finding javi

Yuzuru Hanyu appreciating his training partner Javier Fernandez

“When I feel nervous, he (Javier) [is] usually talking about something funny. So, I think I owe what I won to him” (Yuzuru Hanyu 2017)

IM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW. IM JUST SO PROUD OF THESE TWO (and of course to their coaches who also worked hard) CONGRATULATIONS 💕



ok so I watched a playthrough of ep 4 of twdg:anf and of course Javi finds Clem, right? She is all nervous for some reason, so Javi asks her whats wrong and she says, “I’m fine… i’m bleeding, and I know what it is, i’ve traveled with other women before…”

(so she started her period! I was shook, that hadn’t even crossed my mind… when she said she was bleeding i was concerned for a second, I thought she might’ve ruptured something)

so anyways Javi explains it to her and finds pads for her and she just looked so helpless when he gave them to her I swear! He told her Kate could help her and of course, they get back to the others and she goes to find Kate…

Could you imagine how that conversation went like for real!

There’s an option where you choose wether David or Javi distracts the horde. After the choice is made. You play as Clem, who runs into who wasn’t chosen. David/Javi with travel with Clem until running into a group of Walkers. There you find the other brother as Walker. Of David goes, Javi finds him as a walker. If you choose Javi, basically you play as David which would be a fun twist.

metalbutter  asked:

eugene and co. get to ohio where they find javi and his community. they bring javi back to alexandria, where he meets carl and negan and gets along famously with the both of them, and also, i can rest in peace,


Carl and Javi crack open a cold can of pudding and Negan steals Javi’s bat and then tries to adopt him.

58) “Boo.” pt 2

Sammy’s POV

The boys walked me to the backyard as I started throwing things in anger. “How dare he even show his face here? How dare he try to talk to her!” I yelled at myself. “Sam?” I heard a soft voice behind me. I turn around to see y/n awkwardly standing there. “What did he say to you?” I said in a dull voice. “He said, look I know I did you wrong, and I cut him off, then he continued on how he knew he made a mistake 5 years ago.” “He can’t just apologize to you 5 years later! That’s disrespectful to you.” “I know, I know. But calm down please.” She walked up to me and grabbed my face, forcing me to look at her. “You have my heart. Not him. Control yourself in there, alright?” I kissed her forehead and hugged her. “I’ll try.” She went back inside and from the looks of it, the boys were as mad as I was.

We finally cooled down and made our way inside to see y/n smiling and laughing with her old friends and the rest of our crew. I looked around to find Javi in the kitchen alone. I walked into the kitchen and the boys just stayed around the breakfast bar, not facing us, but listening. “Heeeeey Sammy! My boy! When did you and y/n become a thing?” Javi said, trying to be on my good side, I suppose. “4 ½ years ago.” He dropped his smile and looked at me. “That’s great! She’s a great girl you know.” “Oh really?” “Yeah,” “So why did you cheat on her?” “I didn’t mean to. I loved her!” “You didn’t mean to fuck your exgirlfriend at a party where you took y/n? You didn’t mean to break the most gracious girl, on this planet, ’s heart? You didn’t mean to apologize to her 5 years later after the incident? And you didn’t mean any of it? What a relief.” I said sarcastically. He just stood there.

“You are one of the most disgusting things I have ever encountered. You call yourself a man? No man should EVER treat a girl like that. A man is suppose to cherish, love, respect, and care for their woman. Not treat them like some piece of trash, throw her away when you are done but pick her up when you are done with your other hoes. Especially y/n! SHE IS A QUEEN THAT DESERVES A THRONE! She is one of the most incredible girls I have ever met in my life and you didn’t deserve her. And you have the AUDACITY to come here and try to smooth talk her back to you? The audacity to show your face to her?! Did you really love her? Did you really care for her? Did you really respect her? Not enough for you to stop yourself from cheating. You are no longer welcome in this house so get out. Stay away from her, from me, and from the rest of us. Or so help me I will hurt you into more regret.” I clenched my teeth together, pointing at the exit. He started walking and I followed with the boys behind me. He suddenly stopped and turned to me, “You don’t scare me..” He crossed his arms.

Boo.” I said with a straight face, as the boys stood next to me crossing their arms too. He looked at all of us and made his way out the door. Ben patted my back, “That’s my brotha. You good?” He lowered his head to see my face. I just huffed in frustration and turned around to the living room to find everyone staring at the guys and I. I made eye contact with y/n. She walked to me and hugged me tight, “I love you.” I hugged her back, kissing the top of her head, “I love you y/n.”

