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there’s no canonical age for wesley so i did what i normally do and tracked down how old alexis denisof is to get a ballpark estimate and apparently he was born two years after my mother? like. oh my god

Dialogue Prompts

1. “I can’t believe you got us banned from here.”

2. “Why are you standing on top of two chairs and like eleven books?!” “I couldn’t reach that candle.”

3. “Do you really need another mug?” “I can’t believe you just asked me that.”

4. “I’m not kissing you, even if it’s for a play, no way!”

5. “Did you just apologize to the chair you walked into?”

6. “You guys find it hot in here right?” “Yeah it’s because I just walked in.”

7. “Isn’t space fascinating?” “No there’s like a million ways to die out there, and I refuse to float around before having a George Clooney mirage.”

8. “No, no keep going. You’re a really good singer.”

9. “When did you take these pictures?!”

10. “You’re terrible.” “I’m actually not terrible, I’m (name), but I understand the confusion.”

11. “What are the chances you’ll pose nude for me?” “It’s three a.m.” “Inspiration strike at random times, so what do you say?”

12. “I know your the one stealing all my sweaters.”

13. “Hush child.” “I’m older than you…?”

14. “When you look at me like that it makes me want to kiss you so stop.”

15. “Why are you on my balcony? Wait how did you even get on here, you live three floors above me.”

More langst for the soul

So I decide to countinue the langst post I made.

The team do eventually find him. For a guy who is a living legend he sure is hard to track down. And on just one small planet! When they do find him they try to calm him down and make sure he doesn’t shoot them with the scary bayard. He does return. Because he missed his crew even if he was blinded with revenge against the entire fucking planet. 

The crew decide to leave for the better. They decide to go back to the balmera. On while settling on the balmera Keith helps out Lance. Lance is often triggered by things and Keith in galra form is one those things that does the exact opposite. Galra Keith is fluffy and nice and he makes Lance feel good.

Coran also helps him out. He knows what it is like to loose just about everyone you care about and want to kill the race that destroyed them. He knows many calming techniques and it is really good.

Shiro is also a big help. PTSD is something he is very familiar with and he doesn’t like lance dealing with that. He helps him face his demons and win. Helps home get control of it. 

Lance becomes a better person from it all

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Ok to make the game serious. First off, less "omygawdsenpai" stuff. I don't think any of them should call him senpai, it doesn't fit. Less romantic interactions from the rivals. Who says the rivals even like Senpai like that? I mean the only person telling you who's a rival is Info-chan (who isn't necessarily a trustworthy ally). Wouldn't it be a bittersweet twist or something if all the girls never even crushed on him (and the confession game overs are Ayano's imagination). Also. No pedos. No.

plus, let us have some stuff into ayano’s family? i have a feeling there will be little to just gestures of what going on with her family and the whole “we have to find this journalist guy in the USA” and everything her mom did and how her dad is taking it.

this game could have a lot of good potential, but honestly, it not going to go anywhere close to how it could be in his hands.

So about the Squid Sisters..

I dunno why but I think of the two Callie would be more of a memer than Marie??? It’s just that she has more more memes about her than Marie (That I’ve seen) So.. I have a mission for you guys. Find a gud meme about Callie and reblog it here. We can even take Marie memes, or any meme about the Squid Sisters. Go, hurry my children. We need more memes.

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So i am a wlw and everything on my blog literally yells "sapphic ". A boy on here started liking all of my pictures and telling me how cute I am that I should be more confident and that his compliments are sincere because he has a girlfriend. I just ignored him but he kept going on and now he has also said that one day I'll find the right guy. I don't know if he's really oblivious or if he is telling me. But his compliments made me uncomfortable. What should I do?

my first thought is to block him, but if you don’t want to do that then i’d suggest messaging him and possibly telling him that you’re into girls and aren’t interested in a boyfriend, something along those lines. also, tell him straight up that some of the things he says makes you uncomfortable. if he responds badly, block him. good luck, anon💜

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Chrason at a college frat party please? 😙

All it took was thirty seconds of looking elsewhere for Jason to lose track of Chris. Seriously, he’d said specifically to his boyfriend ‘stick close, the party’s gonna be crazy and I don’t want to have to break up a fight because you copped an attitude with the wrong person’ and as soon as Jason didn’t have his attention 100% on him, Chris had gone and disappeared. ‘Asshole.’ He swore silently to himself, moving through the crowd and trying to find the other guy.

Of course Chris wasn’t a baby, he could take care of himself. But Jason was not paranoid, he was just caution. Frat parties were crazy and loud and busy, there was no one else here that knew Chris. And so, Jason felt it was his responsibility to keep an eye on him. The concern wasn’t born out of anything beyond a mild worry when one misplaced a friend, it had nothing to do with either Jason’s minor anxieties when it came to crowds (has Chris not wanted to check the scene out, he wouldn’t be within 500 yards of the place) or fear over his boyfriend getting hurt or lost. It was just a friendly worry, and Jason pretended his heart wasn’t beating a little faster with every minute he went without sight of Chris.

“Hey, J!” His head snapped around at the familiar voice, and Jason sighed in relief at the sight of his very smiley boyfriend waving excitedly. “Come over, I’m kicking ass at beer pong! This sucker offered up a 50!” Of course; Chris had some kind of supernatural skill when it came to drinking games. The beer pong table really should have been his first guess. As Jason made his way over, three things happened: he noticed the very angry look on the other player’s face, he saw the three other equally annoyed guys beside him, and he saw Chris toss the ball with scary accuracy right into the other guy’s cup and let out a loud whoop. 'Oh fuck.’

