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anonymous asked:

So why does the pixar thing upset you?

Because the media/people are trying to throw pixar a round applause for doing not even the bare minimum when it comes to LGBT representation when other animated studios are actually making strides in this very field doing the same thing. Shows like Steven Universe, Clarence, Avatar etc have made very deliberate attempts that are not as subtle as a 5 second cameo in children’s media to include LGBT people in the narrative.

 Movies like the Box trolls and Paranorman have also made efforts to include LGBT people unapologetically and without confusion or leaving the scene up to interpretation. To be precise I am not upset with PIxar but rather the media and everyone else acting as if Pixar has just saved animation with this extremely minor detail. So I think it’s a tad dangerous when we act as if this is revolutionary because in context what are we applauding here? A 2 second MAYBE cameo of LGBT people? To me it should be treated as a nice little detail, but nothing more than that.