“Thank goodness someone said something. He’s a real schmoozer, so fucking annoying.” Jessica said laughing, as the others agreed. “He’s still a real douche after all these years. I can’t believe he tried getting back together with you.” she continued. She walked up to us, “Y/N, you got a real one on your hands. The way Sam just stood up for you, is how it’s supposed to be. You’re in good hands. I still like you Sam, you’re good for her. Keep it that way.” She smiled at us as I put her in between us to hug her.

Writer’s note: Ladies and gentleman, remember that you have dignity. If your s/o cheats on you, THINK MANY TIMES before you decide to take them back. Is it the right thing to do? Is it beneficial? Will you forget about it? Will you forgive them? Will you be happy? Please have more pride in leaving their sorry asses behind because you know damn well you deserve better! You deserve someone who will treat you the way you should be treated, LIKE A KING/QUEEN YOU REALLY ARE. So please, pick yourself back up and leave the cheater behind, it’s a load off your shoulders, trust.

*Let’s talk about theater nightmares. Have you ever had one?*

Just one? [Laughs]

*Do you have a recurring one that you think, “Why do I keep having this same nightmare?”*

With “Hamilton,” my current one is I forget a line, because there’s no fixing that. And it happened yesterday during the evening show. We were doing “My Shot,” and there were two points where I was so exhausted my brain was like, “You want to sleep,” and literally in the middle of a rap, I’m like, “Uhhhh.” And I kept going because you got to jump right back in ― it’s a hot second but it feels like a truck drove by, you know? That’s absolutely my nightmare and it happens every now and then, but that’s the nature of the beast.

*What are your warmups like? I heard you don’t sing before so you can save every ounce of your voice for the show, but do you work out or anything?*

Oh, absolutely. I’ll always hit the gym or do some sort of workout at home before the start of my day because that sort of just puts everything in alignment. As for approaching the actual show itself, 100 jumping jacks — it gets the adrenaline going and it gets the breath connected really deep. And then just something to make me sweat, whether it’s pushups or some sort of exercise that’s going to work up a little bit of a sweat on top of the jumping jacks. Then jaw stretches, making sure this all feels nice and pliable, and then I do steam. Then there’s a very precise vocal warmup that hits my plosives, hits my vowels, just making sure the sound is coming forward, and that’s it. That’s all I need — just to know everything’s functioning and percolating and then I’m ready to do the show.

*And do you have any rituals before the show?*

I don’t, actually. With “In the Heights” I had so many because I was so daunted by it. But the thing about being in the room to help build this show is there were so many times that I didn’t even know I was going to be called upon to do the run-through that day. At a moment’s notice, Lin might need to watch, so I was always ready. There was no time to be scared. It was like, “Jav, we need you to do the thing.” And I was like, “OK! Here we go.” And because of that, and knowing I could successfully get through the show without any sort of prep or focus time or anything, now it’s just like, once I’m warmed and ready, let’s do it.


*How overwhelming does the fandom get for you? I’m sure you appreciate it very much, but there have to be moments when you kind of want to turn it off.*

I don’t know. It’s not too much, it’s just whether or not I have the energy in the moment to engage because our schedule is so rigorous and the show’s got to come first. My voice has to rest, my body has to rest, so whatever I need has to come first for my execution of the show and if I have the energy and time to engage with fans, that’s great! I will! And if I don’t, I gotta go home or I gotta get into the theater or I gotta just be in the zone that I need to be in. So its not really daunting at all, it’s sort of wonderful that there are so many people who are connected to the show and get inspired by the show and if they can’t get the ticket, just want to be at the stage door to see you, that’s really beautiful. So if I can engage, I try.

*There’s some new cast members now, so how’s the vibe going? It’s probably spicing up the show a bit, I mean, “Sexy Hamilton” right here!*

Lord, have mercy! [laughs] But, this is the thing we know no matter what: this creative team and producers are so invested in the show itself that no one who is cast can be second-guessed. We all know that anyone who’s walking into that building as a new cast member has gone through the most rigorous process and that they picked the right person for the job. You just know that. It’s evident in the first initial group that we were off-Broadway with, it was evident in the new people who came in when the cast expanded and we transferred to Broadway ― it was perfect fits, and so you just know. We all have that confidence that whoever is walking in that building, they belong here. And it’s about discovering the new relationships and what they are and the new energies and how we all interact.

*Can you talk a little bit about how “Hamilton” has opened a door for diversity?  The fact that Hamilton can be played by any race, any gender – what’s it like being a part of a show like this?*

It’s about time. I think your audience will always tell you what they want and, clearly, it’s not affecting our ticket sales. It’s not like people don’t want to see “Hamilton.” I think audiences have been ready for a long time with diversity and what they see in their entertainment, all across the board with film, TV or theater. And so, I think it’s fantastic that there’s enough opportunity to go around. It’s wonderful to have your moment and watch someone else have their moment, because the opportunity is so broad. And I hope it keeps growing that way.