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The entire third episode was about him developing from "noooo I killed a humaaan" to accepting it as necessary via the flashback with his father. I think what'll shock him is if/when he finds out about the cult's origins and realize that the Daughters actually never had a choice.

which is why I’m eagerly awaiting next week’s episode – I wanna see how Ashi and Jack interact when they aren’t just fighting.

I got to thinking recently and I realized that Yuri on Ice is the first anime I’ve felt passionate about in years.

It’s the first anime in a long time for me, where I wanted to get involved with the fandom, write fanfiction, support artists and their beautiful art, analyze scenes from the anime and create theories, share memes and jokes and just have fun with people who love the same show.

The new YOI episode is always the highlight of my week, it’s the one thing I look forward to. It’s what I get excited about for 6 days and rave about for the next 6 days until the new one is out.

I probably haven’t felt like this for any anime since 2014.

And finding love for anime when I was beginning to think that I might never find a new favorite, might never enjoy something the way I did at the when I first encountered the medium is a beautiful thing.

I also think that I’m not alone with these feelings. I think this anime means a lot to many people, whether it’s because of the characters and the narrative, the animation, the sport itself, the representation and diversity within the cast, or just their love for their ships and memes and fun.

I know there are many people out there who are already tired of hearing about Yuri on Ice all the time, whether it’s from their friends, on their dash, in the anime community in general or wherever else. I know there are people out there who see the fans of the show, see how much they talk about it and soon label them as ‘stupid’ or ‘childish’ or ‘insane’ or whatever else. But please, try to understand that the reason we pay so much attention to it is because it’s important to us.

I know it’s tiring, I know you may not agree with us on many issues, but please bear with us. All of this will only last for another 7-8 weeks. Please let us enjoy this short period of time with all the fangirling/boying we wish to give it without making us feel guilty for it. As long as no one is getting hurt, I am rather certain that we do not deserve to feel bad just for being excited and enjoying an anime.

Yuri on Ice allowed me to meet a number of great people, it made me want to return to ice skating even though I quit the sport years ago, it made me want to return to playing piano even though I gave up years ago, it gave me hope in the anime industry as whole, and most importantly it made me love an anime even though I thought I stopped being capable of that years ago.

I’m just a queer woman from Eastern Europe but Yuri on Ice made me feel like I matter. I will never be ashamed of being a fan of the show.


Tonight’s episode was absolutely amazing. Like watching the comics. SOOO SOOO SOOO HAPPY that Carl is getting his comic arc. Chandler knocked it out of the park this episode(along with JDM ofc). The chemistry really works. Can’t wait for next week. But first, I must find a more HD picture of Carl’s eye. LOOKS SOO GOOD

Things I’m not ready for:

  • Magnus finding out Alec’s unconscious
  • Magnus giving zero fucks about anyone who stands in his way of him getting to Alec and throwing a Shadowhunter against a wall with a magic fucking fireball
  • Magnus seeing Alec unconscious
  • Magnus trying to heal Alec
  • Magnus maybe kissing an unconscious Alec because he thinks he’s lost him
  • Magnus in next week’s episode

‘The Flash’: Candice Patton on Barry and Iris’ Growing Rift

“The tension between Barry and Iris has much more to do with their relationship and their future,” Patton told Variety about whether the rift has more to do with losing Wally or the engagement. “They’re both devastated and depressed at the nature of where their relationship is headed.”

Patton also said that Iris’ choice about the engagement will be solidified in this week’s episode.

“Next episode, Barry goes into the Speed Force to find Wally and try to bring him out — and you see Iris fearing for both Barry and Wally wondering if they’ll get out — and I think Barry being gone makes Iris kind of question her decision on holding off on the engagement,” Patton said. “We’ll see her really struggle with her decision, and by the end of the episode we’ll see her make a choice about whether to move forward with her decision.”

“You’ll see two versions of Iris in the [musical] episode,” she said. “The Iris that we know and love, and a person they [Barry and Kara (Melissa Benoist)] think is Iris but is actually a completely different character named Millie. She’s the sassy daughter of two gangsters — played Victor Garber and Jessie Martin — and she’s madly in love with Mon-El’s character (‘Supergirl’s’ Chris Wood), whose name is Tommy. They’re fighting for their love, because both of their families do not want them to be together.”

