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Day 21 us papaya

(One of the two characters who have no heart lmao :’D But I’m glad for Papaya getting some more attention, poor skele hasn’t suffered enough this month yet :3c )

Day 21 - You can find the answer in your heart. Literally. Now start digging.

  “ You can find the answer in your soul”, that was definitely not the answer Papyrus expected to get. 


He woke up in a dark room, something that looked like a small, old cellar, looking around confused, getting held back by something as he tried to stand up.

Metal chains jangled through the motion, pulling him down on the ground, Papyrus falling back on his behind, grimacing slightly, rubbing coccyx.

“where the hell am i?…hh…stupid chains, how am i supposed to get out of here”, he pulled at the chains, trying to find a weak link, dropping the metal as a voice boomed out of a small speaker at the ceiling.

“You can find the answer in your soul”, the voice sounded like it was distorted by one of those cheap voice changer apps Papyrus had used himself a couple of times to mess with his bro.

“and…that’s supposed to mean?”, Papyrus was scared, the fear making him annoyed at himself and the whole situation, which in turn made him angry. 

“You have fingers, don’t you? Start digging!”, the voice answered, in the way you explain something very simple to somebody you had already explained this thing to about a thousand times.

“and…i should do that why exactly? i could just get out of here instead, that sounds like a way better thing to do”, Papyrus readied himself to teleport, the chains were pretty loose, he could easily just teleport out of them.

“Well, if you want your brother to die, then go ahead”, the voice sounded slightly amused, not really into the whole thing, rather just killing some time.

Papyrus froze instantly, what, no, his brother couldn’t be here. That was just a bluff! But…on the other hand, he was here. They both lived together. It would be so easy to just kidnap them both at the same time if you planned to kidnap one of them.

But Papyrus wanted proof. He was a skeleton who would always have his doubt without proof.

“PAPY?”, well alright, hearing his brother’s voice through the speaker was something he really didn’t want to hear. “PAPY ARE YOU THERE? DON-t…DON’T DO ANYTHING RASH, PLEASE I WILL BE FIN-…..”

Sans was cut off by silence. Nothing more followed, Papyrus left in the dark with his own thoughts for what felt like an eternity.

“You have 5 minutes or he dies”, the voice sounded impatient, startling Papyrus out of his shocked thoughts before drowning the room in silence again. 

“wait no! wait! come back you asshole! leave him alone, don’t you dare to touch him!”, Papyrus ragged in the empty cell, just getting more frustrated with every passing second of quiet.

“Four minutes.”

Papyrus froze in fear. No, he…he couldn’t…how was he even supposed to…

“Three minutes.”

Papyrus pulled up his hoodie, revealing his ribs, calming himself as far as he could, concentrating on summoning his soul. He was to shaken up to get it out the first time, or even the fifth, but then finally the inverted heart flickered into view, embedded in his sternum.

Papyrus placed the tips of his phalanges on the surface, pressing down slightly. Dig into his own souls? How was he supposed to…

The door opened. a person in a full body suit, including a mask covering their entire face, entered, dragging a heap of bones and fabric behind himself.

Sans was face down, tied up, gagged and angry. The anger faded as his gaze fell on his brother, being replaced by an ice-cold feeling running up and down his spine.

“Two minutes”, their voice was still distorted, a little plastic thing in front of where their mouth was the most likely cause for that.

The person placed Sans in front of them, pulling out a long, sharp and pointy knife, placing the tip right next to Sans eyesocket, slowly trailing around it.

Sans was frozen, eye lights out, trembling a bit, flinching everytime the knife almost entered his socket.

“Two minutes, dig or he dies.”

Papyrus hands started shaking, his phalanges still resting on his soul, still pressed onto it. He slowly increased the pressure, an uncomfortable feeling flooding his entire body.

“Come on, tick, tick, tick …”

Papyrus pressed harder, his teeth clenched and body rigid, the pressure getting almost unbearably uncomfortable.

Suddenly his finger dived below the surface, ripping through the outer shell of his soul into the gooey inner core.

Papyrus breath hitched, the pain paralyzing him at first before he screamed, eye sockets scrunched. It felt like every bone in his was broken and shattered. After his thoughts cleared enough to remember his surroundings, Papyrus slammed a hand in front of his mouth, muffling his shouts of pain.

He heard Sans shift and scream something at him, muffled by his gag, but Papyrus didn’t stop.

He stayed motionless for a few more seconds, before digging in deeper, each movement feeling like a sandpaper scratching over all of his bones. But he kept going, pushing farther and farther, slowly, agonizing, until his fingers met something hard. Something that wasn’t supposed to be there.

“Ah, you found it. Now come on….pull it out..”

Papyrus grabbed the round object, pulling it, gasping as it stayed lodged in his soul, making him just pull his entire soul. “i-…i can’t..”, his voice was shaky and weka, he was in pain, he just wanted to take his brother and go home. He couldn’t do this.

“One minute.” The voice sounded excited, even trough the distortion.

“i can’t it w-…won’t move..please”, Papyrus said, tears gathering at the corners of his sockets, even without moving, his entire body was aching.

“30 seconds.”

“but you just said one minute!”,

“10 seconds.”

“no wait!”

“5 seconds.”

Papyrus grabbed the object in his soul harder, pulling, but it still wouldn’t budge, only sending waves of paint through his bones.


Papyrus whimpered as he felt the object shift, finally moving, scraping through the core of his soul, fine dust trickling out of the open wound at the front.


The object suddenly stopped again, stuck, as were his fingers.


It just wouldn’t move, he pulled with his entire strength, the pain the only thing he was still perceiving, not even remembering why he was doing it. he only knew he had to get it out, but it wouldn’t move.


It was stuck. It was stuck. It was stuck. He just couldn’t move it a bit, no matter how much he tore his soul to shreds. Why wasn’t it moving, it was almost out, he just had to get it out, just a bit more, just a bit.


The object left his soul with a sickening, wet sound, Papyrus screaming out, at the same moment the person stabbed the knife into Sans eyesocket, crunching trough the back of his skull, making him crumble to dust instantly.

“To late.”

Papyrus only felt numb as the person left without another word, locking him in the cellar with his brother’s dust on the floor.

He looked at the small, plastic chip in his hand, still covered with his own dust, reading “Congratulations, you won!” in a goofy font.

Your strangeness is your beauty.

You are incredible because you are odd, you cannot be classified into a type or a sort. Your flaws are wonderful weapons. Your zany ideas are the stuff of legend.

Don’t worry about the nay sayers and the people who will mock you or are determined to fit you in a box and pull you down. In video games and in life, you know you are going in the right direction when you encounter obstacles and enemies. The most interesting people I know, the most successful people I know have fought their way there. They have been ridiculed and mocked. They have been betrayed by people who promised to love them and let down. They have lost jobs and hit rock bottom again and again and despite all these obstacles, they made a name and a success of themselves.

Because you do not get to the top by being well liked all the time. Heroes and the most intelligent tend to be solitary creatures because they do not go with the flow, they are not part of the usual crowd.

Being so well liked by everyone has its own problems, it means you have never pushed the boundaries or escaped your comfort zone just for a while so you can see what you can do. And eventually you become so lost in what others think or say about you, you lose the ability to become anything other than the skin of yourself you put on everyday. The only way you will find peace in this world is to just keep being you. Unapologetically, unabashedly you. And eventually you will find your tribe, you will find your passion, and you will find what moves your soul.

—  Nikita Gill, Your Weirdness Could One Day Change the World