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So I had an idea. It’s not fanfiction, it’s about a writer and their muses, but then I got to thinking, “who would play the characters in this if it WERE fanfiction?” So yeah, here you go.


Gadreel would play drama/angst. When he’s sober, he likes to add a dramatic flare to writing (Ie. Juliet finds out that Romeo has been lying to her for years now). But when he’s drunk, he likes to torture characters, kill them, and make a perfectly good healthy character go rotten. Keep the booze away from this one. 


Sam loves everything romantic. If you give him a plot line, he will more than likely insert a fifty-page chapter about how their eyes locked. He does not get along well with Gadreel, seeing as that angsty sonovabitch always ruins his happy plots! “Love is pain” says Gadreel, and Sam can’t stand it.


Who else but Gabriel? He believes that anything can be funny, puns are his favorite, though. He loves collabing with Dean, because even if they’re so very different, their genres somehow mesh well together. He’s tried to collaborate with Gadreel in the past, but sometimes he makes Gadreel get too sidetracked in laughing his ass off.


Ok but who else but Gunner? “Football. Circa ‘99, Dick Vermeil – best coach. Basketball circa ‘84 –” He spits out random facts about sports, tries to insert them into every single plot, and knows movies of every genre that fit sports into it. He may be a sports loving Jock, but he ain’t no fool.


Dean is sure that licking and sticking can fit into any story. Hell, why do you think that horror movies always have those sexy scenes where the teens get murdered right after boning? Because porn is life. He absolutely adores working with Gabriel, because porn parodies make everybody happy.


John freaking Winchester. Need I say more?


Look at that face. Does that look like the face of a man who would hurt you? Well, yes, Alastair does have that face because…well, he is the horror muse, after all. Gore. Ghosts. Jumpscares. Oooh to see your horrified gaze is ecstasy, he truly truly thrives off of your fear. “I write what comes to me, it’s not my fault that I’ve got delicious amounts of pain flooding through my imagination.” He’s so bad, but when the plot needs it, he’s got the special kind of fear-inducing ability that everyone needs.


Is it any surprise that Sully is the fluff muse? He’s full of sugary sweet goodness, and boy does he love working with Gabriel, laughter is basically the fruit of life. On the other hand, he stays far far away from Alastair and Gadreel. I don’t even need to mention that he and Sam collaborate quite often, making super fluffy romance stories c:


Castiel loves a good mystery. That is all.


Charlie! She was in Oz for crying out loud! SHE LED A (fake) ARMY INTO WAR! If there’s anyone who’d help you write a good ass adventure story, it’s her. She focuses on the journey, and not the destination, so there’s always a world of possibilities. She and John makes the best action/adventure stories in this universe.

Sterling Hyltin and Robert Fairchild in Peter Martins’ Romeo + Juliet, New York City Ballet, February 2015, © Paul Kolnik.

Fairchild and Hyltin zipped across the stage with a dewy intensity that served the story. Romeo and Juliet find themselves in over their heads, and the same was true of Hyltin and Fairchild: young dancers carrying a full-length ballet that required both acting and the physical fortitude to navigate through Mr. Martins’s roller coaster of backbends.

More FBAWTFT beasts suggestions?

Hello, everyone!
First of all, I realise I’ve been a bit less frequent with my oats lately. Turns out exam periods makes it hard to have time for art projects aah;;

But until I’m done with that I’d love some inspiration to hold me over, and I sort of want to draw more Fantastic Beasts…. so if anyone has any more favourite beasts please tell me..! I’m curious >:)
(Or if you have any ideas for certain characters interacting with certain beasts, hit me with those too haha)

The argument over whether Romeo and Juliet were really star-crossed lovers, or whether they were just dumb teenagers smitten with lust is an old one, and I don’t think it will ever be resolved because of how easy it is to argue for both sides. After all, Juliet was just thirteen, and Romeo perhaps sixteen when they met. They only knew each other for three days and had barely spoken before they were racing to get married. Yet much of the language they share is achingly romantic, and they undeniably nurse a deep, uncontrollable passion for each other, naive though it may be.

As I was puzzling over it, I began to think that maybe that’s the whole point. Maybe it’s purposefully left ambiguous, because the entire tragedy stems from us not knowing if it’s true love.

Maybe their relationship would have endured. Maybe Romeo and Juliet would have grown old together, raised a family and been deliriously happy for the rest of their days. Or maybe, as they grew older, they would have come to resent one another. Maybe they would have regretted their hasty marriage and fallen out of love, as teenagers often do. Maybe Romeo’s love for Juliet would have faded as surely as his love for Rosaline did.

We don’t know. We don’t know how their relationship would have progressed because the fighting between their families pushed these kids to make increasingly desperate and stupid decisions. We’ve all experienced those first pangs of love as teenagers, so strong that we were convinced we’d die for the other person, and thanks to the idiotic feud between their parents, these kids were placed into a position where they were forced to follow through on the mad passions of youth.

So were they star-crossed lovers? Were these kids really in love? Would they have lived happily ever after if they had met in another time, under kinder skies?

We don’t know. Therein lies the tragedy. We just don’t know. And thanks to the feud between their families, we will never know.

Dear Juliet,

Find me in a place,
Where you and I can get away.
Where happy endings do exist if I could have you, everyday.

