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kent parson, walking into his first practice with the aces. his headphones are in, playing the hercules soundtrack. as he walks through the building and into the locker room he’s humming along softly. “i am on my way, i can go the distance… i would go most anywhere to find where i belong.” he tugs his earphones out when he steps into the locker room, not wanting everyone’s first impression of him to be him singing disney songs. they’re all friendly enough when they greet him, and fitzy, a grizzled vet with the stall next to him, knocks their knees together and says, “they’re saying you’re gonna win a cup for us, eh kid?” kent replies the only way he knows how - with a little grin and “i’m sure gonna try.” fitzy’s grin only widens, then he says, “oh, by the way, swoops over there is probably gonna put on some disney music here pretty soon. chirping him about it is useless, so you might as well get used to it.” kent just laughs, watching as swoops and a few other guys start dancing around to ‘when will my life begin.’ they all know every word, even fitzy. kent’s got a good feeling about the aces.

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I don't know who to hang out with! I'm having a hard time finding a group where I truly belong. I hung out with a group all of last semester, yet they decide to exclude me. They had a gift exchange right in front of me (I got nothing) and they never told me! I talk to people in my classes (I'm in high school), but what "squad" do I belong to? It's 2nd semester and still haven't figured it out!! I'm only a freshman but still!

Honestly that’s so awful that they excluded you! If you feel comfortable, let them know that you wanna be included, or just spend less time with them because you need friends that care more and include you.

Okay so… I NEVER had a “squad” in high school. Ever. Never ever. I just had a really small few amount of very close friends. The closest thing I had to a group was when I did marching band and I made tons of friends and we were more of a dysfunctional family than a friend group.
So my advice is 1. Don’t worry so much about having a “squad”. They can be dramatic and not always attainable for everyone in the sense that you might not find one (like me… just by coincidence)
2. Hang out with people with similar interests probably in an extra curricular like music or sports or ANYTHING. This is honestly your best way to make friends. The people I met in band honestly became some of my best friends in the world.
3. Chat up people in class and ask them to get lunch or just talk about small talk. I met one of my BEST FRIENDS in JUNIOR YEAR ENGLISH CLASS. We were juniors. You always can make new friends and it’s never too late. This friend I made in junior year also is one of my best friends still now. 3 years later

TL;DR , don’t worry about a squad at all. Just chat with people around you , try to make friends in extra curriculars, and be yourself! And don’t sweat if it doesn’t happen over night- friendships take time.

You are wonderful and worthy of friends that love you and elevate you 💕💕 good luck

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🌙"Here’s to being human, all the pain and suffering. I wish I knew what it was like to care enough to carry on. I wish I knew what it was like to find a place where I belong.“🌙 (Follow Us on IG @ Daughters_Of_Mousai)

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Secret and question (maybe?): I identify as heterosexual right now, but I don't feel like I belong in that area. I like the opposite gender, but I just idk I don't feel like I belong. I don't mind sex, but I'm not into it, it disgusts me at points; I haven't had sex, but if I did I would want to be with someone for romantic attraction rather than sexual attraction. Is there a certain sexuality for this? I've tried to find an area where I would belong, but I'm scared I would be attacked for it.

I actually can’t think of one right now. Can someone help me with this question?

anonymously tell me a secret


                              I… came to Seidou to find the place where I belong.
                                 Please don’t disappoint me… Miyuki-senpai.
                                                    Interesting! I like you!

soooo the book series of “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” is getting a musical, and there is this song called “Good Kid”. At first I got emotional because Percy’s life was so sad, the only good things were his mother and his best friend.

But then, I listened again and… I got even more sad when the lyrics started to remind me of someone else…

Six schools in six years / Been kicked out of every place / Everything I ever do is wrong/ Never find where I belong / Everybody on my case

“The same old story / The same old song / Don’t act up / Don’t act down / Be strong

“I keep my head down / I keep my chin up / But it ends up all the same / With ‘pack your bags Percy you’re always to blame’”

“I never try to do anything / I never mean to hurt anyone / I swear, I swear that I’m a good kid / A good kid / A good son

“But no one will take my side / All I ever do is take the fall / I swear, I swear that i’m a good kid / Yes, I’m good for nothing at all”

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Gabe, was a world class jerk dad / Was never thereThe only family, that ever mattered / Well, she vanished into the air”

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“Now I finally find a haven / Someplace safe where I can stay / ‘til it’s ‘pack your bags Percy now go, go away!’”

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The schools in six years / Every battle / Every day / No one ever tells you that they’re proud / No one ever asked me ‘Percy how’d you like to come around and stay?’

 “All you get are bad grades / And a bum rap / And a bad rep / And a good smack / And no friends / And no hope”

“And no mom (father) / She’s (He’s) taken away”

“I swear I never stole anything / I never meant to hurt anyone / I swear, I swear that I’m a good kid / A good kid / Who’s had a bad run”

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I… just… my precious child…

Hey @taylorswift just a quick life update here!

So I am well into second semester of this school year teaching high school Spanish. I had my summative meeting back in January with my principal and I found out my overall rating based on my observations from this year. I scored in the highest possible category for evaluations. !!!???!! I know that I can be a great teacher and that I’ll only grow as an educator if I keep going down this path, but there’s a huge part of me and my heart that’s saying I’m done. I’ve lost this passion and that’s been so heartbreaking to face in itself and it’s left me extremely empty. I’m really struggling to find another job where I feel I belong… I know I want to do something creative where I can make art and design, but without a degree in that it’s a painful job hunt. I keep coming up empty handed and it’s bringing me down, but I also know a girl who never gave up on her biggest dreams, and look where she is now (yes, I’m talking about you!!!!!!!). I won’t ever give this up because I want it so badly and I want to wake up and be happy in that lifestyle, so I’ll keep working hard to see what I can figure out. Thank you for giving me that inspiration to not only dream big dreams, but to have the courage and confidence to chase them down.