Is this Vax and Keyleth’s final conversation? Will Keyleth complete her Aramente? Will Matt finally wear pants? Find out this and more on next weeks episode of Dragonba… Critical Role!

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runs in and slam dunks ❛ Are you flirting with me? ❜ in here hue hue hue

question starters accepting !

    . ` * |  CAUGHT IN THE ACT. Ruby eyes &&. even redder cheeks would hide behind leather clad hands as she FUMBLES over how to properly explain herself. You see, Kamui had merely wished to FIX the ornament adorning the Onmyoji’s hair ( it was leaning a little too close to the left, she noticed ) when a passing compliment of how lovely his hair was fell from petal-soft lips. An airy laugh &&. dulcet simper brushes it off in hopes that he wouldn’t catch on to what she was doing, but with how BRAZEN she was acting right now, it might’ve given it all away.

Or perhaps it was how her fingers remained hesitant; lingering a moment too long within the softness of his hair, practically mesmerised with how it seemed like she was cupping MOONLIGHT within her hands. Fingers would soon take another BOLD move, by ghosting down the sides of his face to trace his jawline with the SOFTEST of touches. Ruby hues would take in every mark, every detail lithe digits would come across, &&. she wastes no time in delicately tracing them, wanting nothing more than to remember them off by heart. But the spell can only last so long before dawning REALISATION hits her: suddenly she becomes AWARE of her rather bold actions, as hands sheepishly pull away and—

Fall right into Ren’s gentle hold. How had she not noticed? An AMUSED look blooms upon his visage as a question is voiced, tone meant to TEASE

Are you flirting with me?

She’s practically radiating HEAT at this point &&. it takes moments before Kamui is finally able to collect herself once more; a hand moving to brush strands of ivory up &&. away from her face before ruby hues meet with grey. An almost AWKWARD sounding laugh fills the silence, only to be shortly replaced with newly found words instead.

 I’m sorry… Was that… was I being too forward ? I can stop if you’d like. 

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I have a love hate relationship with the dark aria storyline like I love that aria is getting a interesting storyline but I just hate what she is doing to her friends and I'm a little nervous about what the fall out will be since they basically gave away that the other girls are going to find out in the trailer for next weeks episode

Seems to be going around tbh. Although the unfortunate part is most people seem to just flat out HATE Aria now lol idk I have a soft spot for her. But yeah it is kind of shitty they give it away but I guess the thing they don’t give away is whether the girls set her up (like they did with Spencer in S3), or whether it was just an unhappy coincidence