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☆ and ♔ for V please!

What would they order at two am at a diner?

  • Honestly? 
  • Just coffee 
  • He doesn’t normally have much of an appetite 
  • Especially at that hour 
  • If he asked you to meet him at a diner or accompany him 
  • It’s because he wants to get to know you 
  • He wants to sip a black cup of joe and listen to you talk about yourself and your interests 
  • Maybe share a bit about himself 
  • He could sit thee with you until daybreak 
  • Make sure you get home alright 
  • He will insist you eat SOMETHING 
  • But he will only sip his coffee 

♔   Do they have a secret ‘after hours’ spot they frequent?

  • Yes, he has several 
  • Because he is a photographer he has been to a lot of places he finds he enjoys 
  • There are several parks he finds particularly beautiful depending on the hour of the day 
  • He enjoys the zoo 
  • He also enjoys hiking! 
  • But
  • The beach is his all-time favorite to watch the sunset 
  • He often does it alone for reflection 
  • But if you were there to witness the colors, to feel the breeze and hear the ocean waves crash against the shore 
  • Well…that would be the best case scenario for him 

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Megami x science club leader headcannons?

Lemme see… I’m gonna be honest, but I didn’t have any idea before i talk about it with wife.

For my wife, they started to hang out because Megami needed a better security system for the school, and he was the best person to do so… So i’m gonna continue based on this;

  • Science Leader wasn’t really pleased by the idea to help her, but since she’s THE member of the student council, he loudly sighed and said yes
  • But she has to pay for everything he needed.
  • After installing the new security, they stopped hanging out together.
  • But it didn’t last long, because they both missed each other.
  • They’re not really exposing the fact they’re dating?? Kinda shy about it??
  • Science leader is trying REALLY hard to find good places for dates
  • They usually end up going to museum. But like. Every museum they can find. 
  • Their first date was at the seaweed museum but it was supposed to be a joke
  • “ Hey wanna go the seaweed museum!? BECAUSE WE’RE GOING TO”
  • It was kinda boring but they keep going back to it because it became a private joke
  • Megami and Science Leader dyed their hair together. Megami use to have black hair, and he used to have brown hair.
  • They take silly pictures together
  • Megami has kinda hard time to deal with him being VERY expressive with his feelings when they’re together
  • Lot of kisses when nobody is watching
  • When he fails an experience, he just walks to her and bury his face in the crook of her neck. Or ask her to come over because he feels bad and need her.
  • And so she comes and hugs him.
  • They can spend a whole day doing nothing but watch netflix shows
  • Megami’s dad isn’t okay with their relationship because he’s just a random dude and not someone from the high society
  • It hurts Science Leader’s to know why Megami’s dad doesn’t like him, but he tries his best to show he’s a good guy and deserves a chance as Megami’s boyfriend.

“I feel bad for this Clockmaker I met once…You see, everyone thinks he’s me? And obviously, he’s not. I think he’s probably a good person. And, well. I most certainly am not.” –Ashmore “Ash” Takashi 

“I can’t fight! I’m a Clockmaker! And not a very good one! The one clock I’m known for doesn’t even tick right! What good is a clock that doesn’t tick!”– Kenji “Taka” Takashi. 

The first of many Book on Fire Art Project illustrations! Starting off with @ofpaintedflowers breathtaking take on Ashmore (left) and Taka (Right). There’s so much of their characters into these pictures, it’s amazing! 

Ash is an (ex) assassin, who broke away after being accused of a murder he didn’t actually commit. He’s on the run, trying to find a safe place to be for him and his boyfriend, Ryn. He’s also trying to come to terms with the fact that his actions have never been justified, and that maybe, just maybe, everything he’s done so far is wrong. He, like Taka, is a fire elemental, and he uses chackra and fire as his main weapons. 

Taka is the (as far as he’s aware) only survivor of the destruction of Siazia, a once-great school so prosperous that it was almost its own country. He is the holder of a mysterious artifact called the “Chaos Watch,” which only seems to work right before disaster hits. He has no weapon proficiency and it’s rumored that his fire is unable to burn people. Despite all that he’s been through, he tries his best to see the best in people. He’s also, technically, the main character of the novel. 

They’re not twins. It’s something much worse than that. 

So, did Rip end up having the shortest “finding his place” arc in history or what?  Because he was rocking pretty hard as a field leader this episode.

Even with the contrived “time traveler can’t read Latin” bullshit so that Nate could be useful, Rip got to be knowledgeable and clever.  His time travel expertise was relevant.  His experience with the Spear was relevant.  He was able to talk Tolkien into helping them, and he even got to punch a dude and give a speech.  :-D

And he seems to be a lot more “in the group” now than he ever was as Captain.  Jax made him candy!  (And he ate it, which if you think about it was a really big show of trust when Jax admits they just learned this trick.)  He got to be a “Backstreet Boy”.

I hope this isn’t the end of that plot, because I don’t think Rip’s issues can or should be solved that quickly.  But I did like seeing him bounce back a little from everything he’s been through.

Who else is thinking that Gifted is a retired Steve Rogers who’s raising his and Bucky’s child while Bucky is away on a long mission and Steve just wants the simple life again but finds out that their daughter is a genius and he’s still so proud of her as she tries to find her place in the world.

Because that’s what I’m thinking.

I have an appointment with planned parenthood tomorrow to get my IUD.

They are saying I can’t bring my service dog. At first I said ok, because I was just through that awful hospital where I was threatened with being commited for not agreeing to no accommodations, so out of fear/habit I said ok. 

