I realized my past 2 serious realtionships have both been with girls, and they both left me for someone else. The first one I found out had basically cheated on me, the second one left me for one of my best friends and I know I shouldn't feel like this, or say this but I really don't think I'll ever be with "my soul mate". Ever since my last girlfriend broke up with me my mental health has gone down drastically and I hate it...Help? -JJ

Hi love,

I know you’re not going to believe me here, but you’re too young to give up on finding the right person because that person is out there. The two girls you’ve been in a relationship with has brought you closer to finding the person you’re meant to be with. You will eventually find that person, love. Don’t give up on yourself already. There’s so much time left ahead of you to find them. If your mental health is dwindling too much, you should consider seeing a professional to help you through it. Whatever you’re going through, you shouldn’t have to do it all on your own.


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I liked this pisces guy but he got a girlfriend and now he ignores me. We were close friends before he got a girlfriend but now he never tries to talk to me?

Okay so like this has happened to my friends 1000 times before and it either comes down to they kinda like but now that they’re with someone else they feel bad so they avoid you OR they know you like them and avoid you because they have a girlfriend and it’s awkward OR they are just hella wrapped up in their new relationship.

I don’t know which it is and I don’t want to get your hopes up so best bet is to just confront him and find out but it could literally be anything like if you’re a girl maybe his girlfriend feels threatened by how close you are and asked him to keep his distance idk so you have to ask and find out but I have faith in you honey, maybe this Pisces isn’t for you but there is plenty more fish in the sea!

(I fucking hate myself for that ew)

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Every. Single. Fucking. Guy. I talk to ends up having a thing with another girl or has a gf and is always leading me on. Im tired of it. Every time i end up falling for someone i find out he has someone else. Why do u frikkin talk to me like that if ur not single. Its not fair. I am so over trying to date or getting to know anyone cuz it ALWAYS turns out this way. Im never good enough. This is why i mever trust guys and why im scared of relationships. UGH. -forever alone

[2/3] I honestly just want to be single forever i dont care anymore. I have always had personal reasons for not trusting anyone and each time this happens it gives me more reason not to trust anyone. I dont need anyone. I am fine all by myself. Fuck boys. -forever alone 

 [3/3] Rambling afterthoughts: I literally feel like I am just every guys awkward girl friend that they sorta talk to while theyre between gfs or “off” their on and off gf. Like no one ever gets serious with me or cares to stay friends with me while theyre “taken” 😔💔 -forever alone


Hi lovely,

First off, I am so incredibly sorry this has happened to you multiple times. I know what it feels like from personal experience, and it’s a horrible feeling. What these boys have done to you is completely unfair. You deserve a relationship in which your partner is solely dedicated to you (if that is what you want), and you will be happy. These partners obviously did not fit that requirement. Here is a link that explains how to cope with a breakup that may e useful. It explains the different stages of emotion and how to cope with all of it.

Sometimes after multiple bad experiences, it actually is better to be alone for a while. It gives you time to focus on making yourself happy and catering to your own needs. So go watch that movie you’ve been dying to see, read your favourite book that always cheers  you up, cook your favourite meal, take a bubble bath… etc. Here is a list of pleasant activities.

Although it may not seem like it now, there are good people in the world that you will encounter. It may be tomorrow, or five years from now, but you will meet people who make you feel good about yourself. Remember to put yourself first. If a relationship isn’t benefiting you, it’s not right. I’m here if you need anything.