Send me to the skies
and I’ll deliver you the stars.
Each time my eyes would meet your eyes,
I’ll know tomorrow could be ours.

They say it’s a mistake.
“Watch your hearts break in the end”.
But you’re the fire, and my muse.
My unexpected inspiration.
Won’t you give me my sin again?

I lived a life without you once.
But all along,
Tis incomplete.
Made me wonder:
Did my heart love till now?
Forswear it sight.
For I never saw true beauty
till you smiled at me,
And now, you’re everything I need,
(and couldn’t live without).

Cause if we ever were to part,
And taste the sweetest sorrows,
Nothing else would matter.
Tis a poison in my blood
or a dagger to the heart.
No, I can’t stand the thought of losing you tomorrow.

Let’s find ourselves a place
A quiet moment, we can try.
Then we can have our happy ending,
you and I.

If not…
don’t worry.
You, my Juliet,
will always have the stars.
So don’t let the darkness break you.

You can always find me, since
this Romeo will love you every day,
…wherever life may take you.

J. Caesar
Calista Flockhart: 'It's all about getting my theatre fix'
The Ally McBeal star started out in fringe theatre, and has now returned to live performance with staged radio recordings of A Doll's House and The Seagull. She talks to Lisa Marks
By Lisa Marks

An article from 2012 about one of the radio plays she did.  FYI, I was able to find them (Romeo & Juliet, The Seagull, and Doll’s House) in the app store.

pyonshi  asked:

what's Juliet's relationship with all the brothers?

(Mun!Yuki: THANKS MOM!!!!!!! XD )

Kou: Despite getting annoyed with Kou singing (considering it as screeching), Juliet sees him as entertaining and fun. She secretly does enjoy going to his concerts because he’s her uncle. Kou was the one that came up with the nickname “Julie” for her. Juliet likes to continue calling him “Uncle Kou”, because he doesn’t want to be called that while he’s still an idol. As children, Juliet and Leon would both admire Kou’s magical eye, calling it “Really Cool”. Kou finds Juliet amusing because of her similar personality to Ruki’s and how she was able to tell which idols are two-faced or not without him needing to telling her. Juliet also enjoys to team up with Kou to tease Leon with Kou’s magical eye.

Yuma: Juliet enjoys gardening with Yuma, although Yuma would think that Juliet is like a Mini-Female Ruki due to her personality being very similar to her father’s. At a young age, Yuma taught her, along with Leon, on how to garden, which helped them understand hard work and are grateful to him for the experience. As a child, Juliet would always want to ride on his shoulders due to his height, sometimes compare his height with a giraffe’s neck. Although she does disagree on some stuff with Yuma, Juliet still respects him as she understands his reasons and admires and is very supportive his dream of changing the world for more equality, strongly believing that he really could make a difference.

Azusa: Juliet trusts Azusa to a point where she is comfortable to telling him anything; She will often try and make him feel like he’s wanted by telling him her problems and asking favors of because she believes it’s the only way for her showing that she truly does care about him, despite disapproving him as a masochist. Overall, they have a very trusting relationship to a point where Juliet is comfortable with showing her gentle, forgiving side. That’s why if Azusa does something to deceive her (like telling Ruki something that Juliet made him promise to keep secret) or lies to her for her or Leon’s sake, Juliet will always forgive him because she knows he was just trying to help and he wouldn’t hurt her or Leon.


Shu: Juliet doesn’t have much relation, so there is nothing said here. Except the fact that Juliet is kind of in disbelief that Shu is really the eldest son of Karlheinz.

Reiji: Juliet feels rather neutral when it comes to Reiji, with the knowledge that he is the one that takes on the responsibilities and that he is the most decent one out of all of the Sakamaki brothers.

Ayato: Compared to the others, Ayato has the biggest influence on her. Juliet’s love for Takoyaki was all because of Ayato, after staying with “Auntie Yui” and “Uncle Ayato” for the weekend as a child when Ayato wanted Takoyaki and Juliet stole one of his out of curiosity what a Takoyaki tasted like before trying it. Juliet’s love for Takoyaki grew ever since. Ayato was also what influenced her playful side that she shows when pranking Leon. Despite not being the type to play Favorites like her brother, Juliet considers Ayato being her favorite out of the Sakamaki’s, much to Ruki’s chagrin.

Kanato: Just like her mother when she was a teenager, Juliet finds him creepy and stays away from him; However, when she does talk to him, Juliet remains calm and disinterested.

Laito: Because of the warnings she heard from her mother, Juliet will always avoid talking to or be anywhere near Laito.

Subaru: Subaru reminds Juliet of Leon, minus the violence. Despite not having much of a relation with him, Juliet knows only a lot about him due to her uncle (Arata), whom loves to talk about and find a strong fascination in Subaru; Which Juliet and Leon refer to as a crush, despite it may or may be the case.

(Arata is Hisoka’s adoptive brother, whom I will show eventually)

Carla: Juliet admires how he collect paintings, and only respects him because not just the first-blood king, he is the father of her best friend and crush, Thomas. @first-blood-moon

Shin: Juliet feels annoyed with Shin, mainly due to the fact of upon learning of her mother’s experience interacting with him; However, Juliet can only see him as “the one with the Brother complex”.


Kino: No relation yet.