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Sorry I'm stupid I scanned the list and it didn't jump out at me... (or maybe I was looking at the wrong list) but I'm looking for a fic where still-not-over-hijacking-Peeta kidnaps Katniss while (I think) they're getting ready to start Star Squad missions and takes her off into the woods/cabin....

Hi there! That sounds a lot like Stockholm Syndrome by ohalaskayoung.  Let us know if that’s not the one you were thinking of.

The Awesomeness of Hufflepuff
  • Person:I like Hufflepuffs! They're particularly good finders lol.
  • Me:...
  • Person:I mean, they're just kind of average, aren't they? There's nothing really special about them. They don't really do anything.
  • Me:...
  • Me:Cedric Diggory was selected by the Goblet of Fire as the most worthy student of Hogwarts. He then proceeded to win (tie) the Triwizard Tournament fair and square, despite a Death Eater rigging it for Harry to win and Fleur and Victor both getting assistance from their cheating headmasters. Not to mention how he defended Harry (his opponent) against injustice done by his own supporters.
  • Me:Nymphadora Tonks let her very hair stand in rebellion of the world's expectations. She overcame the intense prejudice of the world and married a werewolf. She also worked undercover at the Ministry of Magic for the Order, then fought and died in the Battle of Hogwarts, despite having every excuse to stay out and stay safe.
  • Me:Pamona Sprout--the hero of Hogwarts who saved every single Petrified student when the Chamber of Secrets was opened.
  • Me:Ernie Macmillan stood up to the murderous Heir of Slytherin (or so he thought) to defend his good friend Justin, then admitted his mistake and apologized to Harry when he realized he'd been wrong.
  • Me:Susan Bones lost her ENTIRE family to Death Eaters over the course of the two wizarding wars. Yet she still chose to fight in Dumbledore's Army rather than succumbing to fear.
  • Me:The Fat Friar was executed for saving as many people as he could from the pox and was known for his willingness to give second chances, even after his death.
  • Me:Helga Hufflepuff was the only founder willing to teach ALL students willing to learn because give it a break guys, they're 11 years old.
  • Me:Hufflepuffs are loyal and true and fair and STILL manage to kickass against the traitors and the liars and the cheats.

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So for some reason, despite the many years I've been reading Everlark fic, I've never read Radio Rebel by Overtheanvilwestretch. On ff they put an extra chapter as a preview to the sequel 'Sounds of Summer' but have never found the actual sequel. Did they ever expand from that chapter or did Radio Rebel remain Sequeless? I'm dying from suspense!

Hello, as far as well can tell the author has not posted the sequel “Sounds of Summer.”  We can encourage you to contact the author. We’ve found from personal experience that a well­written, complimentary review will often inspire the author to continue.

Here is the story that is mentioned above:

Radio Rebel - overtheanvilwestretch