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Fangirl Problem #9

When you find an anime, manga or book you absolutely love and want to read more of, only to find out it will be weeks, months or even years before the next episode, chapter or book comes out. 

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Nevermind the fact that with manga you need to wait even longer because someone still needs to translate it for your lazy ass that won’t learn Japanese.

Honestly, fangirls have some serious patience. 

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The face of a girl who is ready to live her best life.
Every waiting second kills me inside a little, knowing that all i need is a doctors prescription and monitoring to start transitioning.
It is actually emotionally abusive and violent that HRT is such a policed and inaccessible form of health care. I am 5 to self-prescribing and finding ways to transition through the black market.

Fortunately i have an appointment next week with a public health psychiatrist, i hope they don’t drag this out into a long process because i am just going to find alternative ways. The gender dysphoria is getting ridiculous now, couple that dysphoria with the stares and remarks in the streets. You are basically in for episodes of depression and hopelessness and i am tired of living in hopelessness, that will not be my story anymore.

Ready for change, ready for life.
No matter what it takes.


A little one-shot about Lukas finding out that Philip can’t swim (Because I’m pretty sure that’s why he won’t get in the canoe with Gabe) also because I want some fluff this week’s episode.

“This place is beautiful” Lukas said, swinging his feet gently through the water. “How’d you find it again?” He turned to look at the brown eyed boy sitting next to him, starting a bit to see that he was already looking back. Philip cleared his throat and looked away, staring out across the lake.

“Gabe likes to go canoeing here, he’s taken me a few times.” Philip slid his gaze back to Lukas, and gave him a small smile. “He’s also takes Helen a lot, says that it’s romantic.”

“Ah, now I see why you really brought me here.” Lukas nudged his shoulder against Philip’s.

“No, I just thought it was a nice spot an all.” Philip attempted to look innocent, but his eyes held a spark that told a different story.

“You wanted me to see the beautiful water and watch a beautiful sunset and then you planned to take advantage of my delicate state.” Lukas couldn’t help but tease Philip.

“I would never take advantage of you.” Philip’s eyes still held their mischievous light, but his voice was serious.

“No, I know” Lukas reached up to brush back a bit of dark hair that had fallen over Philip’s eyes. “But be honest, you didn’t plan on spending our time simple sitting here talking did you?”

“What else could I have possibly had in mind?” Philip feigned innocence again, and once again failed.

“Oh, I don’t know. How about we do a bit of swimming?” Lukas saw Philip’s eyes widen slightly as Lukas pushed him into the water. Lukas laughed at his surprise and stood up, planning to take off his clothes and jump in after Philip. Lukas pulled his shirt off and then looked down into the dark water in surprise. Philip hadn’t resurfaced yet. “Okay Philip, very funny, you can come up now.” He yelled down into the water. Lukas felt an increasing sense of dread. Forgetting about his other clothes, he dove into the water. Lukas opened his eyes, but the water was so cloudy that he could barely see anything. He frantically felt around, hoping to find Philip.

Lungs screaming, Lukas was forced to swim up. He took a huge gulp of air and dove back down. He thought he saw a dark shape on the bottom and swam towards it. His hand brushed against something, it was Philip’s jacket, he gripped it and pulled. When Philip’s face came into view, Lukas saw that his eyes were closed and his mouth was open. He put his arms around Philip and pushed hard against the bottom, desperately swimming to the surface.

After what seemed like eons, they broke through the water. Lukas eagerly sucked in air, but Philip remained limp in his arms, and Lukas couldn’t tell if he was breathing. Knowing that he would never be able to lift Philip onto the dock, he began to swim towards shore. It was slow going and the shore seemed impossible far away. Lukas knew that he had no time to waste, but it was hard dragging them both through the water. Their clothes were waterlogged, and Philip kept slipping out of his grip. Every time Philip slipped back underwater, Lukas felt like he had been punched in the stomach, fear and panic rising within him with each passing second. But he knew he had to remain calm for Philip, he had to stay strong and get him to safety.

Eventually, Lukas made it to shore, he pulled Philip out of the water and knelt down next to him. The boy was pale and Lukas couldn’t see his chest rising. Lukas took his face in his hands and turned it towards him.

