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No Son Of Mine, Peter + Yondu, Chapter 1

Yondu Udonta is many things, but a good father ain’t one of them - despite his best efforts.

Peter Quill is many things too, several of which he denies. Of these, the one he denies most stridently is when his captain calls him ‘son’.

In which making the shift from 'heavily abused Kree slave’ to 'captain’ to 'father’ is a long and painful journey, for everyone involved.

CN: moderate child abuse, mentions of serious past child abuse

Yondu’s thought processes can be conveyed through simple flow diagrams. One thing leads to another, leads to another, leads to the next.

This isn’t to say he ain’t smart. In fact, if there’s one lesson he’s learned since Stakar slashed his name from the official Ogordian Archives and sent him and his crew out into the big bad galaxy, it’s that oftentimes it’s safer to pretend to be a helluva lot dumber than you are. But at the same time, Yondu’s a doer, not a thinker. No endless pontification or pouring over the outcome of an action; nosiree. He’d rather just do it, and deal with the shit that hits the fan only once the stinky brown gunk is airborn.

You want money? You steal money.

You want respect? You earn it.

You wanna be captain? You prise that golden flame off your predecessor, by force if you gotta.

For every problem there’s a solution, and where Yondu’s mind fails to summon one up, his experience always provides. Which is why when Peter refuses to stop crying five whole hours after Yondu yanks him away from his dead carrier and his granddad, Yondu does what had been done to him a thousand times as a child.

He slaps him.

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