finding an advisor

I’ve been feeling productive so I’m taking a picture of myself

imagine this:
magnus is working on a spell when simon interrupts him because “magnus?”
“yes, sean?”
“do you think… raphael is going to find a new advisor to the interim chapter president? i mean… i know i betrayed him and he’s still mad at me but… he’s not going to replace me, right?“ and magnus is like “these vamps are so blind and stupid oh my god”

More SuperSonic Trainers AU Teams!

Gym Leaders of the Eight Kingdoms

Each Gym Leader will be considered the leader of the entire area one would be exploring (Since I’m tying Pokemon to Sonic, wouldn’t it be fascinating if there’s more than one Region you’re exploring? Well, if not, I’m doing it anyway), and I’ve figured I’d try and make each spoken place in Post-Reboot Archie/Underground/Games Sonic connect to one another without causing too much of a collapse. More under the cut:

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you ever think chowder and lardo smoke and watch episodes of a korean drama (”boys over flowers is a modern shitshow. i love it.”) or bob ross on netflix in the bathroom. 

maybe, they’re not smoking and painting their nails in the bathroom at three in the morning. maybe they’re out on the reading room, or like driving thirty minutes out of samwell to find an decent boba place–“i mean, for the east coast”. 

maybe chowder picks up journaling again and he asks lardo about what she feels when her parents come into town. 

maybe for lunar new year’s, lardo takes chowder to boston. 

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Choosing an Advisor

Finding some who matches your research interest(s), primary field, secondary field, regional specialty, theoretical inclinations, work ethic, life philosophy, etc but also has networks, name recognition, etc who will also push for your success in ways unbeknownst to you AND is someone you respect, like, get along with, and can see a happy future with makes me want cry.

Oh. And even though it takes time to cultivate some of these traits, their AGE could offset everything. And gender.

Choosing an advisor > finding a partner

Everyone knew that time would come, but none had expected it to be this fast. Sinbad tried to dress Ja’far in the most beautiful robes he could find, his advisor deserved them. But in the end they let him wear his old, official robes. Ja’far loved them and his friends knew that Ja’far’s last moments on the planet had to be in a way he wanted it to be.

I think the death fics finally killed me

Not sure I understand the hate towards Tyrion from this latest episode. As far as I’m aware, all Tyrion knows about Theon is that he betrayed the Starks, and in part led to their downfall. He does not know the reason for his betrayal, and he certainly does not know the extent of his suffering. So when he said that Theon deserved to die, he was in part justified given his limited awareness. I’m not excusing what Tyrion said, but as viewers/readers, we have a unique insight into the minds of all these characters, and we should not expect them to behave as if they have our knowledge.

fandoms-ruin-lives  asked:

I'm starting at a community college this year and I like to talk with my school counselors about my class. But the problem is he seems to be giving me bad advice and I don't know if can trust him. For example he told that I wouldn't have to fill out a fafsa form every year, it was just once and your done. I started to feel suspicious so I googled it and he was wrong. Should I keep taking his advice?

Oh dear. You definitely need to fill out the FAFSA every year if you plan on requesting financial aid. If you’re not comfortable working with this counselor, you can put in for a transfer to another one. If at all possible, find a counselor/advisor who works in your major so they’ll better understand your goals and also it looks better when you transfer.