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So here’s a page of my son and his boyfriend

My tablet died but I still have sketches I can color using the trackpad l o l

I’ve never actually read anything w/ this fella in it… But he’s my favorite color and his dog is kickin’ so how bad can he be

This is Us


Chapter 1, Silence

Cold. Cold was the perfect word for what the breeze felt like. Lucid looking trees loomed behind a cascading cliff. To the far horizon was pinks, yellows, and dark blues of city lights, glowed against the rippling starry sky. Large transparent clouds masked portions of the dripping cosmos that leaked dark matter.

A bent silver road guardrail, missing a large portion that opened wide, partly separated the cliff and the bustling city. Creeping damp grass crawled to the edge and seemed to begin to almost fall as the longer strands laid limp, only moving for a signal moment when the wind came and went. The road behind the cliff bent in a curve making the other parts of the road unseeable or even inexistent, except for here.

Cold. Cold was the perfect word for what the breeze felt like. A mustang that looked out of place for the time, laid still, parked beside the etched guardrail. The faded red of the car looked rich and rose like under the luminescent waning moon.

A silhouette leaned against a part of the guard rail that was somewhat up right. His breathing was wavered, hitching only for a second. His head cast down, but eyes flicked up toward the overwhelming city that was still keeping itself awake even at this hour. His hands crossed over the other with no thought. The silhouettes lips curved slightly downward in a faint pained sort of way, shifting his feet to lean on his right more as he let his heavy weighed mind lower slowly to connect with the cool metal surface of the rail. His hands naturally came to meet him half way, catching his forehead with his knuckles, white from squeezing them to hard a few minutes before.

Silence. Not deathly silence or a silence that rings with pressure when it’s dead quiet and all that can be heard is a soft ring of pressure on silent ears. This silence was a silence of trees whistling with the wind. A silence of distant car horns and sirens. A silence of an owl calling to its mate that was the night itself. Silence. This was his silence, yet ownership had nothing to do with it.

One of his hands slipped from its loose hold, slowly opening the fist and running his hand up his face. It made its way to his thick hair as his hand ran through it. Slowly, he picked his head up but, still lower than before. His hand that had ran through his hair came down to meet the rail again.

The lights from the city seemed dimmer, along with the natural light of the sky and moon. His breathing deepened with long heavy breaths that seemed to carry such an immense weight. He shut his eyes slowly, prepping himself to push off the guardrail to stand on his own again, if he even could. He grasped the rail, arching his shoulder blades as he pushed away from it gently. The silhouette stood up right for the first time in hours, shoulders relaxed as his weight rested on one leg. He turned his attention back to the lively city, resting his hands in his jacket pockets, head falling back as the sky seemed to be more interesting.

“Por supuesto…” his voice was more quiet than the silence that surrounded him. His silence.

* * *

The sun was just that. The sun. It was warm and comforting but, at the moment other things were just to distracting for the boy sitting on his porch to really enjoy the stunning morning. It hadn’t quite risen all the way. You could clearly see the beams of sun peeking through the shadow looking trees.

He clicked open his phone.

6:08 am.

He slid the phone into one of his leather jacket pockets, the shoulders of the jacket weren’t fully on. They hung half way calmly.

The Latino young man ran a olive colored hand through his thick dark tree bark washed hair, dusky chocolate eyes closed for a few seconds to relax or try to. His worn dark grey looking jeans skimmed the porch step every so often. The chiming of harmonized voices of small metal hanged from feathery strings that swayed loosely from the roof of a porch across the street. He breathed in deeply, he exhaled consciously. His eyes fluttered open after a few blissful moments of just nothingness. Then, oh god.

His heart stopped when he saw a young girl standing in the middle of the road, facing him, staring. He stuttered his arms behind him to grab anything, something to ground him as his heart seemed to lose control. He ended up on his side when one of his arms missed the ground as he fell roughly. He finally found his life line, shaking hands clutching the cement floor as he looked over his arm, unblinking. His eyes stung from being open so long without a single blink. He heaved breathlessly as his mind raced with terrifying but, some beautiful thoughts. The emotion stricken boy leaned up slowly, still cautious.

He blinked. Only once.

She was gone.

For a few moments he let his body connect with the ground fully. The cool touch of the smooth porch he couldn’t even feel was nonexistent with the rest of the world in those few long, agonizing, moments. He laid there unthinking, unmoving, but completely restless in his thoughts. He swallowed hard as he shut his glazed eyes tightly, relaxing them once his breathing finally had slowed to a deep staggered flow. He brought a hand to his thudding chest, trying to calm his drum of a heart. He leaned back up to the sitting position he was in earlier. His head hanged slightly low, a desperate hand still on his chest. The young mans short hair strands fell lazily in a slight curl on his forehead.

A pained, slight agape frown of his mouth contrasted his half lidded gold flaky eyes.

He needed a moment. He needed a lot of moments. The high school junior heaved a deep, shaky, long breath. The overwhelmed boy tried to think of anything else, something else than what he wanted to.

Saturday. He remembered that’s what today was.

He sighed as he let his hand fall in his lap thoughtlessly. He ran a tired hand over his face then into his hair, combing it back. He looked back to the road with an unreadable look. The finally composed but, still shaken teen, got up swiftly, pulling his jacket fully on his shoulders.

A faded cherry red 1968 Ford Mustang sat parked in the driveway of the boys small but, quant home. He looked to the ground for a moment at his side, then walked to the car, pulling his keys out of one of his jacket pockets. He slide in weightlessly into the drivers seat, putting the key in the ignition but, not turning it. The teen stared at the wheel with one hand on it, gripped loosely.


His silence.

He swung his head back as he turned the ignition with an unreadable grimace on his face. He closed his eyes then opened them quickly. The determined painted Latino swung out of the driveway quickly but, expertly. The roar of the engine pierced the surrounding air as he pressed the gas, not looking back.

A new thought crossed his mind, his eyes widening slightly with a gleam in them that sparked brightly. A small smile played on his sculpted features.

“You’re such a pain but, you’re my pain.” He spoke to no one. His voice laced sweetly as he drifted down the road.

there was a commercial on today about car oil or something & a guy pops up the hood of his car & theres a FRICKIN smol dude just sitting there with oil like “u should change ur oil!” 

& at the end the tall guy was like “can i ask you?? why are you three inches tall tho?” and the smol replied “why aren’t YOU three inches tall???” 

and I laughed RLY hard & eric kinda lightly chuckled, then looked over at me like 

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then later there was a post on tumblr that was like “when ur friend thinks they’re a Big Tony but really they’re a Small Tony” or somethin & he pointed it out to me like “Wrong name spelling but ohoho” lkmgdgl 


  ‘cause i ain’t sticking around long:  a  f a n m i x  f o r  n i c k

  “Name’s Nick,

  but don’t bother learning it.”


-Maybe tomorrow we can convince them to dance again
-*Humming unenthusiastically*

Both have huge pillows for hair. Using each other as a comfy place to lay and rest somethime was inevitable on my mind

TFW you fail so completely and utterly at philosophy that you become moral black hole which devours your entire world and turns it into a universe devouring monstrosity