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Hey! Can you help me find finished fic? Preferably Au's? Thanks💕

Hi Anon!

Here are some finished AU fics for you as requested:

Happy Sunday!

 Enjoy :)

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I am trying to find out a masterpost of crimes but I don't know where to look i can't find a masterpost of crimes for my character

Hello there! I like to recommend clevergirlhelps for research-related asks, since she has so many wonderful resources organized on her blog.

Here are some of the ones I found on her “crime” tag page:

Hope this helps!


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I'm the anon who spent the past weekend reading cf and how the mighty fall in love and 1) a)I finished my assignment, intended to print it at work but never sent it to myself so I had to re-do it at work b)was called in class to read the first paragraph and it didn't suck ! *small victory dance*. (I then proceeded to spend the rest of the week rereading my favourite parts of each of the stories); and (next ask)

Awwww that’s too bad you forgot to print it but I’m glad it didn’t suck hahaha <3 <3 <3 <3 I hope you get a good grade!!!

Thank you so much!!!! And ahhh you’re right they both did have the identity thing!! And in both Victor was completely smitten before even knowing who Yuuri was. I feel like a lot of parallels can be drawn between all of my fics hahaha ;p Thanks for reading!!! <3 <3

sns fic rec #2

Open Deviate Reinstall by fourangers

„Sasuke, a professional hitman, is revenging his clan. In attempt to deceive his followers, he accidentally involves a random blond civilian with his mission. However unexpectedly, there’s more than it meets the eye. AU NaruSasu”

Soothsay by fourangers

„Naruto always had a habit to crash in Kiba’s house after a night out. He’d never imagined that in a fateful night, he’d crash in the wrong house…meeting a sarcastic, arrogant bastard and his cute little cats.”

The Face He Couldn’t Forget by KizuKatana

„Naruto’s plane is shot down, and he goes missing. Sasuke refuses to accept that he is gone. When the conflict is finally over, Sasuke tries to find answers. Naruto & Sasuke. Yaoi. AU”

Take Me to Church by Rasengan22

„Three years after the death of his boyfriend, Sasuke returns home to the unchanged town full of whispers and judgments. However, he finds that Naruto, the son of the new pastor at his local church, is different from the rest.”

Candid Moments by Lohrendrell

„Ensemble holiday fic: connected shorts depicting moments of Sasuke and Naruto’s lives as they grow up, all set some time in December and following Christmas-related themes. Written for the 12 Days of SNS Xmas.”

The Makeweight by extremelybadjuju

„After the War, Sasuke escapes incarceration by the Leaf only to become prisoner to another vicious faction who seek to acquire his clan’s bloodline limit through the most unorthodox methods. Finally free, he must find his own safe haven in a world that hates him. What happens when he returns to Konoha? How can an avenger concede to parenthood? NaruSasu, BL, Mpreg, angst, whump.”

Find An Olitz Fic #6

Anon asked: 

Need help finding a fanfic. It wasn’t super long but in this fic Fitz is works for the police(can’t remember if he is a cop or detective) investigating a series of murders. He thinks liv might fit the description of this serial killer for like a second but then him and liv realize it is her twin who is the killer not liv. I think someone in the story is killed by a spider or something? If you could find this fic I’d appreciate it.

Any ideas? Let us know in the comments or message us. Thanks!

UPDATE: It is “Black Widow” by KWsGladiator. We aren’t able to find it, so we believe it was removed. Thanks, @candi4olitz and Anon for the info! 

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(I know this question has been asked before but I I can't seem to find an answer) I have identified as a lesbian for a few months now but recently I have come out as non-binary. Is there a specific term for a non-binary individual who prefers women?

you can still id as a nonbinary lesbian if you feel that’s what you are but if not idk my dude. i haven’t really heard of any labels for nonbinary peeps and our attraction. i guess whatever you feel fits you best

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Why does it seem like dazai has his own harem?

Well, maybe I’m not the best person to answer this, because I’m not Dazai’s #1 fan. If I have to be completely honest, it took me a very long time to tolerate him, even longer when it came to actually like him. 

I can’t deny that it’s true, everyone seem to have a crush on him and I wondered why, because I really couldn’t find an answer to that question, a reason for all of them to be so utterly obsessed with him. To me, he was just a dramatic asshole who was taking advantage of everyone’s weaknesses. 

But now I’m watching BSD for the second time, and maybe I found some answers. Dazai is like an upgraded version of Oikawa. He could be treated as the best character ever or as the most toxic of them all. 

They have so much in common if you think about it. Dazai is strong, perfectly aware of his abilities, scary, manipulative, the team mastermind, he likes to toy with people and he always acts according to an ulterior motive. At the same time, he’s probably the most charismatic character in BSD, he’s beautiful, a natural leader, charming, funny, sometimes even an adorable dork. In one word: irresistible. 

It’s incredible to look at the effect Dazai has on people: 

  • you have Chuuya who’s still fixated on him after FOUR YEARS, he says he hates him but at the same time he put his own life in Dazai hands literally the fist time they went back on a mission together (???????)
  • you have Akutagawa, for whom my hear aches every time. His only life purpose is to be validated by him and honestly Dazai look what you have done to this child, he’s permanently emotionally bruised 
  • you have Kunikida who’s constantly annoyed by him but at the same time he always gets along with his tantrums
  • you have Atsushi who thank god is the only one who seems to take none of his shit, despite having had his “Dazai phase” as well in the very beginning. (THE PINKIES IN THE ED HONESTLYYYYYYYY) 
  • you have Fukuzawa who’s quite fond of him too and lets him do basically whatever he wants
  • Even our constantly unenthusiastic Ranpo seem to to enjoy working with Dazai (tbh their relationship is quite endearing, I feel like Dazai has a soft spot for him somehow)  
  • The only person who had a normal relationship with Dazai was Oda but of course he’s dead

He may not be the official protagonist of BSD, but Dazai is for sure the center of everyone’s attention. Every turning point in the story revolves around him, every single thing that happens just follows his big mental plan. He has that attitude of his, he looks so carefree and uncaring that every time he shows some affection people feel like they’ve been blessed by some kind of god. 