“Come on Philip, I don’t know what to do, I can’t do CPR, I don’t know how. Philip! PHILIP!” Lukas shouted, panic finally taking over. He only knew what he had seen in the movies, but Philip was unresponsive and he knew he had to try something. Fingers shaking, he used one hand to plug Philip’s nose and the other to lift his chin. He leaned down and blew into Philip’s mouth, having no idea how hard he was supposed to do it. He lifted his head up and watched Philip closely, when nothing happened he tried again. Tears were streaming down Lukas’ face as he tried a third time, and then a fourth. Suddenly, Philip began to cough violently, water streaming from his mouth. With a half laugh half sob of relief, Lukas helped get him onto his side, holding him until the coughs had subsided. Philip rolled back onto his back, his eyes still closed.

“Philip?” Lukas asked, cupping the boy’s face with his hands. He gave a sigh when Philip opened his eyes.

“Lukas?” Philip’s voice was hoarse and he seemed dazed and unsure as to what had just happened.

“Oh thank god!” Lukas exclaimed and threw himself onto Philip’s chest, hugging the boy to him. “I was so scared.” Lukas felt Philip’s arms wrap around him.

“I’m okay” He said, but he began to cough again. Lukas pulled back and looked at Philip in worry. He helped Philip sit up, hoping it would help. A bit more water came out of Philip’s mouth, but sitting up seemed to help. He gave Lukas a thankful look.

“Philip…” Said Lukas slowly, “Do you not know how to swim?” Philip scowled at his question and turned away, lurching to his feet. He stood up too suddenly and stumbled a bit. Lukas immediately jumped up and caught him around the waist. He felt Philip sag against him.

“Dizzy” Philip murmured

“Of course you are, you idiot.” Lukas said affectionately as he gently eased the two of them back down onto the dirt “You nearly drowned, you have to take it easy. Perhaps I should call for help” Lukas fretted, worrying that Philip was not completely better.

“No, no, I’ll be okay” Philip waved away his concern, he leaned heavily against Lukas, but he didn’t mind. The air was cooling off and their clothes were still soaking. Philip’s body head radiated off of him and Lukas was glad for it. “And to answer your question, no I don’t know how to swim” Philip said a bit bitterly. “I grew up in the city remember? And my mom wasn’t exactly the pay for swimming lessons type.”

“I’m so sorry Philip, I never thought…” Lukas held him tighter.

“It’s okay, it’s not your fault. I’ve never told anyone, not even Gabe.”

“But you went out on the water with him? Not being able to swim?”

“No, I never went out in the canoe with him.” Philip gave a small wry laugh. I always made up an excuse as to why I couldn’t go out.”

“Why didn’t you just tell him?”

“Because…” Philip signed in frustration, “because it was just another thing that made me different from everyone here. Another thing that showed that I was just a city kid who didn’t belong here…I know it seems stupid, but-”

“It’s not stupid” Lukas cut him off. He let go of Philip so that he could move in front of him and look into his eyes. He put his hand on Philip’s cheek. Philip reached up and tucked a strand of wet hair behind Lukas’ ear. “It’s not stupid.” Lukas whispered again. He closed the distance between them quickly and kissed Philip hungrily. His cold, wet lips warmed up quickly against Philips’ equally cold ones. Philip tasted like lake water and Lukas imagined he tasted the same. Lukas had never been so good at words, but he communicated all that he needed to in the desperation of the kiss. His fear of almost losing Philip was evident in the fervor in which Lucas’ lips moved against his.

The broke apart when Philip began to cough. Lukas pulled back worriedly, Philip only coughed a few times, but his face was still paler than normal.

“I’m alright” Philip said, noticing the look on his face. “But maybe we should do something that requires less oxygen?” Lukas gave him a small smile and lay down, opening his arms up. Philip immediately fell into them. The two boys stayed like that for a long time, not saying anything, just enjoying the feel of the other’s arms. Philip’s eyes drifted closed and Lukas couldn’t help but stare at him, he was so beautiful.


“Hmm?” He said quietly, not opening his eyes.

“I could teach you, if you wanted.” Philip’s eyes sprang open and he gave Lukas a questioning look. “To swim, I could teach you to swim. No one would ever have to know that you didn’t know how.”

