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Riverdale 2x01: Betty and Kevin sneak peek

Thrilled we are getting to see more of their friendship in season 2 (and one of the many many great things about having a full 22 episode season is we get to see more friendship moments between our huge cast.)

The tension is great, it’s real. I have been in both their positions. No matter whether Kevin is being unfair or not, he has valid points. I mean what person in real life wouldn’t be worried and wouldn’t caution their friend in this scenario?The show did not really draw any overt parallels between them but Joaquin is easily = a mirror of what could have happened if Jughead had been involved in gang life at a younger age. 

I do wonder if the show will drag out the tension between Betty and Kevin or if it is something that will be resolved fairly quickly. 

Guess we’ll find out over the next few weeks (NEW EPISODE TOMORROW YAY!)

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given the chance, i would not hesitate for a single millisecond to erase your feeble existence from this cursed plane of life. love you.

ok y’all, time for a guessing game! which one of my wonderful pals sent me this message? was it my kismesis or dirkstriider? find out on next weeks episode!!!1!!!

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um wrong if i meant yes i would of said that!!!!!!!! but hm donut worry young one ;3c all my past marriages have failed bc i didn't NURISH them and MAINTAIN them with PROPER care,,,, but am i not so that??? for this??? maybe???? perhaps??? possible??? idk we'll find out on next weeks episode :)

anyway i can read between the lines this says you’re gonna distance yourself bc you actually hate me