But I looked into it, and as far as I can tell they have to allow her. It’s not a sterile room. 

Planned parenthood also gave my friend a hard time about her SDIT, she ended up not bringing him. 

I don’t want to have to find another place to go, but I’m really afraid if I go tomorrow with my anxiety this bad I may just pass out if I get angry about being denied access. Why can’t anyone around here just follow a fucking law??

What do I do? I can’t think straight.  

I figured out why I’m feeling so uninspired about everything.

I love love love astronomy. It’s what I want to do for the rest of my life. But, with the SKA and MeerKAT being developed in SA, the programme that I’m part of is solely focused on that. Preparing people who can deal with machine learning and big data, and too much cosmology and radio observing.

Which is awesome, but it’s not what I want to do. I want to do astronomy. Old school, optical astronomy. And that’s not what I’m hearing about.

Which leads me to two conclusions - I really need to find a place where I can do masters in something /else/ that’s astronomy-astronomy.

Or, I need to start learning this big data/machine learning stuff on my own so I can find it interesting.

[btw if you’re interested in big data, machine learning, cosmology, or anything to do with signals and processing - South Africa will basically throw money at you to do so]

not even surprised

im guessing original posts get ‘ban’ in a way even when someone reports the offensive reblogs.
that’s just unfair for the creators for their art to exist only through reblogs of others, not even being able for someone to edit their original post (without editing it via a reblog),
just because some are completely offensive, spamming,removing credits and captions.
maybe Tumblr should work on the issue of people not being able to remove credits and captions from original posts.
i know the internet is there for people to do as they wish, but in those cases is just wrong.
i like tumblr, i met nice people here that i can call my friends, it’s a nice community.
but, it should be a place of people finding a safe place away from this reality which drowning us..

it can be 'weird’ in cases-freedom of speech-everyone expressing themselves the way they want.
but it’s just unfair ruining the experience for people who just want to be a part of it.

post whatever you want on your page, reblog whatever you want, but be respectful.
don’t harm others.
don’t remove captions and credits from someone’s art.
don’t be offensive.

you can have an opinion that might be negative, but just don’t use someone else’s work with your offensive words or actions below their original post.

some of my friends already decided to leave this platform.-they actually already did- just making me sad.

im not gonna tag staff or whoever tbh, as there is no point on doing that.

please be respectful and kind.

i already blocked too many pages, and i will continue on doing that, not only for me but also for the sake of others.

please report those spam/porn/disrespectful pages when you see them even in the comments of your friends or the people you follow.

oh!!! i forgot to mention i’ve been daydreaming about What If athena and simon decided to become roommates shortly after the events of AA5

i mean hey it’s not like simon has anywhere else to go. she might invite him to sleep on her couch for a while and then it just turns into a semi-permanent arrangement bc they’re quickly able to slip back into the family dynamic they had all those years ago. of course sometimes simon forgets how old she is, and they both have a lot to catch up on, but overall they’re v comfortable with each other and it’s a nice healthy arrangement for a couple months until simon finds his own place

… but also, consider:

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The thing I love most about Danny Rand

For a so-called “white savior”, he didn’t even do any savior-ing; running away the first chance he got, leaving K’un-Lun unprotected, and his warrior monk brothers defenseless. When he got to New York, penniless and homeless, everybody he met either threw him out, lied to him, drugged him, had him committed to a mental institution, took advantage of him, or wanted to use him. 

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Any kung fu fighting he did was to protect himself and his loved ones as he struggled to find his place among the people he believed were his friends and family.

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Not one of those people expected him to be their savior. And he wasn’t. 

Fëanorian week: Celegorm

A Silmarillion fanfic

Summary:  A young Celegorm finds in the woods all the things he has been struggling to reach.

Length: ~1,600 words, Rating: Teenage audiences & up

Warnings: Mentions of hunting and related stuff including blood, nothing very graphic though

Some keywords: Genre: gen; hunting, nature, adolescence, finding one’s place in the world

Fëanorian week prompts: hunting, Oromë&Huan, childhood (in a way; Celegorm is intended to be a teenager at the beginning of this piece)

A/N: Quenya name Tyelkormo used for Celegorm. (AO3 link.)


The joy of wild things

At first Tyelkormo thinks it is a punishment for how much he has been acting up recently, his parents suggesting that he go the woods of Oromë for a while and see if he could be the Huntsman’s pupil. He thinks they want to send him away from Tirion until the troubles he has caused have been forgotten.

So of course he blows up, explodes into shouting and throwing things. He knows this hardly proves them wrong, but he doesn’t care – why should he care about misbehaving with his family when they want him gone?

Luckily his parents have more patience than he does (or rather, his mother has enough for both her husband and her son on this occasion as so often) and eventually they manage to explain that no, they don’t want to be rid of him and will indeed miss him very much.

‘But I think you should take the chance to see if your calling lies with Oromë, as I found mine lay with Aulë when I was young’, his father says, his words calm but his eyes still flashing from shouting back at Tyelkormo earlier.

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So dating Naegi and Kirigiri are trying to find a good place to eat... Asahina would bring up a hardy family restaurant with massive portions, Hagakure's recommendation would be an extremely cheap beef/rice bowl hut while Togami and Fukawa's advice would be both romantic and expensive enough to turn them off (Kirigiri can afford it but she's not one to splurge on fine dining). Komaru would probably win out after sending them Naegi Mom's old recipe and suggesting they eat in together. Agreed?

Yeah that sounds about right. Though with the romantic expensive place I feel Kiri wouldn’t mind going if she doesn’t have a concept of money because you know, rich.