finding nemo franchise

i had an epiphany while i was watching finding dory

the finding nemo franchise……is one huge odyssey joke. Hear Me Out

nemo is latin for no one. for those of yall who havent read the odyssey, when odysseus is asked his name by an irrelevant monster, he responds that his name……is no one. odysseus and marlin also face vry similar trials….man eating talking monsters which get outsmarted (sharks, polyphemus), tentacle weird things (jellyfish, charybdis), CREEPY monsters (anglerfish, scylla), shoddy crew that steers them away from their goal (sea turtles, bag of wind situation), and ladies….intent on keeping them captive (darla the dentists niece and calypso)…. AND the odyssey is what?? A JOURNEY ACROSS THE OCEAN so odysseus, a father, could be reunited with his son…..does tht sound Familiar 🤔🤔🤔 #Exposed

something that makes this whole “lesbians in finding dory” thing hilarious to me is that do NONE of the people who are angry abt the lesbians realize who voices dory?

i’ll let y'all in on a secret….there’s always been a lesbian in the finding nemo franchise.