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Can you do their reaction to you being horny and needy


His hands made their way up your thigh; he had a tight grasp on your ass. He looked at you and with a smirk he whispered

“I love hearing you beg for me like that, now I want to hear you yell for me”


He grabbed you by your hair, pulling you close to him. He forcefully grasped your thighs, leaning down into you to whisper

“Always so needy”


He smiled and took your hands to pull you as close as you could get before leaning down and whispering

“I want you so bad right now”


He picked you up and laid you down on the couch; he started to kiss you. His talking got a lot deeper and slower as his hands started to wonder around your body. He said with a straight face

“How bad do you want me?”


He came from behind and started to kiss you, he left hickies all around your neck before taking off your shirt and leaving more

“You’re so fucking hot when you’re like this"


Hearing you beg like this just made him even more horny. He slowly placed your hands on your waist. He began to pull you closer

“All you ever have to do is ask”


He grabbed your wrists and pinned you against the wall. He kept you there for a minute before sliding his hand up your shirt and running his hands on your lower back. He jerked you as close as he could get you and said

“Baby, hearing you whine just makes me want to fuck you even harder”


My favorite youtubers/streamers as things I've said/done.
  • Delirious: the hop top- hota- hoptic- hoptopadap- the hot pockets are done.
  • Minx: you can straighten my hair, but you can't straighten me.
  • Entoan: *wakes up at like one in the afternoon* I need a nap.
  • Moo: *friend is sad* I will hug and smooch the heck out of you.
  • Nogla: *switching between like, four tabs with different videos* I have a short attention span leave me alone.
  • Terroriser: I make too many jokes about my sexuality. *continues to make them*
  • Panda: I'm gonna warn you, i'm bad at this game *accidentally kills my teammates repeatedly* I warned you.
  • Smii7y: Meme machine is my theme song.
  • Mini: *dyes hair blue* I'm the mega smurf.
  • Wildcat: *in a bad mood* touch me and i'll kick you.
  • Cory: *finds random cut/bruise on body* deMONS! // *lights flicker* not todAY DEMONS!
Vince For Now

Knowing Vince and his buddy Cory were quite tight. Max took the opportunity and befriended Cory. They actually became good friends. Hanging out during weekends together. Went partying together. With Vince constantly out of the country to do photo-shoots. They became inseparable. They were like brothers. 

But Max didn’t forget his ultimate goal. To be Vince Krowaski. Cory told Max about Vince doing a get-together since he wasn’t that busy for the next few days. Max said you would passed. Lying to Cory he wasn’t feeling a 100. Cory nonchalantly believed him. As Cory went to peed before leaving Max’s place, Max moved his plan into motion. When Cory opened the restroom door, Max jabbed Cory with the sedative he gotten in pharmacy with a fake prescription. Cory wasn’t able to react and slowly passed out with his eyes dead stared at Max. After twenty-or-so minutes, Cory was fully unconscious and Max took off his clothes. Max slowly undressed Cory while admiring Cory’s body. It wasn’t the most muscular body, but it was toned. Max flipped Cory over and  started fucking Cory. As he fucked Cory, he slowly became Cory and Cory slowly became Max. 

The new Cory came after fucking the new Max for half an hour. He cleaned up the mess he made and cleaned the cum with his new underwear. He wore those cum-stained underwear and put on rest of his new outfit. He also helped the new Max dressed up. He used his new voice and woke Max up. It was a cute Midwestern voice. When the new Max woke up in a confused state, Cory lied and said he passed out. The new Max didn’t remember ever being Cory. For all he knew he had been Max Johnson for the rest of his life. They parted ways. The new Cory knew he was meeting up with Vince tomorrow and he was fucking excited. 

The day came and both of them and few other friends met up for a drink. They drank for hours and finally called it a night at one in the morning. Cory followed Vince home as he knew the old Cory had something going on with Vince. They chilled on the couch and took a few photos. They talked about a lot of stuff which Vince didn’t noticed anything different about Cory. They got thirsty and Vince went to made something to drink. While Vince was making the drinks, Cory prepared the syringe with sedative he brought and hid it in his pocket. When he was done, he went to Vince and wrapped in hands around Vince’s waist. They made out a little and while Vince was into it Cory jabbed the needle onto Vince’s neck. Vince couldn’t react to it and gave a confused look while slowly falling unconscious. 

After half an hour, Cory took off his clothes knowing Vince is fully unconscious. Cory took off Vince’s clothes piece by piece and was surprised that Vince was wearing two underwear. Cory did the same thing that got him his current form. He got hard and fucked Vince. The more Cory pounced, the more he looked like Vince. Half an hour had passed and Cory had became Vince and Vince had became Cory. 

The new Vince came all over the new Cory. He licked every cum that he got out thus sealing the transformation. He wore his new clothes which smelled so husky. The two underwear cupping his new cock and balls were so comfortable. He went to his new room and cut away those annoying bangs. He styled his hair like how the old Vince would style it. He took out his new phone and started recording himself. He took off the black Under Armour t-shirt first then his pants. 

He teased the camera a little while he took off the first pair of underwear. ‘God, I look so fucking hot. Fuck yeah I took that necklace and it’s now mine. Fuck! I’m so hot!.’ The new Vince grunted. 

The new Vince disappointed the camera when a Calvin Klein underwear was reveled underneath the first pair of underwear. He gave the camera that sexy gaze of his and hit stop on the recording button. He put everything on again and went to find Cory who was still unconscious. He try waking Cory up but to no avail. He carry Cory to his room and dressed him up and went in bed with him. He woke up the next day finding Cory in the kitchen making breakfast. They kissed and had breakfast. They fucked after breakfast and Cory left and went home.

‘Maybe this is the one.’ The new Vince said while thinking of all the people he had experienced in. Max was just of them. He found Max in campus when he was in this football jock’s body. He did it the same way he usually does it like how he did it with Cory and Vince. Syringe, sedative and fuck. He kinda forgot who was he originally. He just knew he loved this kind of experiences with no significant consequences. If he fucked up, he just fucks off. ‘Fuck this, I’m Vince Krowaski now. Might just enjoy it as it is. Fuck, I’m hot.’ Vince said.

One year has passed since Vince became his true self. He loved every second of being Vince Krowaski. The attention. The job. The pay. The body. The face. The mind. Everything was perfect. His outfit was on point everyday. So was his hair. 

He even gotten few new tattoos. The tatts suit his body. He worked out by following a tight schedule. Keeping this body in shape. He loved this body so much. The dedication put into it was none like before.

‘Fuck. I look fucking good. Might as well have this for the rest of my life. Unless I get old and I’ll just get a restart again.’ Vince said while taking a couple of photo he might post on Instagram. 

My Riarkle Fanfic Masterpost


오늘 슈키라!!!! 모두들 꼭 청취하세요💕
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I honestly hate myself for how ridiculously attractive I find Cory Michael Smith as the Riddler…like he’s the most basic fill for that tall, sorta lanky, dark haired thing which I’m generally weak as fuck for but I legit can’t help myself 😭😭😭

My mind is telling me nooooo, but my body! My body is telling me ye-e-es!


24k’s the real one | 9/? - favorite albums of 2016