'Grey's Anatomy': Caterina Scorsone Teases Amelia's Struggle With Getting Pregnant | EW

With Caterina Scorsone pregnant in real life, and Amelia and Owen trying to have a baby on Grey’s Anatomy, will Amelia soon be with child?

Though Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) have only been married for two months, the couple is already trying to have kids, but struck out during last week’s episode. Thus, Amelia will be struggling with what that means, especially considering what happened with her previous pregnancy. (If you’ll recall, Amelia gave birth to a baby with no brain on Private Practice — the actress was also pregnant in real life then, too.) What’s next for the doc? EW turned to Scorsone to find out:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You mentioned at TCA that you don’t think Grey’s will be writing in your pregnancy. Why is that? Was that your decision since last time it was written in it was difficult?
CATERINA SCORSONE: Shonda [Rhimes], I think, decided. She was like, “We can give you a break this time!” [Laughs] I think it probably also had to do with just the timing of the Owen and Amelia story. They just got married, they just got through falling in love and getting married, so I think that’s a lot of story to burn through right away. Even just in terms of keeping it fun, I think we wanted to put that down the road a little bit. Although, it has been very challenging for the directors to hide what’s going on under the lab coats.

How will Amelia struggle with not getting pregnant, especially considering what happened with her last pregnancy? Does this make her nervous that history might repeat itself?
Absolutely. I think it’s more unconscious than conscious. She knows as a doctor that that doesn’t necessarily have to happen again, but the body remembers trauma. As much as she wants to be logical about it, and as much as her intention earnestly is to be this perfect wife and mother for Owen, she loves him so much and wants to give him everything he wants in life, her body is rebelling against her and she’s scared. She’s running scared right now in a way that she did not anticipate.

Do you think this might cause her to relapse or do you feel that she’s come too far at this point?
One of the things about addiction is that relapses can happen at any time. It can happen for huge emotional reasons or it could happen because someone gets a case of the f–k-its and thinks, “Oh, I’m doing great, why not have some wine?” It can happen at any time. That’s just something that will always be with Amelia. These emotional stresses or just not working her program can trigger her relapse, so I don’t think she’ll ever feel that she is someone who is strong enough to not relapse. This is definitely a stresser.

Amelia and Owen rushed into tying the knot. How will we start to see that in their marriage?
Definitely the speed with which they got married they did miss a bunch of questions about each other’s traumas. They know a lot, but it takes a lifetime to know someone. There are some deep traumas and fundamental stuff that they haven’t [told each other]. They have faith that they have enough of the stuff that they can love each other despite the traumas and the bruises that they’ve suffered, but now comes the real work of marriage, which is really getting to know each other. These are two people who have a lot of buried stuff to get to know, even in themselves. That’s one of the tricky things, too, is they have to know it about themselves before they share it with the other person, and they have to be comfortable with it with themselves before they can be comfortable about sharing it with the other person. That’s the work.
Arrow 100: Amell & Mericle On The State Of "Olicity"
Stephen Amell and Wendy Mericle discuss the current state of "Olicity" and how Oliver may react to Detective Malone.

Next week’s episode of Arrow, “Human Target,” is also said to be “The One Where Oliver Finds Out That Felicity And Detective Malone Are Dating.” Many are expecting that will mean Tyler Ritter’s character will get a sharp arrow to the knee for that… at the 100th episode “green carpet” for Arrow last weekend, we asked Executive Producer Wendy Mericle and actor Stephen Amell (Oliver) about how that breaks down, and if Malone should be scared of Oliver’s reaction.

“I think Oliver and Felicity have evolved to a place where they’re going to be okay about that, but I think Detective Malone is moving into some dangerous territory in other ways, so we’ll see what happens,” Mericle teased.

Stephen had something similar to say. “Detective Malone should not be afraid of Oliver. Detective Malone should be afraid of his connection to Felicity,” he said.

As for an “Olicity” reconciliation, Stephen told us “you’re either romantically involved or you’re not.”

