finding lost time

mama leia and bb-ben - Want a cookie, Benling? Yes!!!

space mothers know that growing younglings need lots of snacks on Rebellion picnics and pathfinder hikes. ben likes to jump around like a jedi in training and quickly gets really hungry and really cranky on family outings…

//part VI of a small collection of  Leia & BB-Ben doodle tributes for 🌹Princess Carrie Fisher🌹ROTJ throwback <3 yub yub, love you space mum!

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Alex, Maggie, and the Gay Jokes™

loosely inspired by this amazing post


yuuri and viktor inspired by this fanfic by @grayclouds. and i know that the fanart is not as good as the fanfic, but, well, i tried. 

i dont even know what to say about this fanfic im so full of feelings i cant- 

( I’m still alive!! I swear!!

But here’s just a quick lil valentine I made up to send to your favorite Jooniepeople ay. )


Above: the gang™ feat. CRuss
Below: Catherine signing my programme (& me feeling 10000x more nervous than i look)

thank you SO MUCH to everyone we met up with, it was the best day ever :))))))))

petition for the fourth AOS Star Trek to be about going back in time to save the whales.

Ellyna’s fave outfits

I’ve been tagged a life and a half ago to post something about my Inquizzy’s style in fashion (I’m sure I was tagged by @stregatadallostregatto​ and @alpheratz1​ at the very least).

Let’s start by saying I’m terrible at fantasy/medieval fashion, but well, I tried. Also, I incredibly loved doing this, because even though my Ellyna is *cough* pretty similar to me, we dress in a very different way. So, well, it was very fun to do ^^

But enough talking. Here’s how my Ellyna likes to dress :3

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She catches his stare, as if he was looking at a mirage conjured up by some trick of the light. The riverbed continues its flow around her, undisturbed, but she remains stilled, statuesque. A hand extends out, where a lotus remains blooming in her arm, glittering in a light that appears unnatural, yet it is a welcoming glow that now draws his eye. If there is a song she weaves, it is not spilling forth from her lips, but woven into the very light motes that brush his ear. Faint tones he picks up of dulcet words, beckoning him to draw near.

And so he does, until his shoes are now feeling the weight of the water, and his soles sink into the mud. Water climbs up his slacks, and burdens him with each step made, hindering him.

The shadows circle their master, lock him in an embrace, urging him to remain, but he ignores the world around him, and seeks the warmth she emits.

This is their courting, one made of heavy silence, for words are unnecessary when the spirit speaks volumes.

Theirs is a beautiful courting, where flowers are made to bloom even in the darkest corners of this wild garden.

Her smile is painted in a come-hither that lures him, but she now begins to walk to him; the gossamer raiment trails behind her languid approach. She is a mosaic of flowers, for a myriad of blooms crown her hair woven with baby’s breath, and her dress is accented with jasmine, which he found intoxicatingly pleasant.

And he, he is a shadow that draws breath, ink formed into the shape of a man. Long has he haunted her gardens, casting his darkness as far as it could reach. Her flowers suffered in his wake, and the winds whispered of the one who ruled a land devoid of this beauty, a land that did not see the light of life. This king comes in silence, believing himself hidden, but she saw him, she felt him.

And she wanted him. For long he haunted her, but longer had she desired, and waited like a huntress, for her prized prey to make himself exposed.

It was displayed in the way her hips spoke to him, the way her eyes removed the black coat he wore, unbuckled his pants, and made him bare within seconds of him appearing in her peripheral view. His breath was lodged in his throat at the sight of her breasts rising, then falling in a shattering breath.

Now, she was to see a God on his knees.

When he finally is before her, he towers her equally tall frame, and examines her, takes in her scent, and immediately knows that she will unravel him. Her breath is honey, and the nectar, buried in the flowers of her hair, are outmatched. He is pale, as if touched by moonlight only, but his eyes are a blue that remind her of the skies of spring, clear and beautiful, and thus she finds herself lost. For some time they spoke naught, and the day turned to evening.

When she makes a motion to move again, the lotus flower is lifted to his lips, and she reaches for his jawline with the opposite hand, guiding him closer. “Eat it, and be mine,” she whispers the command and he closes his eyes, taking between his teeth, one petal of the lotus, and consumes it whole. To his knees he descends, with hands that shake and come upon her waist, then hips, as he brushes his lips upon her abdomen.

He is entangled in her spell, and spoke her name against her skin. From her he drank ambrosia, and she gave him what he sought for in her garden.

She knew then, the claiming of a God.

you know you’re at least *mentally* in a good place when you weigh yourself to find you’ve lost even more weight, and instead of eating disordered euphoria, your first thought is “shit. that’s not good. that’s not good at all.”

anonymous asked:

i know you write kick ass fics, i probably read all of them (and i love them so much!) but i was wondering if you could share some of your favourite fics? either the ones written by you or someone else?

Thanks so much cutie, I’m really happy to hear that! The fic I personally enjoyed writing the most was All He Ever Wanted, but I have so many fanfics by other authors that I adore. Below are some of my favourite APH Nordics fanfics, along with the synopsis and any pairings the fic has.

My Heart, In Segments by chalupakabra: Berwald is a man left alone, and Peter was a kid left behind. Berwald’s not really the perfect dad, Peter’s not really innocent anymore, and Tino’s not really sure he’s ready for something so real. But, maybe… maybe it’s time. (SuFin)

Gutters by glassamilk: ‘The Calamity’ has left the world stripped and dying. Alone in a civilian bunker in Munich, Sealand will be reunited with the last known living member of his surrogate family and together, they will set out across Europe to find those they have lost. 

Time and Time Again by champagnesly: In the here and now, wanting to feel a part of his new family, Sealand is infatuated with Sweden’s history and begs for stories from the Nordics, all while trying to match-make his Papa and Finland because that’s what sons do best.A story about past and present, love and forgiveness, and family. (SuFin, DenNor)

Coronation by champagnesly: Trondheim, 1906: After years of separation following the Treaty of Kiel, Denmark attends the coronation of Norway’s new king and discover what time had changed between them. (DenNor)

Tub Wars by caladino: This tub ain’t big enough for the both of us. (DenNor)

Bear Wolf by carriecmoney: A one-night stand turns a little tricky, but it’s nothing a few animals can’t handle. (SuFin) 

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes by glassamilk: Denmark is captured by the Black Mercy, an alien plant that slowly kills it’s victims by showing them a dream of their deepest desires. (DenNor, SuFin)