The other guy swore loudly, and he and his friends stepped around the table, towering over Chris with a very pissed off expression. “No way, rematch.” The leader hissed and Chris, ever cocky and stupid and so god damn infuriating that Jason sometimes wanted to strangle him, shrugged. “Nah. I won. I’ll be taking that $50 you bet me now.” He said nonchalantly, holding out a hand expectedly. The guy grabbed Chris’s wrist, gripping hard enough to bruise. “I said, rematch.”

Jason finally reached the table and stepped forward, knees bent a little and hands already balled into fists like he’d done probably 3 or 4 times before considering Chris’s penchant for mouthing off. “I’d take your hands off him now.” He said calmly, the other guy turning to give him a fierce glare. “Or else what?” He sneered, and Jason smiled. “Or else this.” He replied cheerily, promptly punching the guy hard enough in the jaw to knock him into the beer pong table. “Okay run!” Jason grabbed Chris’s arm, and the two peeled out of there, Chris laughing like a mad man and the the two dodging and weaving through the crowd until the guy and his friends were long gone. “That was awesome! Let’s go to another party!” Chris cheered behind him, and for a second Jason considered turning and punching him in the face too.

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"Trust me, darling, I can give you a real reason to sweat." Brendon Urie

For this entire week, your boyfriend Brendon has decided to be a little horny shit with you. It was the most annoying but also the most adorable thing ever to you, mostly annoying though because of the way he would whine like a little kid.
You couldn’t lie to yourself, you felt so beautiful and wanted by him, you actually never thought that you would find a guy that would actually be this attracted to you. But now that you have someone as handsome and goofy like Brendon, well, let’s just say that it was getting harder and harder to say no, but at the same time you couldn’t really bring yourself to have intercourse with your man because of how tired you would be from your job. Working in a very popular outside bar was fun, but very tiring, and because of that it was badly interfereing with your sex life.

Your boyfriend was acting up yet again, he was just watching you change take off your work clothes, meanwhile you also searched for your pj’s in one of the dressers. He was sat up in bed, arm crossed like a grumpy toddler who just threw a tantrum.

“Things are turning blue you know..” He suddenly blurted out.

You looked at him amusingly, snorting as you went back to finding your nightwear…

“I’m being serious (Y/N)!”

“Brendon! Babe I am sorry but my body just hasn’t been up for sex, I wish I could be as horny as you believe me but unfortunately my job takes it all away.”

“Serving drinks takes it all away?” He asks with a bored stare.

“Well when it’s out in this hot ass weather and you get billions of customers everyday yes! It’s sweaty work!”

A loud gasp would release itself from you the moment you felt him press up against you from behind, a strong arm snaking around you as you felt his warm breath brush against your ear while he whispered..

Trust me darling, I can give you a real reason to sweat.

“Brendooon…” You say in a warning tone, but the smile was easily detected, followed by a small giggle. Your breath hitched as soon as you felt his firm but gentle touch on your bare thigh. Watching your beautiful figure just standing there in front of his chocolate orbs made it quite impossible for your man to keep his hands to himself. Of course if you told him to stop he would, no matter how much he dreaded it, but since you are not exactly protesting, he’ll just happily seduce you then…

You bit your glossed lip, feeling the way his huge palm traveled from your leg, to your bra strap, pulling it down slowly to reveal your right boob and proceeding to massage it, meanwhile his lips pressed against the flesh of your neck…

“Mmmm…” You moaned, starting to grind your ass against his already hardening penis.

“God how I missed that sweet sound of yours…miss you screaming my name too..”

“Hm hm, then what are you waiting for handsome?” You start, pulling him away from you by the hair and turning to face him…

“Make me scream your fucking name.” ❤️


brooklyn nine nine is really good to us when it comes to friendships, because every character has such unique friendships and bonding scenes with the others but i dont think we talk about rosas and charles friendship enough because damn:

- we start the show with charles being head over heels for rosa, who is clearly not interested

- rosa tells him, very clearly, that she thinks hes sweet and really likes him as a friend but shes not interested in dating him

- it takes charles some time to get over her, but he does!! apologizes for being weird and making her uncomfortable!! and they go on having an incredibly strong and close friendship!!

- at one point charles even takes a bullet for her, which could have led to the whole “just give him a chance” trope but nope b99 doesnt do that bs, they talk it out and they never end up together

- they are so close that charles even helps rosas bf to plan for her birthday because he knows her so well!! she loves it!!

- rosa asks charles to be her bridesmaid because they are so close and she knows charles would love that!! he does!!

- charles plans her the best bachelorette party and rosa absolutely loves it!! she gets so excited she literally lifts charles up from the floor??

- sometimes between working cases they go to have foot massages together?? that was so cute??

- charles helps rosa text her boyfriend?? because shes not that great at pickup lines?? how cute??

- the writers could have easily opted to go with the “less attractive man falls for his way hotter coworker whos not interested but ends up giving him a chance because he is nice (and wont stop pestering her)” trope but instead we got this beautiful beautiful brotp


thank you nine nine


Hey guys! I am so unbelievably happy to announce that my secret project is officially finished! After four solid months of work, Table Fables is complete. 

Now, Table Fables is a labor of love - 84 illustrated pages of item tables and generators to make dungeon masters’ lives a little easier. Inside you’ll find a ton of cool things including but not limited to: a full character generator, a disease generator, a kingdom generator, potion generator, a magic items table, a scavenging table, a curse table, a dream table and a ton of other little fun things!

If you want to check it out on Amazon, click here! It’s a super cheap, fun little book meant to make DnD a little more interesting. Thanks for reading!