finding julia

Happy late holidays and new year, secret worlders! <3 May the year be filled with beautiful old lesbians. :D

This image inspired a new headcanon for me: Miss Plimmswood is very good at acting more drunk than she actually is. When she hangs out with Templars, she uses this as an excuse to get away with little “improper” things she’d otherwise get in trouble for. She is actually better at holding her liquor than Dame J is.

  • Damen after the fight with Laurent : "if he could give Laurent up he could do this"
  • Literally two pages later
  • Damen : you can't take the cuff
  • Nikandros : the men won't respect you
  • Damen : no
  • Nikandros : Damen please
  • Damen : it's our engagement ring
  • Nikandros : ....
  • Damen : *curling protectively around it* no

Modes of persuasion (insp) (x)



cool idea

the blue moth that escaped the beasts mouth “post mortem” is the last magical essence of Martin Chatwin. Basically, his soul. It finds Julia and either crawls in her mouth in her sleep, or maybe enters her body a-la cacodemon, which I would find really cool, because moth tattoo. Martin exists only in Julia’s perspective, but he exists none the less. Can tell you how many fingers a person is holding behind their back and all that jazz. She has his power, but she has to learn how to control it without turning niffin. Martin helps her because he likes her. And her shade effects him after a while.

When her shade begins to really effect him at first, he’s pissed. He tries to make her get rid of it but she refuses. Julia is determined to hold on to her humanity. He goes missing for a while, but she still feels him.

He comes back. Julia actually missed him for a bit, but doesn’t act like it. They can feel each other’s thoughts, though, so he knows she feels a slight relief upon his return.

He wishes he could have gotten over his trauma with his shade in tact because he misses true feelings. True pain. True love. True happiness. True fear. He admires her determination. That’s why his moth came to her. He still sings from time to time, and the only time he sings to wake her (rudely) is when she’s having night terrors, but then lulls her back to sleep with lullabies.

She discovers her anger made her hasty in her hunt to kill her abuser. But she still wants to kill him to stop him from killing so many innocent people, and to maybe ease the spirits of her fallen friends. She helps Martin rediscover what life is all about. She helps him work through his trauma instead of getting rid of it entirely. When she kills Reynard, the image and voice of Martin Chatwin fades from her mind, but his spirit and powers do not. Julia Wicker is no longer God Touched. She is Survivor Touched.

(p.s. the moth tattoo never fades. it shines when she sings)

Not long after, everyone else woke up to find Lola gone.

Julia: Relax, Milo, she probably just went for a jog.

Miles: Or to get away from you.

Miles shrugged, waiting for his brother to react.

Julia: Miles!

Miles: Julia!

Julia: You’re such a dope.

Miles: I know, and you love me for it.

He grinned, drawing closer towards her.

Milo: Gross. I’m going to go look for Lola.

gamzee’s definitely the kind of troll to wear rainbow toe socks