“Oliver and Felicity, in my mind, are reconciled. Everything’s on the same page with them. Everything’s on the table. They’re just not together,” he said.

Get ready for #CarmillaPhotoFrenzyWk1

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Whatever you decide to create, be sure to upload it to your preferred social platform and use the #CarmillaPhotoFrenzyWk_ hashtag (don’t forget to add the proper week number!). The following Tuesday just before we release the new batch of files, we’ll choose 3 submissions and the winners will receive a signed 8x10″ Season 3 poster!

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'Once Upon a Time' Romance Rundown: Is True Love's Kiss Coming in the Season 4 Finale?!

It’s time for our last Romance Rundown of the season!

With Once Upon a Time’s epic two-hour season finale just a few days away, it’s time to get the inside scoop on what’s next for all of your Storybrooke sweethearts.

Once again, we at ETonline chatted with OUAT’s executive producers Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis to find out what’s in store for Captain Swan, Rumbelle, Outlaw Queen and Snowing in this Sunday’s season four finale.

Plus, could another “true love’s kiss” be headed our way? Read on to find out more about a “hot” hook-up coming in this week’s episode…

Captain Swan: Emma and Killian (Colin O'Donoghue) have shared some pretty sweet moments this season, and although we’re not sure if they’ll share a coffee date by the end of Sunday’s finale, we do know that we’re in for some major relationship revelations.

“Captain Swan are going to be tested like always,” Kitsis confessed. “And we are going to get an emotional truth about them.”

Could that “emotional truth” be a true love’s kiss?! We asked the EPs if we can expect a spell-binding smooch from one of our couples in this weekend’s finale, and they were very coy with the who in their answers.

“There’s some kissing action going on in the finale,” Horowitz promised. “What it does and how it works may not be as we’ve seen before, but there’s definitely some kissing action.”

Kitsis continued, “Are we going to get a true loves kiss that break a curse? No. Is there kissing in the finale? I believe there is. There’s always some kissing, and whether or not it’s going to break a curse with true love, it’ll be hot nonetheless.”

Read the rest of the interview here.

My Feelings on the new episode of Agents of Shield

Skye being awake

Ward and Skye having a moment

Sif showing up

Ward being put under the love spell

Ward and Lorelei having sex

Fitz under Lorelei’s love spell

Lorelei telling May that she’s not the one Ward wants

Sif kicking Lorelei’s ass then shutting her up

Coulson and Skye talking about the alien

Finding out that May knows about Coulson

Having to wait another TWO WEEKS for the next episode


I’m crazy. I should have stayed on the meds. I’m crazy. I’m out of my mind. I knew it, I should have never created you. I should have listened to Krista. I avoid myself. Why? I’m afraid. Okay. Afraid of what? Finding too much. Too little. Nothing at all. Do I even exist? See me, Elliot Alderson. I am here.


Because I’ve been part of the mystery. People that haven’t yet watched it, and decide to after next weeks episode, have the option of just googling who A is. I think this whole series from season 1 to now has been so so exciting because there’s been no option of finding out who A is because we’ve all been in this together. And although we moan and whine about the wait, and how long it’s taken for the reveal to come, just think of how exciting the PLL journey to get here has been!

The Missing Reichenbach Solution

Moftiss et al love a cliffhanger, don’t they?  It’s an old trick, beloved to writers and filmmakers since the early days of serial adventure dramas.  In its most classic form, the hero is shown hanging off the edge of a literal cliff as the episode comes to a close, leaving the viewer desperate to find out if he will live or die in the next installment.  Of course, the sophisticated viewer knows that the hero will almost always live (unless the actor’s contract has been canceled). But that doesn’t necessarily detract from the drama.

The last scene in TGG is a good example of this – our heroes are in a deadly situation, snipers behind them, explosives in front, and a semi-suicidal madman presiding over it all.  How will they possibly get out of this?  Tune in next week two years hence!  

From a distance, the end of TRF looks like another standard cliffhanger, the viewer breathlessly anticipating the promised resolution.  But it’s doing something a bit different. 

