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homaciida  asked:

Join Me!


Holly huffed, following him around. She had given him the invitation nearly two weeks ago, knowing he would spent hours either avoiding the offer or denying it. But of course, the beast never properly answered to the RSVP notice either ( which is why the ballerina was spending the last few hours before the party trying to convince this grumpy demon to JOIN HER ). 

Her hair would be ruined before company arrived, and she might as well change her dress once more. At least Cain hadn’t flown off by now with his annoying dark wings, but part of her assumed it was because he was still deciding on the offer; debating inside that old head of his. Holly sighed, “… Look, it’s okay if you didn’t buy a present. Just show up. Even if it’s for five minutes. Abel would be happy; it’s his surprise birthday party, okay?”


And, no response. 

Frankly, Holly’s patience had reached it’s full potential; and she was tired of trailing a perpetually confused, sulking demon. So what if he didn’t show up? It wouldn’t bother her ( but did her opinion really matter when it wasn’t her party? ). Granted, at least the girl tried for one of her favorite angels, tried to invite his brother to a night of fun. Finally accepting defeat, Holly warned, “… Fine! Don’t show up. But don’t complain either when all the cake is gone by the time you do arrive.”

Not waiting for his answer, she blonde spun around and stormed off. Whether or not Cain arrived would ultimately be his decision – but at least he had been invited ( besides, it’s the thought that  counts, right?

anonymous asked:

I feel incredibly stupid but what does embargoed episodes mean?

embargoed spoilers are spoilers that aren’t allowed to be released, usually until a specific time or until after a specific episode has aired. sometimes, like is the case with some of next week’s spoilers, they aren’t allowed to be released at all and we have to wait until the episodes air to find out what will happen. 

hope that helps!

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I won't be able to watch the latest episode of until sunday but I keep seeing a gif set of Edward n elliot referring to shooting someone is it from this episode or a promo for next week and do you know who they're referring to? Please not tyrell?!

It’s from this episode. Do you really want me to answer and spoil you or do you want to find out on sunday? I’ll put the answer in the tags so you can skip it if you changed your mind, but what I have to say about it is that’s it’s totally not 100% sure because Mr. Robot is the only source and he’s unreliable af