finding my way home

this time, i’m not coming back. this time,
i’m kissing my knuckles before i stop clenching them
and finding the strength you never saw in me.
i am realizing i am much too soft to win the war
with my bare hands. this time, i am walking away
instead. i am realizing you are no good for me.
you are the color of loneliness. you feel like
being lost in the woods, but i am addicted
to how i feel when i find my way back home.
home. i thought i could carve one inside of you,
but in the end, the only one being haunted
is me. i’m at work thinking about how
the world would be better if you weren’t
in it. i’m in class wondering if my feelings
are as irrelevant as you have made them.
but i still laugh when you text me. i smile
when i’m with you, then go home and
wash my mouth out with soap. i love to feel
the love in my heart for you, but the truth is,
i’m still dealing with the aftermath of your
absence. i always wanted you to come back,
but the truth is, you never did one damn thing
that was good for me. you have a tsunami heart
and i am so tired of being caught in the wreckage.
so no more you first. no more feeling bad when
i leave your messages unanswered. no more
jealousy over the girls who get to be friends
with you with no consequence. i have to let this
go. i have to stop touching the wound and
breathe you out like the bad habit you are.
you don’t get to hurt me anymore.
i am finished. i am finished.
—  this time, i’m not coming back

When Dad disappeared, Sam and I looked around, and something became very clear.
That the only thing we had in this world was each other.


Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton ~ Can’t Find My Way Home

When my world is falling apart
And there’s no light to break up the dark
That’s when I, I, I look at you
When the waves are flooding the shore and I
Can’t find my way home anymore
That’s when I, I, I look at you

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(161210) super cute fan account from SEVENTEEN’s recent fansign

s.coups: how old are you?
fan: 15 years old
s.coups: heol 2nd year of middle school? you’re totally a baby… can this baby find her way home??
fan: eiii of course *laughs* i can find my way home
*fan got told to move on to jeonghan*
jeonghan: heol how old are you?
fan: 15 years old
s.coups: she’s a baby, a baby


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Music Credit: Otis McDonald - “Find My Way Home”

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MaxAnne AU ⚬ “Selkies represent the fluidity of sexuality. They are inherently shapeshifters, moving from one form to another, and the people they love do the same.” (inspired by @candlewinds gorgeous fisherman AU!) 

The Paper Clip and the Leaf


I am not the type of man to tie
white string to the branches of
trees nor am I the kind of man to
fashion a compass from a paper
clip and a leaf, but as I stand with
my feet in the retreading tide on
the other side of the same ocean
from where I was born—I want to
believe that water does have
memory and after all these years
it might still remember me.

when i was stuck in the dark, you were my light
you shone brighter
than all of the stars in the sky
and you guided me
you helped me see

when i was falling apart, you held me together
you risked cutting yourself
on all of my broken pieces
but my jagged edges
didn’t scare you away

when i lost my way, you helped me find the way home
and again 
and again
and again

—  i cannot thank you enough
(cc, 2017)

The song playing when during the Maggie/Alex kiss scene is called Coming Home by Sigma, ft Rita Ora and oh my god the lyrics

Know I’ll never find it on my own
‘Cause this life ain’t leading nowhere I can go
I’m standing still with nothing in my way
Letting me go so I can find myself again

I need that
Ground beneath my feet to feel that
Ground beneath my feet
I need that
Ground beneath my feet to feel that
Ground beneath my feet
I need that

I need that home, I’m coming home, I’m coming home
'Cause this life that I’ve been living ain’t my own
Home, I’m coming home, I’m coming home
'Cause I’m tired of being out here on my own
I’m coming home, oh yeah yeah yeah

I’m coming home, oh yeah
And all of this time I’ve been living it up
And all I’ve got left is rubble and dust
Oh oh, I’m coming home

I know if I can find my own way back
There’s a life I always knew but never had
I’m tired of fighting things that I can’t change
Letting me go so I can finally find my place

somebody help me this is gay material

Finding my way Home

The second of my @mores2sl contributions. This story is a modern AU and is rated M for mature subject matter, sexual situations and coarse language. Reader discretion is advised. Also available on AO3 and FFnet.

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It’s past eight when I finally make it to the Hob. The gang is crowded around our usual table, and already it’s littered with bottles and glasses. We have a standing date, drinks and pool every Friday night at six-thirty, but I seldom make it on time. I love my job, but my boss is kind of an asshole and I end up staying late more often than not.

Even from the door I can see that Annie is perched in Finnick’s lap. I thought that when they got married last year the PDAs would stop, but marriage seems to have intensified their need to touch each other. Johanna is beside Finn, and probably stealing swigs of his beer when his attention is diverted. Cressida, Jo’s girlfriend, and Thresh, my neighbour, have their heads bent in serious conversation. And, saving me a seat on the aisle, is my best friend in the world. Peeta.

Every time I see him my chest tightens, just a little. I’m so damned lucky to have him in my life.

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I hate to be greedy but..

I kinda wish we got to see the “Yes Isak, I used up all the paper towels, just to find an excuse to talk to you, Seriously you didn’t think that was weird?” and the “No Isak I didn’t actually lose my ID, I just needed to find a way to get you home with me. Who’s the master of lying now?” discussion. Because we all know that’s coming up next. 


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