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My reactions to the latest Agents of Shield

Seeing Maria Hill

Fitz finding Skye’s message and Simmons finding Eric’s body

Ward and Skye continuing to play each other and the hug

Fitz’s breakdown over Ward’s betrayal

Hill showing up at Providence with the military

Talbot’s harsh questioning of Fitzsimmons and Triplett

Maria and Coulson beating up the military guys

Ward and Skye in the diner together

Skye selling out Ward

Deathlok showing up

Skye punching Ward in the face and fucking HEADBUTTING HIM

Skye: “I’m gonna barf.”

Deathlok giving Ward a heart attack

Ward calling Maria and Romanoff eye candy

Maria telling Ward she’ll tell Romanoff he said that

Daddy Coulson sneaking onto the plane to get Skye

Ward shooting at Coulson, Skye, AND LOLA

Coulson and Skye falling out of the plane in Lola

The beginnings of a Skye/Triplett friendship

Coulson and Skye moment

Finding out Coulson was in charge of the TAHITI project

Waiting a week for the next episode

tbh anything could happen now. neji could arise and start a rival police force. naruto could own a car and boruto’s next prank could be setting it on fire. ino could try to overthrow naruto as hokage. itachi could arise and adopt sarada bc he feels bad and uncle itachi melts everyone’s heart. is garra pregnant? who the fuck knows.

My reactions to the newest Agents of Shield

Ward breaking Raina out of her prison

Fitz getting electrocuted because he didn’t listen to Simmons

Coulson’s team being threatened by the air force

Triplett joining the team and wearing that black tank top

Raina seeing right through Ward

The team doubting Coulson

May and Coulson arguing

Skye and Fitz still believing in Coulson despite everything

Garrett and Ward finding all of SHIELD’s biggest secrets

Coulson’s speech to the team when he finally breaks down

Patton Oswalt showing up and being super funny

Finding out Skye made the hard drive so only she can open it

Ward and Skye reuniting

Garrett showing Quinn the gravetonium

Skye crying in the preview after Ward seduces her

Waiting a week for the next episode

Once Upon a Time Bosses on Emma's Next Move, Belle's Mission and More

This Sunday on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Emma popped a question at Hook, Belle got an eyeful, a new villain made himself known and a “dead” friend resurfaced.

After moderating the Once panel at New York Comic-Con on Friday — at which we screened this week’s episode, “Siege Perilous” — I asked series co-creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis about the biggest twists, and what’s next.

WILL EMMA TAKE ‘NO’ FOR AN ANSWER? | Challenged to profess his feelings, one way or the other, for newly Dark Emma, Hook answered, “I loved you,” pasttense. Will she let that stand or push the issue? “Her next move is a well-placed mixtape,” Kitsis quipped. “No, Emma’s next move is more like Hook is going to make the next move, finding out who she is. Hook has spent a long time pursuing a Dark One and thus knows a lot about Dark Ones, so his main goal is saving Emma from herself.” As evidenced in one of the producers’ favorite moments from the episode — when Hook sees through Emma’s romantic machinations and asks what the Dark One is after — “The internal conflict remains a huge thing for her,” Horowitz said. “She is dark, but she does have feelings for Hook, and those things are at war within her and really are pushing her in the action she’s going to be taking next.”

MUST WE ALREADY MOURN THE CHARMING/ARTHUR BROMANCE? | After all, it has been revealed in both timelines that the king is not as noble as he may seem, having pinched the crimson toadstool from Charming during a Camelot quest and now pulling the wool over the Storybrookers’ eyes, even if it means sacrificing the occasional pawn along the way. “It’s a tricky one,” Kitsis noted, “because you can tell that Arthur and Charming would be best friends in another world. But Arthur is doing what he thinks is best for his kingdom, and Charming has to do what’s best for his family, and that’s going to put them at odds.” Added Horowitz, “Arthur isn’t a villain in the pure sense of villains that we’ve had before. What we saw is what we’ll continue to see — a man who’s really conflicted and is driven by doing what he thinks is right, and what he thinks is his destiny.”

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