What the fuck is with people and not saying they’re sorry?! Like even if you never intended to hurt the person you did, and maybe because of that you feel that you shouldn’t have to say sorry, you should still say your fucking sorry for causing hurt to the person you did!!!! Fuck! So this guy I liked I found out last night has a gf. And this is after both he and I liking each other and he basically being very adamant that he only wanted casual sex/friends with benefits, but I wanted something more cause I’d already done the friends with benefits thing with someone and didn’t really want to do it anymore. So after already having a really shitty night, I find out that he has a fucking girlfriend!! And I try to explain to him why I’m so hurt and upset and he says he understands, but he really fucking doesn’t, and I tell him I’m mad as well which he doesn’t understand at all. And I try to explain it to him, but he doesn’t seem to get where I’m coming from at all or he just doesn’t fucking care. And I’m here feeling used, lied to and betrayed. And not once in our entire conversation does he say he’s sorry. Not fucking once. And I know he never intended to hurt me, so he feels like he doesn’t need to apologize to me. And idk if I had hurt someone without knowing or meaning to, I would say I’m sorry. Idk, he says he cares, but I feel like if he really cared about me he would apologize for hurting me. So yeah, very bad night last night, and not really a good day so far.

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Hey there! :) I was wondering if you could help me out with something. :) I've been trying to find Nico's ex girlfriends names online but there's none. Is it possible that he never went out with someone famous? :) And if so, do you know he is has been with someone recently? Thanks darling!

The only ex girlfriend I know he has is Charlie Clemmow! You can see a pic she took of him when they were going out here (I think she deleted it though)

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Before the beginning for ch Harry's previous relationship maybe? I'm curious to see what he's like with women cuz we don't really get to see that since he doesn't sleep around outside relationships!

so by the description of this option i’m still taking it as an explanation sort of thing okay here we go

harry has never been in a long term relationship. i’m not sure about pre-uni, but he dated a lot in his first and only year at uni, then less when he dropped out to pursue a culinary career. he’s a nice guy, so it’s not hard for him to find someone who likes him and vice-versa. harry’s also against casual sex (for the most part, but he’s slipped up once or twice), so that’s why niall always teases him about being celibate and stuff. he has had a few actual girlfriends, but never for more than a few months. basically since he started working in the kitchen (as a cook and not as a dishwasher, which was the position that he was first hired as) at the restaurant, he hasn’t had much time for dating and it’s not a priority anyway. in the past year or so, harry’s career has always come first. 

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Tara I've had a boyfriend for the past 3 years but I also have a bestfriend that I met 2 years ago and he means so much to me and I love him and I don't know if I want to be with him but I REALLY like him.. But I love my boyfriend too :( I don't really know what to do because my bestfriend already has a girlfriend and I dunno.. I wish we could be together :(

If you have strong feelings for someone other than your boyfriend that’s not really fair to him to stay with him if you have made a commitment to be in a monogamous relationship.  My advice would be to break up with the boyfriend and just do you and figure out what you want and if it’s meant to be with the other boy it will happen, if not- you will find someone else in the right time!

important stuff. or at least i think so.

so i’m reading a book, and about 30 pages in, you learn that the main character (who is a girl) has a girlfriend - her first girlfriend after a slew of boyfriends. subsequently, she is struggling with the whole “im not gay” “yes you are” “i can’t be” “mom will kick me out” thing.

and i think it’s sad how much happiness this brings me. before you jump to conclusions and assume i find joy in the fact that someone is about to get kicked out of her house, let me explain where my happiness comes from… because it’s not from that.

the vast majority of YA books i read - which is a lot - portrays the usual heterosexual couple with the usual teen romance/drama stuff. so to come across a book like this, which doesn’t flaunt (for lack of a better word) its portrayal of LGBT+ people, makes me incredibly happy. because most books representing LGBT+ will say so on the inside flap, almost bragging about it, in my opinion. but this book’s inside flap says absolutely nothing about being gay; it just says that the main character is struggling with her current relationship.

what’s my point? maybe it’s a little thing, but to me, the fact that being gay isn’t mentioned on the inside flap gives me a sense of normalcy. books don’t go around advertising that its main characters are straight, so why should they go around advertising that its main characters are gay?

i get that some people want to know in the book’s description whether or not the characters are gay (or bi or trans or anything else) - i know i sometimes go around searching for books that have lesbian characters - but sometimes it’s just SO NICE to to pick up a book and be pleasantly surprised that the main character is just like me; that i’m normal and can be portrayed in a book that isn’t specifically catered towards teens who do identify with the LGBT+ community.

representation is important, y'all. so important.