To answer your question, I don’t know why they all love him so much. It’s just the Dazai effect, I guess. 

and he’s a fine pice of ass ok we can’t deny that I mean look at him 

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Do you think cats like Mothwing should be allowed to keep their position? As it's shown, Mothwing is a hard working talented healer, who has a strong faith in her clan. However, her lack of faith in starclan alarms Mistystar so much in her novella, she temporarily forces Mothwing to retire until she's convinced otherwise. So over all, should cats who don't believe in starclan be allowed to be medicine cats.

This is an interesting conundrum. It’s hard to find an answer for this, because while you want a medicine cat to have enough faith that StarClan will answer them, you also want a skilled physician. Which one matters more really depends on the Clan’s culture, I think. If it were up to me, I would be more concerned with the living than the dead, but it’s incredibly subjective either way. Clans rely on their ancestors sending messages and warnings that may save their community in the future. They also live much longer thanks to a medicine cat’s knowledge. This is the kind of thing I would say you’d have to answer for yourself. 

“Ideal Type” (Mark x Reader)

“Hey, I’m new to your page but I REALLY love your imagines and I was wondering if you could write one that is the same as Yugyeom’s ‘Celebrity Crush’ except with Mark? I would love it if you could. THANK YOU!!“

Name: “Ideal Type”

Character: Mark Tuan (GOT7)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,190

Originally posted by marksonislovely

(gif credits to the original owner)

“Who’s your ideal type?” the interviewer asked. Mark paused for a moment. However, it only took little searching in his mind to find the answer. “(Y/N)” he answered clearly. The audience and interviewer reacted accordingly. Mark suddenly became embarrassed. He giggled a little, flashing his big smile to the audience. A picture of you at a red carpet flashed on the screen, cartoon love hearts floating around alongside it. He wanted the whole world to swallow him whole, but he wasn’t wrong. If he had to pick a celebrity crush it would be you. You were an actor: an actor who had made their fame through Western films that had began to spark Korean media outlets interest. You had done premiers, interviews and endorsed makeup brands over there. You were nothing short of a big name, despite not aligning with usual Korean standards of beauty. “Ahh yes (Y/N),” the interviewer responded. “She’s very pretty, I love her movies too!” All Mark could do was nod shyly in agreement.

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TG:re isn't a tragedy like the original was. Why do people keep using that as a defense for Kaneki's development being stunted?

While this fandom does have a really heavy Kaneki bias, I’m not even going to deny that. However, once again I don’t think it’s my place to discuss fandom habits. 

Instead let’s talk about narrative for a moment. @randomthoughtpatterns already gave a pretty definitive answer on how Kaneki doesn’t change in the narrative [x].

Your question is however, why is Kaneki allowed to still exist within a narrative without changing? Why do people still find that compelling. The answer to that is framing. Almost equal in importance to the details of a character, their personality, their actions, is how a character’s actions and personality interact with the narrative as a whole. 

What you need is consequence. Consequences, consequences, consequences are what make good characters. For the most part all of Kaneki’s actions in the narrative do have a direct consequence that hits him hard. Even though sometimes like in the recent moon arc there seems to be a delayed reaction about things. Kaneki does not exist as a lone noble gas floating, not allowing himself to change. Human relationships are chemical reactions, Kaneki’s refusal to change effects the narrative, and it affects the people around him, and they too realize this and change accordingly just as the circumstances.

That’s why the Rize hallucination reminded Kaneki of his personal role in things during the Yamori torture scene. Otherwise he might have been in danger of simply being a victim of narrative events, rather than somebody who brought them on by refusal to change. 

Tg:re might not be a tragedy, but tragedies aren’t so different than comedies. Bad things can happen in both, ultimately when it comes to narrative it’s framing that matters. 

“And then?”

What, then?’

“When justice, victory and vengeance are in your hands…What then, Princess?”

Leia became uncomfortable.  She had no answer.  Did she have dreams? She could no longer remember.  There were always fairy-tale fantasies; a lover, or a spouse, maybe children, perhaps a life beyond duty. But even those were a guilty pleasure.  One that she could ill-afford, when the next battle stood on the horizon.

Besides, it’s not like she expected to actually survive to see the end of this war.

“I-, I don’t…”

“Child, I will guide you back,” Maz smiled sadly. She laid a ring laden hand on Leia’s. “But I want you to promise me, and—“ Maz raised her index finger at Leia, giving her an affectionate squeeze, “promise yourself that you will find the answer to that question.

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I have a question about dragon essence, so you stated that Tian and MCs relationship will be focused on, but I'm wondering, Are the other routes romantic? Or is it only his route? (side note,love the concepts so far they look great!)

This is a question that I find it hard to answer without spoiling ^^; One thing I can say for sure is, all the guys like her romantically, but Chi An’s feelings towards them (outside Tian Zhao), to say the least, is complicated.

It’s best to see Dragon Essence as a Chinese Drama with multiple endings/what if scenario, rather than a straight dating sim where you get to choose your partner.

sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between manipulating the narrative or simply having a different perspective on something but u can find the beginning of an answer in the long run because people tend to repeat patterns and comparison makes it easier to find the truth