“I would like that.” Philip gave him a wide smile. Lukas kissed Philip on the forehead and they settled once again into comfortable silence. Lukas was content just to listen to Philip’s slow, steady breathing.

Negan, of course, was the highlight of the episode for me tonight.

And I forgot about the whole Dwight helping Rick out thing…Probably because a lot has changed in the comics since then (and I heard foreshadowing when Negan talked to Sasha about how he wouldn’t blame her if their positions were reversed).

Speaking of the comics, RIP Sasha-who-is-finishing-up-Holly’s-storyline. I’m just wondering who she’ll bite next week. My money is on Eric or Tara but who knows. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

And one last random thought: I can’t be the only one who noticed that they had Jesus and Daryl working with Aaron and Eric setting up the explosions. I hope they were hinting at something there…and, for a brief moment, I swear it looked like Jesus wanted to be all, “Hey, Daryl, I talked to Maggie the other day…” You can finish the rest of that thought.

Oh, one more thing, I saw Simon in the trailer for the finale. I’m going to be mad if we don’t see him and Negan talk to each other at all. It’s been too long.


Good things about this episode:
• “LUKAS LIKES DIIIICKS” -actual twelve year old Philip Shea
• Helen and Gabe both separately finding out about philkas and both having the same reaction of like a small smile and then not mentioning it bc they know they’re not supposed to know
• Ryan seemed sad at one point which is Great cause he deserves to be fucking miserable all the time
• Rose in the promo for next week
• ??????

Bad things about this episode:
• literally everything else

The Whole You

This is how the proposal last night should have happened. Killian is able to confess to Emma and he is shocked by the way she responds.

I fixed it! Ignore the last scene of last night episode and just read this! Kidding of course… After lasts night episode I just had to get this out! Maybe this can give you some comfort over the next week until this can be resolved. Hang in there shippers!

You can find more of my work here:

“Emma, before I ask you, there is something I have to tell you. And I’m afraid that it may change your answer,” Killian admitted, not able to look her in the eyes. Emma cupped his face with hands with a deep concern.

“Whatever it is, we can work through it. We always do” She whispered. “This time is different, love. I don’t know if you will want to be in the same room with me after this let alone spend the rest of your life with me,” Hook explained, tears forming in his deep blue eyes.

“What you’re afraid of telling me, was it recent or in the past?” She questioned, worry wrenched her heart. She felt helpless watching the man she loved battling the pain and guilt he clearly possessed. “The past,” Killian replied, finally looking her in the eyes.

“When I fell in love with you, I fell in love with the whole you. Not just parts of who you are. That means your past too. I know you’ve done things you regret. We both have, but nothing you say will change the fact that I love you,” Emma admitted, as she felt wet tears streaming down her cheeks. She stepped closer to him, placing a tender kiss on his forehead.

“You can tell me anything, Killian,” She choked out. “This is weighing on your heart. Let me help with the load,” His vision was blurry from all crying, but it didn’t matter. She was the most beautiful woman in the world. He didn’t deserve her, or her love. He took a deep breath, focusing on his true love in front of him.

“A few days ago your father asked me to help track down the man who killed his father. He had found out that he wasn’t killed in an accident, but he was murdered. I wanted to prove to him that I was wasn’t just a pirate. I wanted him to see me as more than that, as someone worthy of you, so I agreed to help him,” Killian began, fighting back that prickling feeling in the corner of his eyes again. Emma just simply listened, never saying a word.

“We discovered that King George ordered his death. He was fueled with vengeance, something that I understood. I didn’t want him the make the same mistakes that I often did. I was able to stop him from doing anything he would have regretted, but earlier that day we went to August for some help. He said he ripped out some old storybook pages that might be of some assistance. And on my way home that night he saw me walking and gave me the pages to give to David,” Hook took a pregnant pause. That when he finally broke down. Emma reached out, holding his hand and gave him an encouraging nod.

“The second I saw the pages I knew. It was me,” Killian finished in almost a whisper. It was the first time he had said it out loud. “What was you, Killian?” She questioned still holding his hand tight. “I killed him,” Hook cried out. It took Emma a few moments for it to really sink in. Her true love killed her grandfather, but that wasn’t her true love that did that, not her Killian. Emma knew she had to respond fast. She did the only thing she could think of in a state of shock. Moving in she pulled him in close, wrapping her arms around him.

