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You were walking down Main Street finding your way home. The town of Storybrooke was pitch black at an hour like this. Footsteps sounded behind you. You stopped turning around to see no one there. You took in a deep breath and picked up your pace. In a few minutes, you reached the road where your house was. Just as you turned onto the street, a hand pulled you into an alleyway. You muffled out a scream as the figure placed his hand over your mouth. Your heart paced faster and faster. The last thing you remembered was seeing the man’s face and falling his place his arms around you taking you somewhere.

Your head throbbed as you pried open your eyes, blinking a few times to regain focus. Bright blue eyes stared back at you. “Ah! You’re finally awake.” The man smirked. “Who the hell are you?!” You spoke noticing you were tied up. “Oh? Have we not formally met. I’m sorry. Name’s Jefferson.” the man spoke. “Untie me1″ you shouted getting impatient. The man - Jefferson raised his eyebrow, “That would not be very fun? Now I need you to help me.” “You’re crazy. I don’t know who you are! Why would I help you.” You shouted some more. “No. Not crazy. Now mad, maybe” Jefferson spoke moving closer to you. “Are you ready?” Jefferson whispered winking. 

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Hii 😊 I wanted to say I love your blog. Also I was wondering where did you find stitch at Disney. Me and my Daddy are going there soon. It's his first time.

Like the character or plush?

I got the HUGE plush at a store in Hollywood Studios, was NOT cheap but for Disney, It could be more expensive; but I’m also pretty sure I’ve seen it in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom.

To meet the character, Stitch is usually in Tomorrowland, sometimes you can find him on Main Street though at Magic Kingdom.
He doesn’t seem to come out too often unfortunately. The many times I’ve been there, I’ve only managed to spot Stitch and get a picture with him twice.

If you download the Disney App, you can view what characters are out, where they are, and how long they’ll be there for. You have to make an account, but it’s super helpful when it comes to the trip.
- Luna 🌛

A new donut was added to the Disneyland donut mix today! Welcome the bacon maple bar donut! Freshly made on property with the bacon still crisp and salty that pairs perfectly with that soft maple donut! You can find the Disneyland donuts at the coffee cart on the left of the castle in The Hub! Go early, they sell out in a few hours and you know never what donuts you will find!