finding videos was so hard i can't talk about it

spacewxnder  asked:

Really sorry for the late reply. I can't seem to find those gifs anymore :( Sorry to bother you and take up your time. [ Btw, really love your blog ] Thank you once again 😊

I won’t be able to tell you though coz I can’t remember which one are you talking about. They have so much videos that’s it’s hard to tell without giving me a link to the gifs.

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Meg's video made me sob, she was trying so hard not to cry. I had to power through class after finding out. My boyfriend's the only other fan i know, and it absolutely sucks that i can't talk to anyone else about this, even my mom was basically like "suck it up." While i'm devastated, i want to create. I suffer from such severe depression and anxiety that i just wish i could make something to honor him - and to help myself - but i don't know what, just something. sorry i'll stop rambling

You don’t have to suck ir up. Take some time to take care of yourself and reach out to people in the community. Like, me or anyone else. Do what you need.
Times like this we need each other most.