He fell apart in her arms, whispering that he’s sorry into her hair. Emma’s heart sank, but not for the reason she thought it would. They needed some time to talk, to think, and to cry, and the doorway was no place for it. “Come here,” Emma pleaded reaching for his shaking hand. She slowly pulled him up the stairs to their room and gestured towards the bed.

Killian expected her to walk out the door or maybe even make him leave for the horrible thing he had done. But here she was showing him compassion and love that he truly didn’t deserve. They both sat down on the bed in silence until Emma broke it, “I forgive you.” It only made Hook cry harder.

“How can you do that?” He replied between sobs. “Do what?” She implored, lacing her hand with his.”Forgive me, after all I have done. I have done countless unspeakable things in my life. I’ve killed, stole, and lied. I don’t deserve your love,” Killian wept.

Emma could see that this was bigger than the death of her grandfather. He still wasn’t able to forgive himself for all his past sins. “Killian, don’t you get it? Before I met you, I was miserable. Every person I ever had in my life left me. I trusted and loved no one, but the second I met you that changed. You were the only person in my life that put me first. You’ve loved me unconditionally, you’ve stood by my side, and you make me feel treasured everyday. I wake up every morning hoping I can make you feel even half as loved as you make me feel. You’re not only my partner, but you’re my best friend. And if you think I would just walk away from everything we have just because of something in your past, then I’ve failed you,” Emma ranted wiping the tears from her lover’s eyes forgetting the ones streaming down her face.

“You could never fail me, Swan,” Killian vowed, as she leaned in placing a tender kiss upon his lips. “I love you. Now please asked me, pirate,” Emma giggled, resting her forehead on his. He took the ring that was resting him her hand, and sank to the ground on one knee. His face was still wet from all the crying and his hair was going every which direction, but now his face looked happy and his heart was lighter. She was still sitting on the bed when he took her hand.

“Emma Swan, will you do me the greatest honor of becoming my wife, making me the happiest man in all the realms?” He smiled, blushing from head to toe. “Yes, yes, yes,” She beamed, kissing everywhere her lips could reach. “I love you,” Hook confessed, holding her tight. “I love you too,” She replied into the crook of his neck.

She knew the circumstances weren’t ideal, but it didn’t matter. They were stronger because of it, and twenty or fifty years from now when they tell their kids and their grandchildren how Killian proposed, it will be nothing short of perfect, because it will be the story of them and their love.

I just watched today’s episode of Utapri, and my heart fucking broke. That was the darkest episode to date, and it shocked the hell out of me. And they ended on such a bad note. I want to know what’s going to fucking happen to my child. You can’t hurt him like this and expect me to wait patiently for the entire next week just to find out if it’ll turn out okay or not. Otoya does not deserve this.

It is a very different and jarring kind of reveal. I can’t really tease much other than it’s going to be the hardest big bad to take down or even come up with a way to take down. It creates problems for us when we find out his true identity.

Grant Gustin for THR

I dont know for you guys but this statement kind of confirm to me that Savitar is future Barry. I mean how difficult it is to take your own self? It’s almost impossible. Because you can’t possibly put your future self in the speed force and not be afraid to become him at some point. 

Plus, brace yourself because I’m 100% sure we will know in next week episode, it will be the cliffhanger before the usual 3 weeks hiatus. That would explain why he goes to the future in 3x19 to confirm some stuff. 

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Whoa you actually think Iris is the one who will uncover Savitar's identity at the end of the episode? I don't think the writers love us enough. Is there some news I missed?

I am choosing to be an optimist, like Barry is supposed to be. There were a few Paley Fest interviews where one of the producers said Iris would be trying to uncover Savitar’s identity next week, and where Candice said she wanted Iris to take action in terms of her fate. So I do think she might be the first main character to learn who Savitar is.

I need Iris to find out who Savitar is. I’m still salty that they didn’t have her investigate Julian and finding out he was Alchemy. 😒


It’s digitalized! WOO! I can’t wait for next week’s episode! X3 AND WE GET TO FIND OUT THE NAME OF THIS UNKNOWN LIZARD DUDE! XD Hehe…This ship fuels me…

(EDIT: Apparently has a cloak and mechanical arm…and a NAME!!! X3)